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Ever nailed something out of your league? Ever fallen arse backwards into a hot and heavy sex romp with a stunner? Well we want to hear all about it... this month we're celebrating the high-end scores so tell us all about that time you stiffed the Hungarian model on a flight to Budapest, or maybe the time you blew the captain of the Russian swim team... if you went there, we want all the juicy details... and as always, the best efforts will be up for the monthly cash rewards...

June 2008 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Jun 04, 2008
A few of my girlfriends and I used to have regular nights out on the town and when we saw that a male strip show was coming to town we booked tickets straight away. On the night the five of us got dressed to the nines and hit the local club where the show was being put on. We had a few pre show drinks to get into party mode and headed into the show room which appeared to be packed with every female from the town!!!

We sat up the back and were well and truly ready to be entertained. Little did we know just how entertaining the night was going to be! The show began and we sat back and ogled the eye candy on display, screaming and whistling as the 6 strippers strutted their stuff. It was great and we were having a top night. Two strippers in... read more
Posted: Jun 04, 2008
It was Caulfield cup Day and we were out at the races for the with a work function. We had been on Sparkling since about 9 am. There were some new faces at the day that I hadnt seen around work, by 5 we were on our way to the pub, i jumped in a cab with John who i had only met that day. and two other guys there was no way i was walking in killer heals. We partied on long into the night as it got later i got hornier and the dancing got dirtier. John was grinding into me telling me how much he wanted to fuck me,so i grabbed his hand and put it up my dress to feel my wet pussy, he grabbed my hand and took me outside to beer garden kissed me passionatly turned me around and fucked me hard he started... read more
Overall Winner
Posted: Jun 08, 2008
Late last year I lost a sibling and a very close mate in two seperate accidents and was having a tough time coping. I had totally run off the rails and my family decided to send me to see a psychologist. Quite obviously I was very reluctant to go, but I went just to shut them all up! And it was a good thing I did. My psychologist was a 29 year old stunner, 11 years older than me, with long blond hair, huge rack and very tight ass. We hit it off pretty well in our first meeting, so I thought I had a good chance. By the third meeting, I'd mentioned something about how good an idea Hamish & Andy's pants-off Friday was, and she agreed! The week after, I entered her office and sat down. She closed the door behind me and, instead of walking... read more
Posted: Jun 13, 2008
I was at my place having party with the boys it was going off! At about 230am I became horny as fuck and in my drunken wisdom I thought id text "TRACE" !trace was a 21 year old state manger of one of the biggest retailers in oz and my cousin's ex ta boot! I sent my text and I received a text back almost straight away asking who it was .i replied quickly it's Adam!!! Trace texted straight back hi do you wanna come over? Shit I almost blew my load right there on the spot….I texted ill be in 15min jumped in my car without tell any1 I was going out!! I reckon I broke the land speed record that night driving 2 trace's house. Anyway I pulled into the driveway jumped out and walked up 2 the front door just as I was about 2 knock the... read more
Posted: Jun 13, 2008
my last
encounter turned out more than id bargained for,i met this gorgeous blonde in town and spent the night clubbing with her,she whispered in my ear i want to fuck you,so we shot back to her flat for aa frenzy if sucking and fucking,maybe it was because she was so hot she persuaded me to take it from her strap on! she rode my ass while she jerked me off,finally lubing her rod with my cun and fucking me with it,god i loved it!... read more
Posted: Jun 25, 2008
My husband and I were “swinging virgins” when we arrived at the
villa. Okay, we had had some rather raunchy get togethers with
another couple we know but we’d never done the whole swinging thing.
It was these friends who recommended Ibiza, they’d had a
fabulous time and thought we’d enjoy it. And they weren’t wrong!

When we arrived I admit I was a bit nervous but Mariela and Jason
made us feel completely at home and the other guests seemed like
really nice people. It was on the second night things really started
hotting up. I’d confessed to a lovely girl called michelle that I had
always fantasized about being fucked by several guys while my husband
watched. Basically she offered me her husband Jake and their friend
Paul who was there with his girlfriend Lily. Michelle and Lily had a
girl on girl thing going and wouldn’t miss their... read more

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