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February 2013 Submitted Sex Secrets

Im Chani, and I am a long legged tanned and fabulous 22 year old who loves the out doors but loves a good night in too. As a woman who has such a sexual and exotic man- my husband Tez; one of the most erotic things to me is be able to share a gorgeous woman. So I thought I'd share a hot encounter that we had as a couple on the eventuation of awesome times with a great girlfriend; Miss Xtina. Xtina & I have known each other growing up in a small town, though never socialised in the same circles, until just before her 19th birthday while we had the security contract at the local. The more we chatted over the following Friday nights; the conversation flowed as easily as her drinks; and things would just get cheekier from there...lips grazed on cheeks in passing good byes; sultry... read more
"hubby spoilt us girls with full body massages"
Xtina opened her dazy eyes; nodded into his eyes and then turned her head looking at me, biting her lip; I slowly opened up my dressing gown, tracing down my neck line; revealing once again my suckable pert nipples caressing one of my breasts, watching the electric action that all the sights and sounds were doing to her pussy and mine. She turned her head back up, just as babe was commenting if she enjoyed it...and with that she leaned closer and I watched as she succumbed to the enjoyment and her hot lips met his, he took the kiss slow and caresssed her mouth gently until she melted in to his.As we left her to sleep in our guest room, hubby ate my pussy with gusto as I ground my hot pussy back into that long tongue and those lips; then he had me pinned on my back, legs... read more
"he leaned in, and I felt his hot tounge in my mouth"
Posted: Feb 01, 2013
went away for a trip with the boys down south and we were all having a good time around the camp fire when we start to here some voices and it turns out that the next camp site over is a bunch of girls trying to get away from there husbands and ruff it out in the bush. so us being all around 20 to 22 we decide to go say hello and see how things go we rock up and within an hour where all back in our tents with these girls ;). all the other boys go back to there tents with there girls and i stay back with 2 of the girls and one goes to sleep she doesn't want to cheat on her husband so me and the other one start kissing and feeling up each other just before things get heated the girl that went... read more
"within an hour we're all back in our tents with these girls"
Posted: Feb 01, 2013
It was a very memorable Saturday night at Suncorp stadium in Brisbane. We enjoyed being entertained in a corporate box for the game so the hospitality was flowing. After the game we ventured to the local snooker hall to enjoy a few games, and of course a few cold ones.

The night was getting on so we decided to make our way up to Caxton St to find a place to dance, but during our journey we decided to play up a little. We're the type of couple that when we're horny, we do something about it, there and then, regardless if its in public or not. We stopped near the Kings statue and started to get it on, kissing, touching, not before long the mood was set for us to get down and dirty.

T said "Sit down on the garden bed" were she unbuckled me, slid my jeans down... read more
"when we're horny, we do something about it, there and then"
Posted: Feb 06, 2013
Im a naughty 25yo women who is married, about 2 years ago i got chatting on here with another man who said he was single and looking.. i refused his offers many times but after about 8 months i finally gave him my number and he turned his cam on for me, he is 35, and whoa he was just what i like. He phoned me and was being very crude telling me what he wanted to do to me, i had never had a man speak to me in such vivid detail before!! He begged me to let him eat my pussy that day and i nervously agreed. He invited me to his house and we set a time, however strangly he called me when i was almost there saying we would have to meet at his office.. seen as i was all ready i said ok. I got... read more
"i came again and again and eventually had to tell him enough!"
Overall Winner
Posted: Feb 13, 2013
We went away camping with our neighbours who we first started swinging with. We are good friends and never thought we would do what we have done but when there is a spark there is always fire. Anyway we where away campinmg down the coast and our friends wife went to bed and and the three of us sat up having a few drinks wasn't long before we were in the tent have a great time fucking my wife who luvs being fucked by two guys. We palyed for an hour or two and then he went to bed. The next we went for a paddle in our double kayak and were horny as all hell thinking about the night before, It wasn't long before we couldn't paddle any longer and had to pull up on the bank of the creek and have some outdoor fun. Even before we got... read more
"I pulled my wife's bikinis bottom down dropped my boardies"
Posted: Feb 18, 2013
It all began when I layed eyes on a hot lady at work, Tanya was taken and I was single, but Tanya knew I had a crush on her ever since she started. We used to go out for lunch on regular occasions and sit by the river near work but nothing ever really happened. One day everything changed when Tanya was wearing a little balack min skirt. I never seen Tanya in a mini skirt until that day as she wore really tight jeans all of the time. After we bought our lunches we went to our usual spot. This time Tanya sat in front of me which was unusual as we normally sat next to each. Tanya lifted up her skirt and I noticed she was wearing no panties. I knew what she wanted and I obliged. Tanya laid on her back uphill and told me to... read more
"Tanya lifted up her skirt and I noticed she was wearing no panties."
Posted: Feb 20, 2013
Me and my Then partner were sitting at home bored out of our minds sharing One fan between the two of us in the stinking hot heat, so we decided to go down to a little waterfall not to far from my place, We were puffed by the time we got there, so i stripped down to my underwear and relaxed at the top for a bit, i had my eyes closed just enjoying the weather when i start to feel hands sliding up my legs , followed by lips, kissing and nibbling as they went, til i felt his fingers stroking my mound through my underwear, still kissing up my stomach as he was stroking, then he got to my breasts, and as he took one of my nipples in his mouth he slipped one long slender finger deep inside my wet folds stroking my top wall hitting... read more
"i felt his fingers stroking my mound through my underwear,"
When we lived in Victoria we read about a nude beach that was near Torquay. One weekend, after some surfing at Bells Beach, we decided to check out the nude beach. It was not hard to find, we had to drive along the beach, then the street changed to a dirt road, past some dunes and there it was. Once we arrived at the beach, it didn't take us long to drop all clothes. The wife is a stunning, 165 Asian, with a nicely olive tan. People always stare at her with that glance in their eye that tells they wouldn't mind a fuck. Long story short, at the beach we notice some men in the dunes. We decided to go into the dunes wondering whether there would be any couple to see or play with. But there were mostly men, and they kept their distance. Now in the dunes,... read more
"The wife and I started to caress each other"
I had been getting hit on online from a guy 11 years younger than myself. I'm not really into younger men so I kept refusing his offers. However, one night at the Fringe Festival we bumped into each other by chance. After a couple of hours of him flirting with me at an outdoor dance party in the botanical gardens, I finally caved in, realising I simply didn't have the willpower to refuse a hot, spunky, young male professional stripper (who would have??!!). We left the dance floor and ran around the back side of the temporary fencing, facing the park lake. It was dark and late, but the moonlight cast shadows of our bodies on the lush grass. We kissed very passionately and I ripped his tshirt off so I could drool over the jaw-dropping buffness of his chest. I think his jeans and jocks just flew off of... read more
"After much fun in the oral department, I lowered myself to squat over his legs"

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