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This month we're getting a little exotic with our Sex Secrets... we want to hear about your overseas hook-ups! that's right, if you got nookie in far-flung places, we want to hear about it. It might have been the cabana boy you shagged on the Hawaiian beach, or that sex Swiss accountant at the ski lodge in the alps! And don't forget to spare no detail, the hottest entry takes home the monthly cash award!

October 2015 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Oct 02, 2015
It all started when I was on a guided tour for 18 to 35's, 3 weeks after the 9/11 attacks on New York. Many of the group had cancelled due to the growing tensions in the middle east. After introductions and entering the Egyptian Museum I organised myself to be ready to take lots of pictures when a gorgeous lady from the USA (Dorothy) started chatting with me. I felt kind of embarrassed that someone so beautiful (Long blonde hair, Blue eyes and around my height (180cm) would be talking to me as I found myself ordinary looking at best. After the museum Dorothy sat next to me on the bus and her I became good friends. On the second day after taking the train into Luxor she sat next to me again until we got on our boat for the Nile River cruise. That night we drank and chatted... read more
"After Kate had cleaned up Dorothy we had a three way kiss sharing our love juices."
Posted: Oct 06, 2015
Five years ago I was over in Canada. One night I was at a bar when I met two guys. They heard my Australian accent when I ordered a drink and started asking me about Australia. After a while of them buying me drinks and me openly flirting with both of them, we went back to my hotel room. Once inside their clothes came off rather quickly and then they both slowly undressed me, taking turns to kiss me and suck on my tits. Once I was naked I got down on all fours in front of of them and slowly started sucking his big cock. His friend got behind me and slid his cock into my eager pussy. As I got fucked harder, I sucked on the cock harder and faster and it wasn't long before I was being filled with cum at both ends. They then laid me... read more
"Once I was naked I got down on all fours in front of of them"
Posted: Oct 10, 2015
I was fortunate enough to experience this last year. I had a one week holiday booked with my best friend at a lovely beach resort in Hawaii. We had been before, and had fallen in love with the beautiful beaches, beautiful weather and beautiful people. The first two days we spent there mostly involved shopping and eating our way through the cities, but on the third we basically ran out of spending money so we started spending most of our time lounging on the beach, perving on all the guys (and girls, in my case!).

We started seeing a regular guy at the beach. He was wickedly cute with tight abs and long brown hair, and a few smiles and winks were exchanged. Not expecting it to go above innocent flirting, I didn't make a move, but christ I thought about what we could do together...

That night, my friend and I... read more
"My friend began to make out with him as I throated him even more."
Overall Winner
Posted: Oct 17, 2015
My gf and I were on our way to Shanghai. We were bored on the plane and most people were asleep. We thought a romp in the back would be just the thing to liven up our long journey.
As we returned to our seats, we kissed. I could taste myself on her lips and I knew she could taste herself on mine. We then buclked up as the plane landed.
We were standing around waiting for our luggage to come out. We were super excited to be overseas and just relax for the next week. My gf turned around as she felt a tap on her shoulder. I looked to see that it was one of the lovely hostesses that was on board our plane. I thought that perhaps we had forgotten something. She was all smiles. She asked if we enjoyed our flight. We said we had. She said that... read more
" Before long, we were all naked and tangled with each other. Kissing, licking, sucking"

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