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In May we're all about the one night stand, baby! That's right; we want to hear all about your random, fleeting, sweaty, intense one night hook-up, how it came about and how it went down! Whether you did the mattress mambo unexpectedly with an old friend or you nailed a stranger hours after meeting, we want to hear about your efforts! Get writing, make it hot and remember, the best entries win our monthly cash award!

May 2010 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: May 02, 2010
A few months back I was out on the town rather early in the night and got chatty with two American backpackers. After quite a few rounds at bars the girls wanted to hit the clubs for some more drinking and dancing so I followed.

Later in the night things where heating up with one of the girl with the other getting upset and jealous from the lack of attention from me and her friend so we both decided to try cheer her up and get her interested in the both of us. This only made things worse with the friend and ended up storming off back to their hotel room alone.

We finished up our drinks and a few minutes later concerned for her friend we where off back to their hotel to try patch things up and make sure she was safe in here drunken state.
... read more
"When we arrived at the room we found her half undressed"
Posted: May 03, 2010
One night I was out clubbing with some friends and there was one guy there who had been checking me out all night!! Talk about a turn on, this guy was turning me on just by looking at him!

Eventually I went and sat at his table and we started talking. Then he asked me if i wanted to go outside and I just couldn't resist! So we went outside and down the back of the nightclub and then suddenly he was at my mercy. I was so turned on that he couldn't get my underwear off fast enough. Then he spread my legs and started fisting me in a way that nobody ever had before.

Soon i was moaning so loud and so i told him to go faster, faster because it felt so good!! And then suddenly i orgasmed so hard. my cum went all over his hand!! and then... read more
"I was so turned on that he couldn't get my underwear off fast enough"
Posted: May 04, 2010
After 3 nights at sea we moored the 30' Pion at the Marina. I was on shore leave for the evening. Not knowing where to go, I headed down to a nearby beach and sunbaked, trying to get rid of the dizzy feeling that land brings after days of rocking on a boat.

As the sun set I headed back up the narrow path through the dunes. I could see a figure standing there in the darkness. As I approached I noticed this tall masculine shirtless dude and our eyes met. He broke the three second rule so I diverted my gaze downwards but it was only then that I noticed that his boardies were undone at the fly. I instantly appreciated that he had worked up half a mongrel standing there, obviously horny after surfing. Had I caught him wanking? I wondered. Protruding through the fabric of his shorts... read more
"Our bodies pressed together, flesh on flesh, muscle to muscle..."
Posted: May 05, 2010
Waiting in my car.. I clench my thighs feeling the dull throb of anticipation. I had left off my panties and I could feel the heat between my thighs slowly increase. We had been msging for awhile now. He didnt live in Perth and was geographically unavailable. Perhaps it had been the persistence of his "cyber-advances" or the unmistakeable lust in his msgs or simply my indulgence into something based purely on physical aesthetics. But I had given into meeting a stranger in an anonymous park. He’s tall. Athletic. I feel dwarfed in my pink slippers and yellow sundress and infinitely feminine. For a few brief seconds the meeting is awkward as all first meetings are. Reaching up on my toes I slide my hands up and around his neck, kissing and my insides flood with instant heat. My arousal feels intoxicating. My breasts press against his chest. His hands... read more
"I have never felt so out of control and I find it addictive"
You may remember a mobile network provider use to offer username trivia & chat rooms to their customers. I loved trivia & used to try & message the anonymous user to try and find out their age, sex, location.

One night I got talking to a lady about 5 years older & found she lived only about 45mins drive. We played a few trivia games & as happens with anonymity flirting & teasing prevailed. Never expected it to go anywhere, people seem much more adventurous & suggestive when they never think you'll ever meet.

After almost 3hrs talking we decided maybe we would meet as the whole teasing & flirting had us both curious. I said I would be happy to meet but only if she was willing to accept me going down on her & nothing else. She was to do nothing to me & we were not going to have... read more
"While thrusting her vagina with fingers I started to rub down & across her anus with my thumb"
Posted: May 25, 2010
I sit in the car in the deserted nature reserve car park. Waiting. For you. The kinky one, I have been so anxious to meet.
The one who promises to fufill all my kinkiest fantasties.

I see your car pull up and you walk over to my car with your manly stride, backpack flung over one shoulder.
The butterflies in my stomach intensify as you slide into the seat beside me, not saying a word you kiss my lips.

You proceed to get back out of the car, walk around to my side and lead me out of the car by the hand and into the looming woods. Still no words are spoken. Words cannot explain how i feel, right now. I'm scared and excited all rolled into one.

You lead me into a clearing, the stars so bright, lighting up the woods ever so slightly. Lying a blanket on the ground (you've... read more
"Pouring baby oil all over my back, letting it drip into my ass crack"
Posted: May 26, 2010
It was a hot summer day and i went for lunch at a local winery with my girlfriends. It was a lovely day and we drank many bottles of wine over lunch. My partner was calling me and wanted to meet up at our local pub so i enticed three of the girls to come meet him with me. One of the girls i, had been friends with for many years, she was georgous and we had kissed on a few occasions. I knew my partner liked her as well and my hottest turn on is watching him have sex with other women and joining in as well. We met up at the pub and we where all having fun flirting and i knew my girlfriend liked my partner because she was letting him finger her under the table and she wasn't wearing any... read more
"We all eagerly took our clothes off and I began kissing her beautiful soft lips"
Posted: May 30, 2010
i was newly separated from my husband who was the first guy i had ever fucked when a girlfriend of mine invited me to a New Year's eve party of some friends of hers, i wasn't going to know anyone there and so i was hesitant but as i didn't have any other plans i decided to go, it was a Hawaiian them so it was swimwear, sexy start though it was not one of 'those' kind of parties.
As the night progressed i hit it off with two guys (neither of them the type i would normally go for) but i hadn't had sex in months and was horny as hell so when one of them asked me to go for a walk with him i agreed.
We ended up in the carport, kissing and groping each other before he lay me on the bonnet of the car and went down... read more
"i could feel the pressure building as he came in my mouth"
Posted: May 30, 2010
While at work, watching the shop fitter complete his daily work, I felt a warm desire to have his body next to mind, but knew it more than likely never happen.
Andrew turned to me while I was day dreaming, about taking him into the store room, when he said excuse me" may I leave my ladder in store room", wow how could it be even possible that he knew what I was thinking.
I led him to the store room where he placed the ladder against the wall, he then asked me straight" how cool would it be to make love to a beautiful woman in a store room". I even reasoned with him and said mmm how nice that would be.
Andrew then lend over to me and proceeded to slip his hand under my skirt, the sudden feeling was amazing, that it almost made my legs buckle. He moved... read more
"he continued to bring me to a orgasm leaving me with a great feeling of satisfaction"

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