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Well it's the new year, everything’s fresh and new, so we want to hear about the first time you shagged a partner, current or past. We want to hear about that hot, exciting hook-up... the anticipation, the desire, the lust and the almighty release when you finally get down to business! So get your writing caps on and get submitting, and remember... the best entry will take home the cash award.

January 2012 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Jan 01, 2012
I had just finished a 9 day tour when we were having drinks at the pub which was near our hotel when I asked one of the girls (L) in our group where her mate was. She told me she was sick (J). Being half charged she also asked me whether I had sex, which for me came out of the blue. I said no. While drinking the night away I was told to get the girls mate for final drinks and farewells. After getting the room number to this girls room I knocked on the door and it was answered by J. She looked awful, but I told her that it was final drinks and farewells and knowing this J came down. After a while till closing time we all drank merrily. Some of the group decided to go clubbing, but J was too crook to go. While... read more
"J moaned as I came inside of her..."
Posted: Jan 04, 2012
B and I have been seeing each other for several months and our sex has always been hot and passionate. This one particular time he came over for dinner, drinks and a sleepover. I was in the kitchen cooking when he arrived and after a quick chat, he started playing with me as I was standing at the stove. Not wanting to ruin dinner, I told him to wait for 2 minutes. He stood in the lounge room watching me and when I was done, I took off my glasses and walked up to him and started kissing passionately. Expecting him to push me into the bedroom, I was surprised when he forced me to my knees and started to unbuckle his pants. I eagerly took out his cock and started sucking and licking, his groans getting louder as I took him completely in my mouth. After awhile, he turned... read more
"Round 4 is a bit of a blur as we woke up at 3am in the middle of having sex..."
Posted: Jan 05, 2012
“Are you into BDSM?” I hadn’t focused on that part of his profile. I Googled acts in the RHP sexual & fetish interests, I knew some, but didn’t know they had a name. Others I didn’t know. I researched BDSM. The videos were unreal. The blogs explained things in a way I could handle.

2 weeks wait was intense. He told me what to wear. I had to drop my kids off to my Mother’s on the way. I can’t wear what he was suggesting. Simple, he said, “Change at a Servo.” Meeting at a public car park, I arrived an hour early, eager to meet this intriguing & alluring man. I changed, secretively in my car. I wasn’t changing in public toilets, “They would see me?”

My guardian angels calmed me as I watched various characters carrying on with their lives, without a care. “Did anyone notice I was waiting... read more
"Stand here with your back to me. Open your legs, wider..."
Posted: Jan 05, 2012
At our accommodation, I had questions & assumptions running through my head, I couldn’t keep up. I focused on his accented, calm & controlled voice, inviting me into what looked like a dungeon. Breathing in & out, slowly calming my shaking body.

I saw the items of pleasure & pain which were strategically laid out. I could only identify the whips, cuffs & a massive black dildo.

“How are you going? Are you OK?” I blurted out the first thing I thought & felt, “Yes, I’m fine.” “Take off your top & skirt.” I obliged. I could hear his breathing & a slight groan. He inspected me, starting at my shoulders, my breasts, my back to my butt, to my extremely wet pussy. Wrapping & clasping thick leather cuffs around my wrists, he inspected me again.

He took more pics & then removed the clasps,... read more
"caressed my wet pussy, smearing my wetness over me..."
Posted: Jan 06, 2012
so after a while searching for a certain someone and something..i finally found him on rhp..
even now my friends and i either refer to him as "frenchy" or "the dom" hehe..
he sent me flirt and i was interested, but we didn't start talking for at least another month or so...

i don't know why i we left it so long, we were perfect together.
hes so willing to fulfill all my needs, the first night we met we had a few drinks in a place i totally would be a regular at, at all! we had a beer and a few champagnes and he told me how his mates had warned him about meets and what warning signs etc to look for.

well obviously i wasn't a threat because he couldn't get me naked quick enough. we ended up leaving the club and found ourselves in kings park and it was ON!

he... read more
"he continued to lick my pussy and at the same time taking charge..."
Posted: Jan 06, 2012
While I was in my first year of college my girlfriend and I went to a party in a friends house. It was a great party and the house was full of boozed up teenagers. I had been hitting the vodka's pretty hard and my gf brought me up to one of the bedrooms for what I hoped was some kinky fun. It didn't turn out as planned however as I fell straight to sleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

