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It's time to grab the tent and toys and get back to nature. Yes, this month we want to hear about your sexiest camping trips. The time you headed down the beach and ended up spenfing more time in Sophie than in the surf, or perhaps it was the year 12 camping trip when Jimmy Clarkson snuck into your tent after lights out! What ever the scenario, if it happened to you, we want to hear about it! Don't forget, the best entries will be taking home the cash award so get typing!

November 2011 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Nov 01, 2011
well over the last 18 odd years we have had a family camping trip to tocumwal on the murray river .
l had just bought my first boat for skiing and general hooning ..being a jet boat we had access to more secluded beaches along the river the wife and i packed up some nibblies and a towel or 2 for some exploring ..
anyway we found a very nice bit of beach sorrounded by willows ..we beached the boat and had a bit to eat then got down to a little body on body fun ..
we were going great guns when out of no where came a family group. .. it was the land owner .we had a very rapid escape, naked in the boat leaving all behind ..
it was one of those weekends but all eneded well when we joined our family group for a float down the... read more
"we had a very rapid escape, naked in the boat leaving all behind..."
Posted: Nov 01, 2011
At band camp? Na this was way B4 then..In a galaxy..far far away..there lived...well.. ME and I had just got to camp as a 17 yr old. It was a camp with a difference...Not a holiday camp or a school camp , it was a destination camp. This was it... the final boarding call of kids heading to the USA for a 12 month sebatical of the likes NO ONE KNEW lol. We began by introducing ourselves ..I had met the eye of a few girls as I went about the business of settling in. There was the usual stuff like USA education on "rubbers" and the "forwardness" of Yanky women toward the issues of SEX. This wasn't your normal group of peeps, this was the best of the best that had had umpteen tests of endurance and psyche stuff over the past few months to prepare us... read more
" I was rock hard , hands flying everywhere, gasps for breathe going from one to another..."
Posted: Nov 01, 2011
Well. End of the year, summer, finished with VCE and a group of friends thought itd be fun to have a camping trip piss up. About 10 of us went to our local State park excited and my gf at the time and I knew it was going to be an interesting few days as we were fully in a rabbit fucking period. Our tents were pitched all relatively close together which at the time i thought nothing of....

First night after a our drinking session grew old the group dispersed into our respective tents and my gf and I didnt take long from settling in, to fondling each other. Kissing, rubbing her clit to get her nice and wet she whispered into my ear 'fuck me'. Im one to oblige to a womans orders, especially as direct as this one was, so we took what remaining clothes we had on... read more
"i told her i was close to cumming, which always got her going more..."
Posted: Nov 01, 2011
Having re-connected with a high school romance via facebook we did the coffee thing and caught up over old times and had a laugh about "how long ago". We stayed in touch on the phone and continued to catch up for coffee.
When things got a little strained for her on the home front I suggested she come away camping with me and the kids and clear her head, and she agreed.
The first couple of days were fun, swimming, water fights, a few drinks after the kids were in bed, but the sexual tension was building......
The double entendres and innuendo grew riskier and risquer.
One night after the kids and neighbours were all in bed, the caravan park finally pretty quiet, we decided it was time for lights out and headed off for the last trip to the toilets before turning in. As we walked behind the van... read more
"Her mouth came down on mine in the darkness as her hips pumped my shaft..."
I had an old girlfriend when I was younger, let's call her my first love as she really was! We had broken up as she had broken my heart and we had started having drinks together around mutual friends and this particular night my mate had a four wheel drive and we down the old track between Rockingham and secret harbor, before it became an actual road, we took down the beach chairs, I walked up towards the dune to have a piss and she followed me and as I was pushing she ran her hands over the front of my stomach and took hold, which of course got Percy pumping blood and making the piss feel great aswell of course as her gentle familiar touch, she held it and finished my wee of like a professional and I was of course in love again, I turned around without worrying... read more
"she ran her hands over the front of my stomach and took hold..."
Posted: Nov 02, 2011
Three years ago I met a very sexy buxom executive lady on RHP and we had the best 2 years of fun, unfortunate for me she moved interstate for work so I only see her every now and then.

When my very sexy, moist lipped and provocative lover suggested we do some bush walking I was very excited and my imagination ran wild as doing it in the bushes or beach is a favourite past time. Summer makes me so horny as a rule I try to do it outdoors at least once a year. So being a good boy scout I packed all the needed items and more. Big thick soft blanket, pillow, drinks, snacks, wipes, tissues and more.

On the day it was not very warm and we hiked for a good 3/4 hour and found what we thought was a reasonable spot and setup our cubbie spot.... read more
"This time we brought our toys 2 so we were very busy and we were so sweaty but in a nice slippy golden way"
Posted: Nov 02, 2011
It was meant to be a boys’ trip; a camping trip for my son and I. It was going to be a great weekend. It wasn't just a great weekend, it was an amazing fantasy brought to life and when I think back now, I get instantly hard. We set about putting up the tent and making ourselves at home. I thought we had it to ourselves, until, along came Y. Y was blonde and the type of woman that would make you stop and stare. She had arrive and proceeded to set up her tent right next to ours! Why was she camping here? Why next to us? Why am I so hard!? These questions were soon to be answered. After my son was asleep, I was sitting by the fire and enjoying a glass of red wine. Y came walking over and said to me that, although... read more
"Her clit rubbed against my finger until she started to lose control and eventually came all over my hand"
Posted: Nov 21, 2011
i was home 1 day alone my dream man knocked on my door u know the tall dark n handsome the guy i dreamt about since i was 18 yrs old....omg he took my breath away i stood there my eyes met his he kissed me slowly wrapped his arms around me i went to jelly... i was like water i was so wet i was dripping he spoke to me i slide of the seat.he took to my room n undressed me slowly i did the same to him...we kissed once more he sucked my big nipples he licked my pussy omg his tounge i was gone with in mins he pushed me down on my knees i sucked his rock hard cock. he moaned with delight...he picked me up and put me on my bed laid me down slowly u climb up and make love to me... read more
"we kissed once more he sucked my big nipples..."
Posted: Nov 29, 2011
It was a beautiful hot night and I knew the rains were can always smell the rain and the combination of both heat and water make me so horny, so fucking horny!!!!

I grabbed my Ipod, a soft blanket, my vibrator, a bottle of wine and my wet pussy and walked down to the beach as the sun was setting.....does life get any better?....Maybe so!!!!

As I lay my blanket on the soft sand, pour myself a glass of chardonnay, turn on my tunes, I feel the urge to first undress and jump into the water to cool down.

As I'm floating in the calm and sensual ocean, eyes closed, dreaming of what may cum........I am overwhelmed by the need to slide my fingers inside me, play with my hard nipples, imagine a hard cock inside me.

The rain starts to fall on my wet body as I'm so hot, so turned... read more
"He fulfills my every desire, my every fantasy until I cum...."

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