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It's all about sexy student scenarios for this month's Sex Secrets, from those first high-school forays into the world of fleshy pleasures to that three month lesbian romp you enjoyed in college! We want to hear all about your education related hook-ups. Banged Brett Cooper behind the shelter shed after phys ed? let us know! Nailed the home ec teacher Miss Simpson after your graduation ball? Get writing! As always the hottest entries will score some serious cash!

February 2010 Submitted Sex Secrets

Overall Winner
Posted: Feb 02, 2010
Around the time I was finishing up year 12 my high school hired an incredibly sexy substitute teacher which subd for Music teachers but was really a jack of all trades, she was 23 and unlike most hot teachers this one was also really flirty with the older students, me being one of them, much to the dislike of the other faculty members.
I decided to step it up a notch one day when we were talking on the playground by giving her my number. It wasn't long till we were texting back and forth and I talked her into letting me come around to her place one night.
When I got through the door I was immediately taken back by how hot she looked with her small denim shorts and a tank top that was painted onto her massive DD tits. Before long i found myself on a bed with her... read more
"she got back down on her knees and started deepthroating"
Posted: Feb 05, 2010
My boyfriend and I had just come back to his dorm after a long night of drinking. He was pretty much close to sober but I was extremely wasted. The whole night he had been sliding his hand under my dress to play with my thong. I was so turned on. He would rub his fingers across my clit under my thong in the middle of the crowded room. Needless to say, when we got back, I was more than ready to go.

As soon as we got into the room, he yanked my dress off me. I didn't have a bra on so I was standing there in nothing but a thong. He turned off the lights, picked me up, and pushed me up against the wall. He ripped off my thong and slid two fingers inside me. I was so wet. All I could do was scream in pleasure.... read more
"He ripped off my thong and slid two fingers inside me."
Posted: Feb 06, 2010
My first experience happened when my girl at the time was in year 12. We'd been seeing each other for a while and things were good she used to send me dirty messages to tease me at work but on this day i was at home and got the usual dirty text so i decided to show up at lunch and suprise her and that i did. She led me over the oval and told me to lay down then she pulled her knickers off and sat on my face until she came twice by then a few ppl had spotted us but she just pulled my old fella out of my fly and rode me until i was about to blow then slipped it into her mouth and swallowed it all. Was an experience i'll never forget which gave me the fondness for going down i still have today... read more
"she just pulled my old fella out of my fly and rode me until i was about to blow"
Posted: Feb 09, 2010
Year 12 Physics class....mmmm. The only girl in a class of guys, luckily I had my boyfriend there to keep an eye on me.
My most memorable class started after a morning where my boyfriend had been teasing me incessantly. We settled into our usually seats and the teacher started the lesson. I started slowly stroking my boys leg, innocently tracing patterns with my nails. Working my way high and higher until I briefly brushed his hardening cock.
He looked at me shocked but I brushed against him a bit firmer and smiled. He shook his head as the teacher continued to talk and ask the class questions. With a glint in my eye I purposely rubbed him a little harder, purposely. He couldn’t stop me without attracting the attention of the class so I slid my hand inside his waist band.
I gently gripped his shaft and used my... read more
"I had him squirming in his seat"
Posted: Feb 16, 2010
It was a monday at my all boys college and i was in my first year which i couldn't wait to finish. I was boasting to my mates about a hand job i recieved at a weekend party, i was going into a lot of detail when one of my lecturers Miss C, a tired looking early 40's woman who had a reasonably tight body for her age popped her head out the window and said "Mr Peterson I can hear everything your saying". I was totally embarressed and after my last class that day i went to her office to apoligise.
I uttered the words "I'm sorry" and she started to giggle and she said it was not a problem and that she had been around boys long enough to know where their brains are most of the time. We laughed and she said she was leaving for home and... read more
"i played and sucked on her ample sized tits with pink nipples that roared out"

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