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What's the wildest sexual experience you've ever had a party? Did you get nude and naughty in a upstairs bedroom while others mingled downstairs? Did you bump and grind with a hottie on the dancefloor before taking them back to your place? Tell us about the wildest night of your life and you could win $100 cash!

July 2014 Submitted Sex Secrets

The venue was a well known local hotel with upstairs function rooms and a roof top garden.
The event a singles night for selected wealthy people on the hunt for potential partners.
All carefully vetted by my friend, the popular society hostess/organizer.
I glanced at my self in the mirror as I ascended the narrow stairs in the South Melbourne pub.
Yes I cut a dashing figure in my new blue Armani suit.
Walking into the small intimate cozy room of about 50 people.
My eyes swept the room.
My god, there she was a young Sophie Loren look a like with a package to die for.
surrounded by three very attentive men.
I don't know what came over me.
I had to have her.
With heart racing I walked slowly but confidently towards her.
I gently but firmly pushed my way in grabbed her hand and raised it to my lips and kissed it. whilst... read more
"I love a man who knows what he wants, she whispered with a voice that sounded like honey."
Posted: Jul 01, 2014
So an old friend of ours is having a birthday party and we arrive as always now seperate but friendly. As the night goes on i start to look her over thinking she is still hot , well the night ends and i grab a cab to the nightclub district only when i get there its 3am and cant get in anywhere, so while heading home in a cab i get a text message to see if im ok, which i am just jaded after a big week , well the short version is that after a couple more messages and then a couple of phone calls i have picked up my ex from the party , back to my place and had some HOT HOT HOT sex just like we had just met... read more
"after a couple of phone calls i have picked up my ex"
There was just a few of us left. The party had been a blast. I was unsteady on my feet having imbibed too much on the free flowing scotch whisky; that was gifted regularly to my society host. Och He had just walked up to me and slapped my face.I know I am gay he said but never do that again. my brain struggled to clear it's self.
Its ok to hit on my boyfriend but did you have to ask him. who was the girl in our sexual relationship.
His loud answer of " neither its a ride there for a ride back," brought the house down.But there were straight business people here. get out of here your fool.
As I stumbled down the wooden fire escape stairs leading to the city lane from his loft. Strong arms enveloped me.
iI was quickly pulled into an adjoining storeroom. I was being passionately kissed... read more
"That heightened my excitement. my belt was being undone. my trousers soon dropped around my ankles."
Posted: Jul 01, 2014
HI there. I Am a 29 years old man, married. I always have fantasy to have sex with 2 women as well I like to have adult fun with my sexy girl friend who is now my sexy wife in front of other girls. But she is a little shy but after some drinks she get more bold and horny and aggressive than me. I like aggressive girls.
Once we went in a nightclub for partying with friends. It was a invities only type. We and one of our very close cpl friend went least 50 cpls friends where there...we all get drunk and dance and had a lot of fun.....I squeeze her titts many time there while we dance, after the party when we start back for home me and my wife where at the back of the car and our friends were in front. And my sexy GF... read more
"she is a little shy but after some drinks she get more bold and horny and aggressive than me"
Posted: Jul 01, 2014
It was a formal Party and I had no idea how this would change my life forever – Everyone was wearing Suits and Ball Gowns and I had just broken up with my girl-friend. We were in the Perth Hills in a magnificent home and the Host’s parents were away. The cocktails were flowing freely, conversation was great and there was also much dancing. I must have been extremely lucky, as I spend most of the night talking to and dancing with a gorgeous blonde in a green ball gown that really showed of her figure.
She had a boy-friend she wanted to break up with, and he wasn’t there – the longer we talked the more I desired her. We were sitting hand in hand, we kissed, we snuggled and we touched. My hand wandered under her dress, caressing her nipples, and feeling and seeing them blossom to hard... read more
"My hand wandered under her dress, caressing her nipples"
Posted: Jul 01, 2014
It all started when I attended a party for our company's freight company for good long term clients. Half way through the night I was in the bathroom splashing water on to my face to sober myself up as I was pretty much drunk. As I was doing this the account manager came in completely pissed and said she wanted me. I was astounded as I knew she was happily married. I mentioned this to her and she said her hubby was out of town for business. By the time the party ended us two were the last ones there, so we decided to take the same cab home as we lived not too far from each other. When we arrived at her place I walked with her to the door to make sure she was fine. When we got to the door she kissed me and pulled me inside.... read more
"By the time we woke up she wanted more of me"
one sunday, home alone, partner at work, bored as, I went out for a drive, no where in particular in mind, and ended driving past a friend from works place, she worked in the office, nice chick friend to both my partner n me, anyway decided to just pop in, the house being on a main road and from going there often I just drove into the back yard and parked, loud music blasting out of the open back door, i knocked and called out a couple of times and got no answer so as im at a friends place I just walked in, thinking she's out on the front closed in veranda, as I passed the bedroom door her labby dog laying sleeping jumped up barking,......I heard a scream,.....I looked and my friend was kneeling naked on the bed and another chick I had met only a couple of... read more
"I looked and my friend was kneeling naked on the bed "
Posted: Jul 01, 2014
we r a couple and like driving naked and quiet often randomly do. well our last 2 dirty adventures were really random freezing but very naughty and sexy :P we actually drove up to mt panorama bathurst nsw and both were very horny at 2am so we sat and masturbated a couple of times then left phewwww amazing lol ....2nd adventure was in blue mountains a day l8a at a lookout callked evans lookout we found a amazing rock (big giant ) so we decided to go hang on the other side of this rock and fuck ....when we finished we realized that we were on the very edge of a cliff and only a dead tree was stopping from falling lol wat a way to go loll ..then to our amazement realized we had about 6 spectators above us but wow pheeeewwwwwwwwwwww weeee... read more
"then to our amazement realized we had about 6 spectators"
Posted: Jul 01, 2014
My instructions were clearly given and were to be followed. I was to be naked with a blind fold on. Kneeling on a cushion in the lounge room. Leave the front door unlocked and wait for his timely arrival.

