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This month we want to hear about all those awkward, funny, painful sex bloopers you've experienced! Was it the time you and your lover fell off the kitchen table, or maybe it was the time your mother-in-law busted you and your better half in the garage. If it was weird, funny or painful, we want the story. And remember, the hottest entry takes home the cash award.

February 2017 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Feb 06, 2017
Of course I've heard of 'squirting' but thought like many, if it was true, it must only be a rarity.

I had met a RHP lady last year and we immediately hit it off. Its the type of meeting where both are nervous and yet curious, simultaneously. We were in the throws of passion and my tongue had been working overtime. Now, I have always had this fantasy of me laying down on my back with my head hanging extended over the bed while my partner, stands spreading her legs with pussy poised above my head for me to drink in all her juices. Well, what a shock it was for me to be literally and so unexpectedly nearly 'drowned' during my first exposure to squirting. Unfortunately, I didn't handle 'this moment as cool' as I should have and the momentum built up evaporated as quick... read more
"Of course I've heard of 'squirting' but thought like many, if it was true, it must only be a rarity."
Posted: Feb 18, 2017
When you are 22 and a sexy RHP lady asks you to join her and her boyfriend in your first MFM 3some, promising to "rock your world", you say "Yes thank-you. What do you like to drink? I'll be there with bells on!"

You arrive at their house at the appointed hour. All washed clean, dressed nicely, smelling nice with expensive Cologne, cooled bottle of champagne in hand, ready to go your longest (not hardest). It is not a race to finish first and you want to impress and saviour the experience you have only previously wet-dreamed about.

The sexy gorgeous lady is waiting for you indoors totally naked. She doesn't want small talk, but action. She takes you into the bedroom and lies on the bed telling you and her boyfriend to "Take your clothes off and fuck me!" Your clothes vanish and you are... read more
"she is giving you the ride of your life, even more so as her bed is a king water-bed,"

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