Carnal Camping!

It's an Aussie tradition, throwing up a tent and getting away from the grind, and if you're lucky, doing a little grinding of your own! We want to hear about your favourite camping shag story, so get on the keyboard and regale us with your hot and horny holiday adventures! Remember, the hottest Sex Secret takes home the cash award.

March 2017 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Mar 02, 2017
I was invited to go camping several years ago with a friend of mine, her boyfriend and a few other guys. One was a drop dead gorgeous friend who I had wanted forever.

We ended up camped beside a river and he helped me pitch my tent and we spent the whole time flirting, and getting to know one another. By the end of the evening we were all so drunk as we climbed into our tents. Thankfully i had a small two man tent all to myself.

A few hours later I woke as someone snuck into my tent and into my sleeping bag. His hands were running up my side, i could feel how hard he was straight away as he spooned me from behind.

I was more than happy to oblige, rubbing back against him, sliding his hand up to my breasts.

He was an amazing kisser...everywhere! And i... read more
"His hands were running up my side, i could feel how hard he was straight away as he spooned me"
Posted: Mar 07, 2017
A long time ago I was dating a lovely nymphomaniac. We'd been together 3 months and were still in the can't get enough of each other phase. Her whole family decided to go stay in a caravan park along the great ocean road, so we thought we'd join them for a couple of days before continuing, on our own. We got stuck sharing a van with her little sister. Worse still the beds in the van were bunks, double mattress on the bottom and single on top. I was thinking to myself "that's it, no playing for us."

Her sister was sound asleep when we decided it was time for bed. My gf turned off the lights climbed in to the double with me and spooned herself against my chest. A few minutes passed and she started to grind her delicious ass playfully against my lap. At first I thought "surely... read more
"Feeling every moment of every stroke, burning with desire but having to hold back."
Overall Winner
Posted: Mar 10, 2017
A girl’s weekend away camping. Not my usual idea of fun, but I like to say ‘Why not’ more than ‘No’. So away we go. It’s a long trip, about five hours south of Sydney. And we had to carry everything in. I mean everything. And, it pains me to say it, there were no showers!

We had gotten through two nights already. I felt baked, sun-kissed, earthy and a little tired – sleeping on yoga mats wasn’t really cutting it. We had been out swimming and eating soggy salad on the beach and came back to camp, to find a few new campers (three couples) had arrived. We joined in, in helping them set up. It was difficult not to feel a little self-conscious of my few-days-camping body.

When everything was set up, we all joined around the campsite, we shared our red wine and damper, and they their fresh... read more
"Soon I moaned, and found fingers on my lips, reminding me to be quiet. "
Posted: Mar 16, 2017
Not long back a mate of mine purchased an amazing camp trailer, complete with two spacious beds. He decided to break it in by inviting my lady friend and I along to a weekend festival with him and his fiance. They were a very open couple we'd met a few years back when our partners were dancing at a gentleman's club and we routinely had a few "parties" together, so spending a few nights sharing quarters promised to be a good time. It certainly didn't take long for things to kick off.

Arriving late on the first night we decided to make our own fun and sat under the stars with some drinks and increasingly bold conversation, which soon turned to favourite sexual positions. James was adamant that 69ing trumped all others, I was inclined to agree. The girls argued against us, maintaining that only one partner was really receiving pleasure... read more
"James wasted no time, in the corner of my eye I could see his hands grasping his fiances arse"

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