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April 2012 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Apr 01, 2012
last night i picked up my slutslave dressed only in black lingerie and took her to a local park by the river..
we got outa the car and i ordered her to lay on a large sandstone block table which looked like a pagan alter
then i fingered her G spot making her squirt and as she squirmed on2 her side i used my thumb on her G and forefinger rubbing her clit as she came and flooded that sandstone block with squirt after squirt, we noticed a shadow in the dark, an old wine'o was watching as she screamed moan after moan.. i then used a vibrator on her ,, she had cum and squirted so much, the pleasure was a mixture of intense pain n pleasure, she was begging me too stop shaking with extreme pleasure...
then as i was fukin her i could see th wine'o peeping thru a wheel... read more
"an old wine'o was watching as she screamed moan after moan"
Volunteer fire fighting is one of my biggest passions, my other is Sex. And when the girl I have been seeing said "I want to be more adventurous" I immediately thought, Fire truck. So one night, we made our way down to the station and clambered up into the truck, taking off each others clothes vigorously, almost tearing them off each other, to add a bit of fun, we wore fire fighter helmets so we could go as hard as we could, whilst being safe of course haha. We fucked on the back seat of the fire truck, at first we were keeping it a little quiet but by the end we were both screaming, the excitement of maybe being caught mixed with the intensity of the sex. We climbed into the front two seats where she gave me some amazing deep throat, getting her whole mouth over my cock,... read more
"the girl I have been seeing said "I want to be more adventurous" I immediately thought, Fire truck"
Posted: Apr 03, 2012
Some years ago I used to live in a share house with a couple of guys and girls. We were all young and out for fun.

One night after many drinks, we all got talking about Bi experimentation. The girls said they would definitely try playing with another girl if she was hot enough but my male flatmate didnt seem keen on the subject. I said I was unsure on the subject (although it was a lie because I had been curious for years and had already done a little), the girls all teased him and said he would totally let a guy blow him. He eventually conceded that if he was blindfolded and the girl started and then pulled a switcheroo maybe.

Some nights later, the girls were out partying while the boys stayed in for a night of XBOX and booze. My mate however could never hold too much... read more
"The girls said they would definitely try playing with another girl if she was hot enough"
Posted: Apr 08, 2012
My mother in law has always been quite affectionate towards me,always a kiss on the lips hello,even the odd squeeze of my ass,i dont mind as she is discrete,and a bit of a milf aswell.We were all going on a family holiday down the coast,but myself and my mother in law were to meet everyone else down there acouple of days latter,due to work committments.She suggested i come over for dinner and we leave from her house early the next morning,i agreed.When i arrived i found her out the back in the spa,champagne in hand,she asked if i would like to join her, i said shaw i will get into my swimmers,no need she said,stairing at me as she hopped out,totally nude,she came over to me,my jaw still on the ground,our normal hug and kiss hello became a sensual kiss and carress,my hands seemed glued to her hot ass.She... read more
",our normal hug and kiss hello became a sensual kiss and carress,my hands seemed glued to her"
Posted: Apr 09, 2012
The scenario. Single lonely and curious.
My mouth had been salivating for what seemed a lifetime since my 1st man on man action. Cruising RHP I cum across a very gorgeous wellendowed beast of a cock. I MUST have him I'd been thinking to myself. After a week or so of chatting with said stud, one night I'm my spa my guard was down and my cock was raging, so I gave him my address. I couldn't believe it. He was on his way. I'd been done it!
I met him at the front gate dressed only in a towel. I'm sure he noticed the growing bulge as we walked. To the spa. Drinks in hand we sat and chatted for a while until his hand crept beneath the bubbles to find my hard cock. Oh my god I'd longed for this day for years. It was crazy but needed. I reached... read more
"Oh my god I'd longed for this day for years. It was crazy but needed. I reached out to find his beast."
Posted: Apr 14, 2012
He had been my secret lover for over a year.A man seventeen years younger than me and very married.I was his slut, we did things together in our secret life that neither of us had even dreamed of.He was my Mellors,I was his Lady Chatterly.All we had incommon was an insane desire for each others bodies.
He would text me in the middle of the night and I would know he was on his way,immediately I would be wet,waiting in the half dark listening for the crunch of his footsteps on the gravel path,holding my breath,hoping that the dogs would not bark.
Then the door would slide back and I would see his shadow in the doorway.We would never speak a word,our mutual lust was enough as we kissed passionately and tore at each others clothing.Soon, we would be naked,his cock in my mouth ,and I would lick and suck him until... read more
""Harder oh please harder", I would scream as he bit my spine and slapped my arse"
Posted: Apr 17, 2012
Working night shift it is always a little weird arriving at work when everyone else is leaving.
One of the girls on the shift is fantastic fun, shares a joke and we flirt, but nothing ever comes of it.
One night the shift was slow we were chatting and bored.
She slightly eases her thighs open allowing me to catch a glimpse of her inner thighs.
Totally busting me catching a glimpse she leans in and whispers " I want you to take to my desk and fuck me"
We stroll thtrough the office to her desk away from the others and as soon as we get out of sight I take her crash her against the wall and we kiss hard.
My hand plunges between her thighs firmly rubbing her pussy she was wearing a skimpy lacy gstring. I take her delicate underwear, and yank it from her hips from under her skirt, it snaps... read more
"as soon as we get out of sight I take her crash her against the wall and we kiss hard."
Posted: Apr 19, 2012
One morning i was home alone my husband had gone to work as i laid around the house in my lace nighty, i felt horny wishing my husband would return home soon so we can have hot hard sex. I started to masturbate as i was just about to cum there was a knock at my door. When I opened it, there were two young hot guys standing there, it was the repair men they had come to fix the washing machine, as they brought in there tools all i could think about is how hot they are and how horny i was. While i was watching them getting hot, i offered them a cold drink, as i was coming back the thought would not leave my mind about sex. It was going to be a long time before my husband returns home... read more
"as one of them ran his hand up my smooth leg to reach my hot wet pussy i unzipped the other guy's pants"
Overall Winner
Posted: Apr 27, 2012
Well down on the Hawkesbury River, some friends and I decided to hire some row boats and go camping on one of the little islands in the Hawkesbury River. A few couples including me and my girlfriend rowed a couple of kilometres until we got to the first island. Not sure if it was the most suitable, but I know we were sick of rowing.

A little island, a few teenage couples, a gorgeous sunset and a few bottles of wine and a rowboat. Yes recipe for brilliance I said to myself.

We slipped away from the others and found tied up on our little beach our wooden rowing boat. Well why not we thought, let’s have a bit of a sea-going adventure. After some usual heavy passion off came all the clothes thrown onto the beach beside the boat. There was not much water in the bilge and we started... read more
"we were just about to cum when WTF!! Who turned on the lights, and what a light."
Posted: Apr 29, 2012
went away for the weekend in gellong stayed at the budget motel any ways i thought i put the do not disturburb sign on door
geting busy with girlfriend going hard licking her pussy both naked as the door oens its the cleaning lady id put the sign the wrong way round we were stuned for a sec but i could tell it was turning my girl on so iwant back to business sucking and licking the cleaner didnt leave so i started fucking my girl it was one of the most exciting fucks ive ever had... read more
"we were stuned for a sec but i could tell it was turning my girl on"

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