Doubling Down

Have you ever had two lovers at once? The sacred coital triangle?? We're big fans of the threesome at the Pie so we want to hear about your hottest three-way dance! Remember, the hottest entry will take home the cash award, so include every detail!

January 2016 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Jan 01, 2016
Im 49 now, 3yrs ago i had my 1st fem experience, i met her through a guy who wanted a ffm, she was 23 at the time, the guy was Indian, not really my taste in men, but he arranged to meet us at mine. He sent me her ph nr and a pic and i also sent him a pic and my ph nr. We started messaging each other and it became hot and steamy messages... cut a long story short we decided to ditch the guy and told him we were both busy on the day he arranged.
we met up at mine and she got down and dirty within 10 minutes of meeting, needless to say we had a wonderful night of unadulturated eating using toys and fisting (my first time for that as well). we are still friends to this day, she has a girlfriend... when... read more
"we met up at mine and she got down and dirty within 10 minutes of meeting"
Posted: Jan 01, 2016
Short story, i met two married men on a dating site in nz, one man a kiwi and the other a south african man. that was 2 yrs ago. we regularly met in a hotel room for sex, and omg the h ad very large tools mmmm. we had sex every way you could imagine, one fuking me and the other fuking him, then two of them in my pussy, then anal, fuking sucking, like i said every way two men and a woman could fuk suk and feel..
every time i go back to nz i always hook up with them and we spend several hours in a hotel room, we have dinner and part ways... Id love to find a couple of guys who i can do that with here on a regular basis xxx... read more
"we had sex every way you could imagine"
Posted: Jan 02, 2016
I was at a party at my mates place, having a great night with plenty of laughs. Later on as the numbers thinned out, one particular girl who I thought was attractive mentioned to me that her friend needed picking up from a nearby house. I offered to pick her up so off we went to pick up this girl and bring her to the party. I'm sure these two had planned this whole thing, cause after we returned to the party, the girls got out of the car and both hugged me. I wasn't expecting this at all, however being the gentleman I am I found their lips with mine, allowed my hands to grab ass and pulled them tight. We headed to a spare bedroom where clothes were discarded, bodies intertwined, kissing, licking, sucking, and fucking took place. Fond memories of the double BJ I received and having... read more
"We headed to a spare bedroom where clothes were discarded, bodies intertwined, kissing, licking"
My first time. Let's call them Anne and Bianca. One evening I called Anne to see if she was free for dinner. She was already going out with Bianca but I was welcome to join them. We had a lovely meal at a waterfront restaurant and during the hot summer evening there was a definite sense of sexual tension in the air. I drove them back to Bianca’s.

On a hot summer night we sat outside appreciating the late breeze. Things changed in a funny instant when I started quite naturally massaging Bianca's shoulders. Anne said it looked very sexy. Partly for a joke, I slipped off Bianca's straps and slid her top down exposing her breasts and gently stroked them. Anne gasped with pleasure and said "Oh so now you probably want to fuck Bianca." Bianca said nothing but looked at Anne as I now gently stroked her nipples. I... read more
"It was a wonderful scene and of course led me to no longer be able to contain my orgasm. "
Posted: Jan 06, 2016
It all started when my GF at the time (Michelle) suggested that we have a threesome with her colleague as Tanya after they had finished work. Michelle had been telling me Tanya's stories of her threesomes she was frequently having. Everytime I would get a hard on every time so convincing me was easy. I knew Tanya from work anyway as the company she works for was sharing a building with the company I worked for. The night came and Tanya turned up dressed in a bikini top with very short denim shorts on. As I let her in my cock was instanly hard and Tanya rubbed against putting a smile on her face. Michelle's idea was to join in after Tanya and I had one on one sex. Tanya and I took our clothes off and she went down on me taking my 7 inch cock in her mouth... read more
"As I entered her she let out a moan which Michelle heard and came in to watch us"
Posted: Jan 16, 2016
My bf was wanting a ffm experience so we hooked up with this chick I knew but she had her bf wanting to join in, so it ended up as a group session, I loved the taste of her pussy, (I love my pussy juice as well, lucky guys)and his cock pounding me from behind while she sucked my bf. It was an amazing experience but I fantasize about having just 2 guys, I know I'm a bit greedy but I want to be fucked by 2 guys at once. mmm... read more
"My bf was wanting a ffm experience so we hooked up with this chick"
Overall Winner
Posted: Jan 17, 2016
My boyfriend just would not cut his hair!

I loved it long but it was time he had it cut back down but he was resolute he would not go to the barbers, what was i supposed to do? Yell, nag withhold sex (and suffer as well) so i thought no i'll bargain.

"If you let me cut your pony tail off i'll have my friend stand naked in front off you while it happens" that's where the story begins.

He was sitting in a kitchen chair with his hair tied in a pony tail, my friend alice was standing naked before him revelling as he devoured her with his eyes. As i picked up his pony tail he tried to stop me, i grabbed his hands and placed the, firmly on alice's breasts. He began to massage her breasts rubbing his hands over her nipples as i sliced trough his pony tail.

Hoping... read more
"Alice was pulled from me and thrust to her knees"
Posted: Jan 20, 2016
I was living in a shared house in South Melbourne, it wasn't until I moved out to Richmond that things heated up.
Kate and Sarah invited me out for drinks. We ended up at a night club in the city. Kate said to me with a naughty smile on her face. "I bet you couldn't handle two women at once"
When Kate said I knew it was on. Kate a, shorter cute curvy red head, with D breasts, Sarah, tall, black hair, thin, B cup breasts.
I said, lets, go, within minutes we were all over each other in the back of a taxi heading to my new flat. I'm sure the driver enjoyed the show!.
The girls told me to lie back and relax, they both started working my cock with their mouths, rubbing and licking my balls, kissing each other when their mouths reached the head of... read more
"Kate said to me with a naughty smile on her face. "I bet you couldn't handle two women at once""

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