I woke up what must have been a short time later to see my gf and two of her really hot girlfriends getting undressed. I was far too drunk however and fell asleep as I waited for my gf to get into bed. I woke up in the middle of the night to pitch black surroundings. I tried to open my eyes, and I noticed I was... read more
"She quickly became wet, and I slid my fingers inside her soaking pussy..."
Posted: Jan 06, 2012
I met T online and we chatted for a few weeks, and when we finally met we had casual fling. We lay in bed chatting about sexual expolits, and a fantasy of a FFM come up in conversation. She suggested a friend vsiting for the weekend, and she would discuss it with her and see where that would lead. I rocked up to her house the next night, and T yelled out Zoe was in the bedroom and i should go say hello. I was anxious, and very horny, so was hoping for a connection. I walked through the door to a glowing smile and a friendly hello. We leant towards each other for a soft kiss, and this turned into passion, as our tongues soon collided as we began passionatly kissing and exploring each others bodies. My cock began to bulge and as our bodies pressed agains each other,... read more
"I decided to sit and watch the girls getting each other off..."
Posted: Jan 07, 2012
i got there about 8 with a slab of southern cans. we cracked one each and started drinking. my mate decided he wanted to get some girls around so he phoned one of his friends. we drove down to the pub to pick her up. we weren't expecting it but she insisted on bringing a friend.
when we got back everyone decided to hop in the spa and keep drinking.
the two girls were pretty hot, their names s and k.
my mate was keen on s and i didn't plan on doing anything as i'm married
as we had more drinks everyone loosened up, and k's leg would occasionally brush mine.
with a few more drinks in us, we decided to enforce the tits out after ten rule, which the girls obeyed. soon we were out of cans so we cracked a bottle of tequila.
with a few shots... read more
"she pushed her head below the water and started giving the most incredible head..."
Posted: Jan 08, 2012
Our story begins in that time of year we all love - summer & a balmy night. We look for couples whose profile shows a considerable lack of inhibition & plenty of imagination. We found such a couple willing & ready to join us for a late night skinny dip and aquatic swap.
Having been asked what they should wear for the evening it came as a pleasant surprise when they agreed that little was needed & the few clothes they had would quickly be discarded.
Settling in by the pool with a socialable wine, the toys which were to be used & towels a good distance away we were all quickly naked. The boys were the 1st to enter the pool however us girls wanted the time to admire each other more closely so we kept our seats.
Discussion between us girls quickly turned to our experiences with female to... read more
"Facing me she mounted the strap-on without hesitation..."
Sir organized an apartment and an Object to be delivered by an invited a Guest. He sent me the directions via SMS as I was on my way. I arrived so keen, a little anxious and feeling very wet with excitement. I wore a sexy dress and mistakenly wore underwear. Sir understood my transition phase from Lady to slave and politely demanded, “Take off your underwear and do not wear them again when you are with me.”

He inspected me and was impressed with my erect nipples as he squeezed and pulled on them hard. His hands ventured towards my now extremely, almost dripping wet and very silky smooth waxed *knt*. Standing on the tiled floor, again Sir politely demanded, “On all fours and crawl to the bedroom. Your knees wide apart…..wider!”

Sir directed me on all fours onto the edge of the bed. As my long dark hair draped over... read more
"“You have done well, Slut. What are you?” “Your Slave Sir. Your Slut Sir.”"
The doorbell rang. “Our Object is delivered.” Standing at attention, my heart beat fast, anxious, Sir led me collared and blindfolded, then introduced me to Our Guest, who inspected my body. Sir instructed, “Kneel down, open your mouth, accept this hard 9“ Object”. I could only feel, smell and taste this nicely shaven Object.

Sir asked, “Are you happy with Miss E’s performance?” His reply, “Miss E, you can suck deeper. Come on now, deeper!” as he grasped my hair and pulled me closer. “Ah Yes, that’s better, deeper.” Before the Object cum in my mouth, Sir directed me over to the lounge, legs spread, back arched, my *knt* and butt wide open for manual inspection as they both rubbed my clit, massaged inside *knt* and around my butt.

Sir asked, “Miss E, did you enjoy your Object?” “Yes Sir, I did Thank You.” “That does please me. Though... read more
"Sir asked, “Are you happy with Miss E’s performance?” His reply, “Miss E, you can suck deeper"..."
After an entertaining night with the Object and my slave training session from my Master and our Guest, to finish the night, I was rewarded with the most incredible *buttfucqing* from Sir. Once again he *buttfucqd* me till I squealed, again I came. I felt like collapsing on the bed as my arms and legs quivered more than my *knt* and butt. I stayed at attention till Sir allowed me, “You may relax now. Well done my slave.” “Thank you Sir, for my Object.”

With that, we went out onto the balcony and relaxed over a drink.

Venturing into the lounge, like a good slave, I waited to be invited to sit at my Master’s feet as he sat on the lounge. He decided I deserved a reward. He massaged my neck, shoulders, back, breasts and clit. We kissed so intensely and passionately, my body wanted more. Relieving... read more
"He sat in front of me on the floor, opened the box and placed nipple suction cups on my erect nipples"
I had lusted after her for a long time. We worked together and socialized with our partners as part of a book/dinner club every month or so. I found her husband very attractive too and we had all flirted and teased each other over the course of previous dinners. This evening’s book club dinner had been hosted by this hot couple and we had all been dressed in theme - wearing togas…well that had to be dangerous!!! Lol The rest of the guests all left and we stayed behind enjoying another drink with our friends. Things soon became very hot and sexy indeed....
My friend and I sat next to each other on the sofa, chatting and giggling, our feet and legs entwined. She got up to go to the kitchen and her husband moved over next to me, engaging in some footsy play.... read more
"I licked her pussy gently, tasting its sweetness, pushing my tongue between her lips"

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