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Ladies and gentlemen, this month we want to go back to school! We are celebrating University hook-ups, so if you ever got hot behind the quad, or at the campus bar after a sociology lecture, we need to hear from you. Think back to your hottest higher education humps and get pen on paper, if you’re chosen as our monthly winner there will be some serious cash coming your way so don’t hold back!

April 2011 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Apr 03, 2011
I (Mr Kinksta) was an inexperienced, geeky kid from the Country; completely unprepared for University life. I'd just arrived on campus at Griffith Uni and found my way to the bleak concrete dorm that would be my home for the next few years. I had just finished dumping my few boxes of belongings when I heard strange noises coming from the room across the hall.
I stood in the doorway, looking at the door opposite and listening to a wet velvety whimper growing louder. A girl's voice, ragged and soft, that grew more urgent with every moment and seemed to echo off the stark concrete walls. It was only when the seeming echo found it's own voice to hiss "Oh yeah... you filthy slut!" as the whimpers continued that I realised what I was hearing - TWO girls voices...

"Holy Fuck, Lesbians!"

As quickly as I realised I'd blurted this... read more
"We stood and watched Yumi’s body tense against her probing fingers, grinding her clit into her palm as her climax broke"
Posted: Apr 22, 2011
At my private all girls school all students were require to attend a camping expedition down south called Outward Bound

You had just your back back plasic sheet to make a bivi (dodgy excuss for a tent) a compass food adn water to navigate your way through the trails adn waterways to the end point where you were met by the bus to take you home. I scored big time as our group was 22 so when divided into groups of 4 my best friend and I got to be a 2some to ourselves.

Everynight after sitting around the camp fire we would all settle into our bivis and you would hear everyone talking and giggling except for under our bivi. All that could be heard was my friends muffled lil squeeks adn moans as i slid myself into her sleeping bag and let my hands find her bare legs and... read more
"i slid myself into her sleeping bag and let my hands find her bare legs and her panties"
Posted: Apr 22, 2011
I had the BEST hook up with a very tallented man with very tallented nimble fingers. He was shy when he first walked through the door. I led him straight out to my spa stripping off my clothes along the way. The water felt so relaxing and seeing his lovely cut hard thick and BIG cock made my mouth water thinking about how good that would feel sliding between my breasts whist I licked and flicked the head of it with my tongue and dreamed about how muchit would make my pussy pulsate feeinging it slide deep into me stretching my tight wet pussy. He reached over and lightly brushed his hands over my errect pierced nipples and I automaticly moaned at the pleasurable feeling of his hands on my body beconing him to keep going he did so letting his hands rub my entire breasts neck face... read more
" I licked and flicked the head of it with my tongue and dreamed about how muchit would make my pussy pulsate"

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