Up until this time we had only spoken over the phone and via email for two weeks. Over this time the feeling of trust had been built to a certain point.

So there I am naked and blindfolded when I hear the door open. I felt calm and just listened to his movements. I could smell his aftershave when he came near I felt the touch of his hand across my shoulders. The taste of his mouth when he kissed me and felt the length and width of his cock when it was in my mouth.

It was then I was asked to remove my blindfold and then to look at him. Then i... read more
"I could smell his aftershave when he came near I felt the touch of his hand across my shoulders."
Overall Winner
Posted: Jul 15, 2014
It was a unbearably hot summer and I was on my way to my first swingers party. A friend and I arrived together as it was his first party too. The party was going well and there was a crowd building in and around the pool. Naked bodies in groups of 2, 3 and 4 or more. My attention was on a gorgeous woman she had beautiful soft full breasts and curvaceous hips. I was trying hard to encourage her into the pool so i could run my hands all over her but she just wanted to sit on the edge and watched.

Leaning closer I softly said that I wanted to have a threesome with her and my friend. So we left the pool area and headed inside for some more privacy. We had passed a room where a woman was being pleasured with a vibrator and both her... read more
"We had passed a room where a woman was being pleasured with a vibrator"
Posted: Jul 24, 2014
Where I work there are three companies in two joined buildngs. Once a month we get together for afternoon drinks, so we can get to know each other better. As my company walked in I noticed a strikingly gorgeous red head at the sink. I introduced myself to Sarah and we instantly clicked. After an hour of getting to know each other Sarah and I left with the majority of the people. I offered Sarah a lift home and she accepted as she was on my way home. When I got her place she invited me in and I accepted as all I was doing was pizza for dinner and I wanted to get to know even more as she was giving me the idea earlier. Sarah excused herself for a moment and then called me to the bedroom where she was topless and just her miniskirt on. She then... read more
"Sarah told to me take her skirt off and turn her around"
Posted: Jul 30, 2014
It all started when I attended my class 20 year reunion. Some of us over the years hadn't aged too well except one. Lisa. She was stunning. Lisa was married and had kids was living interstate with high powered job and still had a body to die for. Back in the day we hadn't gotten on to well, but over the years those dislikes for each other had faded away and frankly we laughed at them on this night. By about 11:30pm most of the people still left were drunk and were staggering on the dance floor. We were getting tired and I was ready to say goodnight and go home when Lisa asked me to have a quiet drink or two in her room. I said "why not" and went up. After a few shots of tequilla Lisa pashed me on the lips and proceeded to take my... read more
"Lisa undid her dress and let it fall to the floor revealling a very very hot body. "

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