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Do you remember romance friends? A time when lovers would go that extra mile to set the mood and make their lover feel desired; well for those of you who still practice romance, you no doubt know how powerful it is! So, this month, tell us all about the shags you've had as a result of a little romance. Whether you cooked your man a sexy candle lit dinner, or washed your lovely lady as she relaxed in a bubble bath, if you scored, we want to hear about it. As always, the best entry will take home the cash award!

November 2010 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Nov 01, 2010
One time when i was single i had a hot fuck buddy (D). Whenever we would get together she would ask what atmosphere we like to do it in. One night i asked to do it in a spa bath with the room filled with candles and incense to make the room romantic. When i arrived D asked me to strip and gave me a mask to cover my eyes. Then D took me to spa and then lifted the mask and we hopped in to the spa. We fucked for ages as i continually came inside of her.I dumped about 3 loads into her tight pussy. It was so nice we still fuck that way even though we are both in relationships and have great sex lives with our partners.... read more
"I continually came inside of her. I dumped about 3 loads into her..."
Is it not wondeful when she is on the bed , with her head towards the sky , legs wide open and arms supporting her weight..

She is a woman whom knows just how much sexual satisfaction she can take .. and mine to her is no limit.

The bed sheets play an important role tonight , she asked me to buy sheets that would feel almost like a second skin. Asif we wer having a frolic with a new

I love to spoil her with treats. She has such a wonderful imagination , haribos in a champange glass and flump marshmallows dipped in chocolate. She placed the marshmallow as usual in her crack .. of course I refuse to let food go to waste.

I had vegetables in the pantry and as I bent over to reach for some , that cheeky girl pulled the carrot from my grasp , pulled my... read more
"Ice cubes from my mouth into her delicious looking pussy"
I loved watching her undress. She seemed to have flawless poise , with every turn she made my mouth water and my eyes jump out of my soccets.

I refused to let her actions take advantage of me .. but .. I wanted her to do so. She knew deep down just what could happen .. and so it did.

She came to me and pretended that i wer some stranger perving on her. She told me that I was rude , unwelcome and that I deserve nothing!
She said all of this in a very very cheeky way. She pushed me on the bed and then sat with her legs astride me. All I could do was WATCH - LISTEN - OBEY.

She did the most irritating thing , pulling my hands to her chest , just barely missing her skin and told me to hold them there.
I was not allowed to... read more
"I pulled her panties aside and dived my tongue into her pussy"

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