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June 2015 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Jun 01, 2015
It all started after I had completed a tour of the top end when I got a call from the airline I was travelling with told me I had to stay another day in Darwin. Feeling a little disappointed that I had to cough up more money to stay another night I decided to check out the Darwin nightlife. After walking between bars I found one all but empty and deicded to have a drink while watching some sport on the TV in the bar. While on my second beer two very hot women walked in and sat at a table close by. When one of the women walked up to the bar I was on my way back from purchasing another beer when she asked me to join them. I said sure and waited until she had purchased their drinks and went to the table with her. Their names... read more
"Getting the idea that a threesome was on the cards we finished our drinks"
Posted: Jun 01, 2015
Recently caught up with a former colleague on a chance meeting. She being some 6-7 years my senior, We had been friends for some ten years, yet all this time I had no idea as to how much of a desire she had for me, as she has seemingly hid it well. Week from me at least . Following this meeting she got in touch a few days later, telling me she how much she wanted me. from since the first time she saw me walk in to the office, she felt an odd feeling come over her and as such, had to excuse herself from the room for reasons that strangely brought weakness to her knees, and wetness to her love.
Fast forward a few days, I decided is take her up on a catch up with her over the weekend. It started of with a few drinks and... read more
"she then swallowed my length down"
Posted: Jun 01, 2015
After the first night of meeting for, what I thought would just a catch up, turned into a suckfest. Mainly of her sucking me.
Following this, she gave me a few minutes to recuperate, with a drink. Following this up was a night filled with as many positions as we could muster, some being not as successful, yet others driving her to absolute extacy with pleasure. I had been the only one in her history to have been able to touch her in the ways I did, being a medical condition had caused discomfort and inability to trust someone, yet I managed to show right past this defence. Giving a sensual massage in return was the last I could do to thank her as it has been a long time between drinks for myself.
It lasted a few weeks, til unfortunately a change of happenings surrounding a few... read more
"Following this up was a night filled with as many positions as we could muster"
Posted: Jun 16, 2015
went to a friends birthday party and that's where I met David. David is a truck driver, ruggedly looking handsome guy. He stood out from the crowd as he is not just tall (6'4) but has blond hair and a deep voice. He has a rugby built body and all the girls want him. I told my friend to introduce me to him and my friend said " No, he is not into gays or trannys". But i want him so bad. I took my chance and went to the kitchen where he was standing and I said hi to him. He smiled and said hello to me. I started to do some small talk. He noticed that I am bit effeminate and asked me questions about being "gay". He told me he had nothing against people but he could never have sex with them. I felt so... read more
"i sat on top of him and rode him slowly while we kissed."
Overall Winner
Posted: Jun 17, 2015
I was sitting on the grass in the art-school grounds. Hot beads of sweat ran down my tanned, dancer's legs. The sprinklers went off. I was drenched. I squealed with shock, but it felt so good I lay back & let the water cool me down. I felt a shadow & opened my eyes. Standing there was an older man, who offered his hand. Had he been watching me? He introduced himself as the artist in residence, whose work adorned many major buildings in our city. He had been watching me. I bit my lip. He invited me to his workshop and placed his hand on my lower back. I felt his thumb gently stoke the top of my buttocks. His workshop felt dark & mysterious, he ushered me toward the back, & took my hand; passing it over the bronze nudes. He wanted me as his model. I didn’t... read more
" In one strong movement he pushed his full length into me, I gasped in shock & pleasure."
Posted: Jun 19, 2015
When I was doing work experience and I was given a receptionist job at a stationary factory where I organise delivery of goods by assigning a delivery men to do a delivery job. I was a bit apprehensive because I didn't know how the people will take me. I am an effeminate gay guy, with long hair who can pass off as a girl. I was even more apprehensive when I was told I will need to organise deliveries with 15 guys.

The manager is so fucking hot, he is like 6'5, muscly arms and thighs. A rugby type guy. I could almost make out that he has a big package from the massive bulge in his shorts. I told him I was a bit nervous and played the p'damsel' in distress card. He put his arm around me and told me everything will be fine and he... read more
"He told me I was going to be his sex bitch"
Posted: Jun 19, 2015
The following day the manager was away because he had to go somewhere with his girlfriend and I was left with another manager to work with. This guy was fascinated with the fact that I was a girly girl. He kept asking me questions about sex. He asked me how big was the biggest cock I've sucked. I told him 8.5 inches. He then told me his wife doesn't like his long cock because it hurts her. I asked him how big is cock was and told me to have a look, pointing in his crouch. When I took his cock out his shorts it is like 9'. its the biggest cock I've seen. We went to the back room and he made me suck his cock. He then picked me up on the floor pull my pants down and my g-string and shoved his cock... read more
"He grabbed my hips and moved me up and down"
Posted: Jun 19, 2015
I had one more hour left before I finish work and 1 am waiting for one more guy to return to the office so I can sign him off. When this guy arrived, he looked so tired and was touching his shoulders and I asked him was wrong with his shoulder and he told me it hurts. I told him I can check it out and massage it. He took his shirt off and he had an awesome body. I complimented how good his body was. I told him his gf is so lucky. He said he is single and his last gf didn't really care about him. I told him jokingly "if i was gf I will worship your body and I will take care of you". He smiled and said Im really nice but he is not into gay guys. I continued to massage him but I... read more
"He was thrusting himself so deep "
Posted: Jun 20, 2015
I was 18 n went to a friends 18th party, there was a lot of older man there n I noticed that they kept looking at me, I had a pink mini skirt on and a tight white top n no bra. After a lot more drinks n some flirting I was in the shed on a lounge naked n 6 man where around me with there huge n hard cocks out telling me to start sucking on them, so I did, one when down n eat my pussy like never before I cum twice on this face. he stood up n put his head of this cock in me I had never had so many huge cocks at once, they fucked me n passed me on to the next guy, I was on another planet, it was orgasm after orgasm. just when I thought they had finished the door... read more
"I was on another planet, it was orgasm after orgasm."

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