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Slow, sensual sex by a fireplace? Kinky, candlelit romps on a bed covered with rose petals? February is Saint Valentine's month and as such we wanna celebrate all of your most romantic romps. Tell us about the sweetest sexy encounter you've ever had and you just might take the cash prize for the hottest Sex Secret of the month!

February 2020 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Feb 01, 2020
For the my first birthday with my boyfriend I was given a choice - a romantic dinner or a camping trip.

I picked the camping trip. So we drove down south and found a camping ground.

The weather was wet and cold during the day but it was beautiful and peaceful at night while we cooked on a open fire , under stars and then shared a sleeping bag to stay warm....

But the sexiest moment was when my boyfriend made love to me by the river in the early morning light. ... read more
"For my first birthday with my boyfriend I was given a choice - romantic dinner or camping..."
Posted: Feb 04, 2020
My girlfriend left to go overseas for 8 weeks and in that time, I had missed her terribly. Due to us having a strictly monogamous relationship at the time, neither one of us could go off and play with anyone else, so the tension is just constantly building up. We'd send each other pics every now and then, and talk on the phone every night, usually telling each other little naughty things from throughout the day.

Then she finally came back and it was the weekend of my birthday, so she had planned to take me out in a nearby city and we'd spend the next few nights in a couple of different AirBnBs. We went off to the first one and as soon as the door was closed, we jumped straight onto the bed for our first of many sessions for the weekend. The relief felt amazing, feeling her soft,... read more
"As the door was closed, we jumped straight onto the bed..."
Overall Winner
Posted: Feb 26, 2020
It was Valentine's Day. We had chatted on RHP before, but this time while we were chatting he mentioned that he was currently in my area. He described his location, he was literally 300metres away. He declared that this was no ordinary coincidence.

We chatted a little more and agreed that we should meet, since it was Valentine's Day after all. 20 minutes later he arrived at my place, drinks and some chocolate hearts in hand.

We were both a bit shy at first. I sat next to him on the sofa to look at some photos he was showing me on his phone. His arm accidentally brushed past my hard nipple. He looked at me, waiting for a reaction so I held his gaze and brushed my fingers lightly over both of my nipples, sending shivers right through me. As our eyes were locked, he reached up and brushed... read more
"He slid my dress up, over my head and I stood in front of him in a sweet blue bra and knickers set.."

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