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It's April and this month we're about the Feast! We're talking nine and a half weeks, hot, horny food sex, the whip cream, the cherries, the 12" Hungarian Salamis. It can involve food play, a hot dinner date that turned wild, an aphrodisiac that sparked a mad flesh romp... what ever you got, we want to hear about it, the saucier the better, pardon the pun! And remember, the best entry will take home the sweet cash award!!!

April 2009 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Apr 07, 2009
My partner & i had been together for about 6 months or so & had forever been teasing each other with arousing suggestions of play. we had both fantasized about turning each other in to dessert.

My man works nights mostly & it was very rare for him to be home before 4am, I had done a little planning & a simple visit to the supermarket, my basket contained whipped cream, some chocolate sauce (the type you warm up) some chocolate spinkles & of course some glace cherries. I wondered to myself as i passed through the check out if the cashier had any thoughts about what was intended. who really cared, i couldnt wait for the hours to tick by until i could have my dessert.

I spent the night as horny as anything, thinking about the fun to come, after pleasing myself a couple of times during the night,... read more
Overall Winner
Posted: Apr 22, 2009
The Drink We Never Had.

Its quiet as I sit here in my t-shirt. In my hand the glass is cold and I can hear the crackle as the ice is broken by the heat of the liquor. The light from the open fire sends shadows over my skin. Fresh from the shower at the end of the day I’m alone without you writing poetry:

I like the way the Jack Daniels kisses my mouth
Its smokey darkness caresses my tongue
It is cold from the ice as I swallow a slow sip
Letting the liquor warm the softness of my mouth
My sweetened pink tongue licks my lips
And when I breathe out I can taste the bourbon on my tongue;
An aftertaste of warmth.
When I think of your mouth drinking the same
My senses swirl and I want to tangle tongues and tastes
Mix myself with your self.

I pour myself another and whether I am hot from the... read more
Posted: Apr 23, 2009
I finished a sex-course with a gynaecologist/psychologist who’d made some startling and somewhat helpful discoveries, but then abused that knowledge a little a few years later when I became a student actor. I was a bit naughty.

When the acting classes began there were a hundred and twenty girls and women, and only five men, two of which were gay. Seeing all the luscious ladies I decided to see if the good doctor’s “tricks” could work in an enclosed group, while getting as many jollies as I could, of course. Hey, I was twenty-seven and full of … beans! It was easy, all I had to do was get one of these would-be starlets in a romantic situation and the rest should follow.

The first girl was a willowy strawberry blond, a little taller than me at about 5’10 “, and keen as mustard to hang out... read more

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