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July 2013 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Jul 01, 2013
It all started on a hot summers' day when a lady called Sandy moved in across the road from me. After the removalists left I offered to help Sandy with moving in. Sandy appreciated the help and after a while we decided to take a break. During our break Sandy explained her situation that she was divorced fom her husband and was single mum of a young child, which her ex had until she was settled. Like me, Sandy was sweating from the hard work in the summer heat, despite having the cooling on. Sandy then took her shirt off and decided to carry on working in just her bra, by this time I had a raging hard on, which Sandy saw. I invited Sandy to take my shirt off and she did. By this time we were passionately kissing and wanted each other badly and I took Sandy's bra... read more
"By this time we were passionately kissing and wanted each other badly"
The words, memorable, intense, hard, describing a shag I will never forget. are definitely still burnt in my mind some 15 years later.
We were living in Sydney, regular swingers enjoying couples, we had met through adds in the local papers.
RHP was not around then. As we initiated the adds, we could pick and choose. Often up to 40 responses.
The night started ok; they were a little nervous . So a few relaxing drinks more than usual were imbibed by the attractive female' I was looking forward to enjoying. She said she was an amateur body builder. And when she stripped naked; I was impressed with her firm but womanly figure. No bulging muscles, thank god.
My wife had gone into our bedroom with the husband to enjoy the use of the bed; leaving the door open; we were to enjoy the large leather couch, in front of the open fire... read more
"My large cock slipped into her moist pussy so easily. Then it happened."
My wife at the time and I were standing naked before our log fire; one winters day.
Enjoying the warmth of our bodies touching the bodies of the equally naked couple.
Kissing caressing; touching, fondling. We were all getting on so well. It wasn’t long before
We moved to enjoy the king size bed in our guest room.
The couple were European and the guy was extraordinary. He was only 5 ft 6 inches but built like
a miniature Adonis. She had a womanly figure a pretty face and tits to die for just like my wife.
There was something electrifying about the way , my wife and the guy were enjoying each other’s bodies. First the kisses, the sucking of her breasts; twisting her nipples. His fingers gently caressing her body down to the outside of her pussy.
His wife and I could not take our eyes off them. She was in front of me; so... read more
"There was something electrifying about the way , my wife and the guy were enjoying each other"
Posted: Jul 17, 2013
Over the next couple of months sex become even more better and he explored me and made me cum in ways that I didn't think was possible, he knew my body so well that I was in lust over a man that I barely knew yet he knew how to satisfy my wicked side.
One night we planed to meet but he wanted me to dress up and bring a few things along. I have never dressed up before.
once I finished work I was getting ready, heavy mascara and red lips, stocking, mini skirt and sexy but partly see though tight top .I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror I felt sexy and powerful wicked a site I have yet to explore myself in.
Once at the door I took a breath before walking in, the song I was getting ready to was playing and made... read more
"I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror I felt sexy and powerful "
Posted: Jul 21, 2013
I had just got off the stage having reprised my one hour recital of the main soliloquies of Shakespeare. The performance was a theatrical expose of literary metaphysics, or so I liked to think. It was probably a load of pretentious crap, but it did reward me with the most profound sexual experience of my life. The performance both theatrically and sexually occured with a beautiful girl whilst I was at university. I remember reciting Sonnet 18 as I peered down from the stage into the eyes of this stunning female. I knew she fanced me, but I was married and thought that afforded me some protection against any actual attraction that might exist between us. However, I was to discover when Hamlet says 'O, what a rogue and peasant slave am I! He was describing a man like me! The performance finished but the sexual tension did not. I... read more
"Her body was mind blowing, I explored her with every ounce of my being..."
Posted: Jul 27, 2013
Well it all started off at a mates party we all got primed up and were looking for a bit more fun, so into the taxi we got of to the Post Office (yea a while ago:-) in Northbridge well usual thing drinking and dancing tryna pick up a chick, well it was my round so off to the bar I went whals standing there this hot brunet came up and sexily asked if one of the drinks was hers (of course one was :-) anyhow we had a drink and a dirty dance then I lost her, so thinking I'd lucked out I went over and sat down over in the corner to re group next thing I hear this sexy voice and a soft touch, it was her she gave me a kiss and sat on my lap:-) we had a little small talk as she teased my... read more
"I feel her hand grab my crouch and loosen my belt an pants so I reach around to her shortish dress.."

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