Let's be honest - when it comes to sex, the wetter it is, the better it is! Squirting is the holy grail of female arousal - and for good reason, there's nothing better than getting the sheets soaking wet and having a slippery, satisfying romp as a result. We are dying to hear all about your squirting experiences - fellas have you mastered the art in finding her G-spot? Ladies, was your first time discovering that you could squirt absolutely mind-blowing? Let us know - and spare no detail because every month the best Sex Secret entry takes home the cash award!!!

December 2019 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Dec 02, 2019
True story sounds crazy but here we go...

A few years ago I was on a work trip and met a fit 40 year old yoga instructor.

We chatted online intially , swapped some pics and vids then met around 6pm at my hotel. She bought some toys , drinks and sexy lingerie.

Well I will say I love squirters and have had a fair few however this sexy minx set the new bar high. I knew she was a squirter so I started by licking her from behind spreading her peach and eating both sweet tight holes ;) shortly after some clit stimulation I had her starting to drip like a tap so i'm like hmm and mmm. So I used my fingers to get her gushing and then that was it, once she started I had her sweet pussy spraying in every position and pounding her ever so strategically with my... read more
"I knew she was a squirter so I started by licking her from behind..."
Posted: Dec 02, 2019
my ex could never make me squirt, he just kept hurting me trying to get me too do so.

so when I hooked up with this new fulla n the porn was put on... n when the subject of squirting was brought up, I was honest. couldnt n hadn't done it..

so when he asked if he could try, sure why not... what harm could it cause... I layed back n he slowly inserted on finger, then two, three then four.... it got me wet..

he turned his hand round a particular way "asked me how I was feeling" placed his other hand flat on my pelvis.... placed abit of pressure down..... then started wriggling his fingers abit..

then Bam... the pleasure came from no where.. but it was intense n making me almost scream. (how It felt so good ) then when I looked up..... read more
"The pleasure came from no where but it was intense and making me almost scream..."
Posted: Dec 03, 2019
My girlfriend loves to squirt, we discovered that she can squirt one night when we were having intimate hot oral sex on the floor of our bedroom, as I was fingering and licking her she started to get really really wet, at that point I kept fingering her even harder but stopped licking her, as I was fingering harder and faster she was getting more aroused she started shaking and pulled my hand away, and that's when she squirted, her sexy squirting whent litterily from knew side of the bedroom to the other side, I was like wow, wow and asked her what was that she replied I just reached a super orgasm with a big smile on her face. That was such a huge turn on for me and her, that was 15 years ago and she still squirts and loves it.

... read more
"As I was fingering and licking her she started to get really really wet..."
Posted: Dec 03, 2019
Well I'm relatively new to experiencing a wet squirty session with a lady so there was both excitement and trepidation when my buddy invited me for a threesome with his squirting lady friend.

Lauren was blinfolded when I arrived being her choice and my buddy naked.

A gorgeous blonde lady in her late 30's had a preference for two men to satisfy her insatiable appetite for sex.

After a half hour or so of mixing it up in all forms of lust she asked us to lead her to the family room still blindfolded.

Her demand was for me to lie naked on the tiles, on my back and be led to my extremely gorged cock where she strode me and rode my erection in her very wet pussy.

I assume that all that pounding of two cocks inside her vagina must have hit her g spot because after a few minutes of riding me... read more
"After a few minutes of riding me it was like releasing a torrent of water..."
Posted: Dec 03, 2019
I'd always been turned on by seeing a woman squirt, but until a recent encounter I'd never experienced it (other than watching porn). I arranged a meeting with my RHP friend, a woman I'd contacted mainly due to her bio saying she was a squirter and only wanted men that were prepared for a good soaking. Little did I know she was being literal ! After a couple of drinks we went up to our room and were quickly into a very enjoyable oral session. She was amazing with her mouth, the best I've experienced, and much as I'm confident in my oral skills I was nervous whether I could match her and of what awaited as I went down. To my relief I found her Gspot quickly and went to 'work' with my fingers inside and a fast flicking tongue on her clit. She began to moan & writhe,... read more
"Suddenly there was a spray of warm, sweet smelling fluid in my face..."
Posted: Dec 03, 2019
I didn’t start squirting until I was in my thirties. My ex used to read people magazine ...... a lot .... and read a story in there about the g spot, squirting etc. He came home on a mission to get me squirting. Well I can tell you it was a success and I’ve never looked back, it’s an amazing feeling when a guy knows what he’s doing..... messy .... sometimes extremely messy .... but amazing ... read more
"He came home on a mission to get me squirting..."
Posted: Dec 03, 2019
I was a young teen when I fumbled in the knickers of my earliest crush finding the wonderful sticky sensation of female orgasm!!... I didn’t know what I did or how I did it, but I searched and wished for it all my life..... until now that is!!..

Finding a new partner meant upping the game, finding new ways to pleasure my future woman. I watched videos thought of new things and ways to try, after all my pleasure comes from her pleasure....

We slow danced in the kitchen on our first night together, long slow lingering kisses, grinding and groping at every opportunity....

We lay naked on the heated kitchen floor, I’d been fondling, squeezing & pinching, looking for any or all the erogenous zones I could find.... she lay before me, on her back, her long body and fiery red hair shining in the dim candle light... after pulling and... read more
"I pumped and stroked her G spot with my fingers, she started to arch her back, I pushed harder..."
Posted: Dec 05, 2019
I get wet when I’m turned on. I always have. Squirting is different. My husband was going down on me the first time I squirted. It felt incredible. The orgasm was intense and pure.

The next time was more of a flood than a squirt while I was riding him. The orgasm was mind-blowing, but as soon as I came to my senses, I worried that it may have been urine. It was not the right time to talk with my husband about it. His body was still shaking and his abdomen and thighs were covered with my juices. His belly button was full.

He kissed me. “I love that feeling. It is so hot when you get so wet. You filled me too.” He dipped his finger in his navel and brought it to... read more
"He pinned my wrists down with most of his body weight and took me..."
Overall Winner
Posted: Dec 06, 2019
Mrs p learnt to squirt when we first got together after I introduced her to an educational DVD on the subject. It took a few tries at first, really working on her g spot, after a little while I could make her squirt whenever I tried. A little while longer and Mrs p was able to make herself squirt by sitting o top of me and riding my cock, she grinds on top of me, back and forward, up and down, at the moment she squirts she lifts herself off me, and I feel the hot juices run down all over my hard cock and stomach.

Until recently though, she's been holding back, now she's happy to just let it go. A couple of nights ago we'd been going hard for a little while, then I moved her on her back, legs in the air, i locked my... read more
"I felt the heat of her, I knew what was coming, all of a sudden she exploded..."

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