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This month we want to hear about the limits you've pushed in your search for sexual nirvana! Are you into bondage, breath-play, role playing, wax fun, dogging? Whatever your kink, we want to hear about the boundaries you've pushed and the sensations it stimulated! And remember, the best Sex Secret takes home the cash award, so make it sizzle.

December 2015 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Dec 13, 2015
Just a short note to say we have a great time at the recent Newcastle meet n greet. I've (the female half) never played so much with hot sexy lady.. we have never laughed as much as we did throughout the evening and the games where a crack up, the boobs poping out heaps and other (normal club goers) loved the show with one lady keen to join in (sadly her friends wouldn't let her)
Cant wait till the next one (hope we get invited back)... read more
"I've (the female half) never played so much with hot sexy lady.. we have never laughed as much"
Posted: Dec 16, 2015
I was with this newcomer to the gay lifestyle,and we were experimenting with his fantasies and he said he had tried tasting his own cum and liked it.As it was pleasant tasting I gave it a bit of thought and the next time we were together I suggested that after he came when I had sucked his cock that instead of swallowing the whole lot of cum I would keep it in my mouth and would move up to his mouth and we could kiss and taste the cum together, he loved the idea and so after his load was in my mouth I proceeded to kiss him while we both had a mouth full of cum.We wrapped our lips together and french kissed for five or more minutes it was glorious .He absolutely loved it and I must admit it did hightten the three hours we spent together... read more
"We wrapped our lips together and french kissed for five or more minutes"
Posted: Dec 22, 2015
I met my daddy dom on RHP and I've never felt so lucky. He's so handsome and affection; plus his huge cock fucks me better then I've ever had before! I taught my daddy how to make some gluten free gnocchi for his little girl the other night.

Tonight I'm going to his place to thank him for his efforts. I'll be wearing a baby pink tight lacing corset with an small cupcake, kisses bra and skirt set with white frills.

Daddy will be so horny when he see's me licking my lollypop and twirling my blonde hair when he opens the apartment door but I'll be in really big trouble for taking off my off my trench coat and standing in the corridor of his building in lingerie, he'll yabk me inside and I'll be put over his knee; my knickers pulled down to my knees and spanked hard... read more
"I met my daddy dom on RHP and I've never felt so lucky..."
Posted: Dec 28, 2015
I went to a club in the city a few weeks ago for a hens night celebration. We have a lot of guys chatting us up and we were flirting with them. One guy named Blake was being friendly and kept on talking to all of us. His girlfriend was getting bitchy because he wasn't dancing with her and was showing more interest in the bridal party. When my friends decided to dance, I was left with chatting with him. I thought he noticed I was gay (although I could pass as a girl). He was kinda flirty and I was flirting back. It was too noisy at the club so we went outside for a chat. him. We went for a walk along the waters edge and when he found a quiet spot .The breeze was getting a bit cold so he took his jacket off and put... read more
"he held my hand and pressed it against his bulge and he told me that its my turn to keep him warm."

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