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Jessica Simpson recently lost her voice while promoting her new album, A Public Affair. Tell us about a loud sexual experience of yours or of someone you know.

September 2006 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Sep 03, 2006
My boyfriend and I were getting quite frisky one sunday afternoon, getting quite dirty and excited. It just happens that our bedroom is located at the front of our house and our next door neighbours tend too hang out on their porch quiet alot which is about 4mt away from our window. In general I am a loud lover and tend too speak what is on my mind and let me tell you it can get quiet explicit.... read more
Posted: Sep 08, 2006
well i caught my sister in the act going for it with her boyfriend

at a nightclub on the dance floor and i was about 100 metres away from her

not knowing that she knew that i was in the same club.... read more
Posted: Sep 10, 2006
It was a while ago, 5, or 6 years ago.

My partner at the time, a gorgeous woman with a beautiful face and gorgeous hair, was over at my unit for the weekend. On a lazy Sunday we retired to the bed room.

We started mucking about, a little kissing and a little caressing and I started rubbing her sex through her tight jeans. This drove her crazy and while I continued for a couple of minutes she started having an orgasm, a loud one. Ever the gentleman I kept on rubbing and caressing her, I loved the sound of her cumming, one of the best sounds I have ever heard! I suppose the session lasted 45 minutes, not too sure, but we lost count of how many times she came.

The next day I ran into my big Tongan neighbour, "Had a good weekend?" he asked with a wink.

I blush and offered... read more
Posted: Sep 11, 2006
My old girlfriend and I were out one night. We had told our parents we were going to the movies. But we were really looking for a secluded spot to park the car and get hot and heavy!
We found a park that was off the road and completely deserted. After an hour or so of very heavy petting. My hand drenched in her sweet juices and my cock so hard it felt like it was going to burst. We undressed each other, except for her little tartan skirt, which I loved to fuck her in!

I sat back on the back seat and she crawled over on top of me. She lowered herself onto my cock and sat down so that I was up to the hilt in her soft pussy. It felt great! I started moaning and telling her to ride my cock. She loved it she bounced up and... read more
Posted: Sep 12, 2006
Hi Guys, well just the other day i was told by one of my neighbours, that maybe i should keep ity down at night with my man.
She was told by the people that live above me,"They were at it again last night".
i can’t help it if i like to be vocal, turns me on.
Bad Luck for them we live in Flats!... read more
Posted: Sep 25, 2006
My girlfriend and I were going at it, at the work xmas party last year (in the disabled toilet at the venue). We were in there for at least 30min, she was moaning really loud and yelling "fuck me, fuck me u horny devil".
We came out later separately and about 10 workmates stared at me on my way out, apparently they heard :-)
I wasn’t surprised, or bothered since we both left our jobs in the New Year.
... read more
Posted: Sep 28, 2006
I use to work on an Island up nth Qld, after the late disco I and a female staff member went back home over the golf course and had a good fuck session on the cricket pitch. She was loud.
We went back to our rooms, I told her to come wake me in the morning she turned up in the mid-morning in a short skirt and top. I’m still in bed so the hand was on its way up her nice brown legs to find she was very moist and randy as hell, so we are back at it again. This time she is really going off fuck me fuck me, oh yes fuck harder, but my room was right next to the foot path and people were always walking by so not to spoil the fun we were both having I found a sock on the floor and told... read more
Posted: Sep 28, 2006
I won’t reveal too much detail as my flat mate could get rather embarrassed... She just moved in a month or so ago and recently started bringing her boyfriend home. I study part-time and after work one night I was up late studying. I heard some bumping, from what I thought was downstairs. I wandered down to see what was going on, and could not see anything - I had thought someone was probably breaking in the back window! It turns out my flat mate was going for it with her partner on the couch in her room! I only figured that out with some rather loud panting from both of them and then a crash as the couch hit the wall! He is one lucky man but could get expensive repairing her couch! Needless to say, there have been a few jokes about things that go bump in the... read more
Posted: Sep 30, 2006
I had been invited to a party by a girl i’d taken home from the University pub, but decided to drop in while i was working to see if it was worth turning up to after work. I was in the army and driving the commanding officer for the night, so i was in my best uniform. One of the girls at the party had a thing for uniforms and hinted at exotic pleasures if i returned to the party. I returned a couple of hours later and met up with my uniform lover, and sneaked outside to have some privacy. We ended up having very noisy sex down the side of the house, which was overheard by the girl i had met at the pub, whose birthday party was being ruined. She then told her boyfriend (news to me!) that she had gone home with me previously.... read more

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