Music Month

It's music month friends, we want to hear about any shagariffic adventures that have something to do with music. Perhaps you scored with Terry Sullivan after that U2 concert, or maybe you had the most amazing hour of your life while listening to the latest Foo Fighters record. Whatever the tale, we'd like to hear it, furthermore, we're giving the month's best a cash award, so get writing.

July 2011 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Jul 01, 2011
I was on holidays in NZ when a friend of mine matched me up with a friend of hers (Z). After dinner and time at a club on the K road we decided to go back to my $120.00 a night room. After a few glasses of very cheap wine i started to rub Z's legs and we started to kiss. I picked up Z and we went to the bedroom where we had the tv on a music channel called C4. We underdressed quickly and jumped into bed. I was hard instantly as Z and I were kissing passionately. As we were kissing I was stroking Z's closely shaved pussy and Z became wet, so I slowly inserted my finger and Z got wetter. As i entered my rock hard cock into Z the song "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley was playing. It made more Z and I hornier. I... read more
"As i entered my rock hard cock into Z the song "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley was playing"
I met this amazing man, gorgeous face, beautiful smile an amazing body. I was mesmerized by him, my world stopped, just him and I,nothing else existed. I was in a trance like state taking in every perfected detail of his sculptured torso, define facial features and his musculinity. We had an amazing connection unlike anything Ive ever experienced before, words will never adequately describe this moment of pure bliss. I arrived at his apartment, the door slightly ajar, I knocked and nudged open the door further, music softly playing in the background, candles providing the seductive ambience for an evening of lust, love and passion, the scene was set. My breathing getting heavier, my pussy starting to tingle. In he walks a gift of god 6 foot, tanned athlete, donning a green sleeveless vest, tight jeans slightly frayed at the bottom and barefooted, he is... read more
"I can still feel him all over me and inside of me"
Posted: Jul 05, 2011
Hey, who said oldies can't fuck? Me 63 yrs young, can get it up for a decent shag or two in a 24 session, met May 70 yrs young, god she was a goer!! Kept me hard with her mouth & tongue, bitch wouldn't let me touch or slip my 6'', till she had her "fun ", once she guided me in, wow she moved, didn't have to exert myself, May did it all, & the cummming !!! theres more!!... read more
"Kept me hard with her mouth & tongue"
Posted: Jul 16, 2011
My girlfriends and I were having a night out to see the touring male strippers. We were having fun and towards the end of the show out came the hottest one of the lot. Tall, blonde, muscular and he could really dance. The song was Male Stripper by Man 2 Man Meets Man Parish. He came up the aisle and then stepped up to my chair! He grabbed my hands and ran them down his chest. He looked down and asked 'what are you doing later?' My reply? 'You'. He winked and continued his dance. About half an hour after the show he came out wearing a pair of faded blue jeans, a white t-shirt and a black leather jacket. He walked across, put his arms around me and gave me a long, slow kiss. 'My motel or your place?' He asked. As I drove us home he ran his... read more
" mouth slid up and down his shaft"

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