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Ever bedded the boss? We want to hear about the time you sent one up the managerial chain! That's right, whether you seduced your boss at the office Xmas bash or you plowed the CEO on the company yacht, hit us with the details. And remember, the hottest entry takes home the cash award, so leave nothing out.

November 2016 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Nov 01, 2016
“Are you here about the job?” she says to the young man who strides confidently into her space.

He watches her fix her cufflink, until her eyes raise to meet his again, “No. I’m here to fix the copier.”

“Oh. That. Yes, it’s broken.”

“If you don’t mind my asking, what happened just before it broke?” he asks, striding across the room to the far side where the copier sits.

“I was trying to copy my tits,” she says seriously.

He laughs.

In a changed tone, she says under her breath, “Stay in character!”

“Right well, I might need to see those too. There are sometimes compatibility errors, with these newer machines.

Slipping the strap off her shoulder, she pulls down the top and the edge of her bra, and flashes her breast at him, “What do you think? Can the situation be rectified?”

“Well, Ma’am, from here all looks to be perfectly in order. Now, this machine. I... read more
"he groans, as he looks down at the offering of her ass"
Overall Winner
Posted: Nov 12, 2016
I was nearly finished work and my boss sent me a message asking me to drop some paperwork off to his house on my way home. This was nothing out of the ordinary, I often had to drop things off to him.

This time was different though. He asked if I wanted to come in for a coffee which he hasn't asked before.

We sat in the kitchen and chatted while we drank our coffee. He asked if I had much planned for the weekend and I answered and asked him the same. He told me he wasn't up to much as his wife was out of town. I jokingly said "so you will be up to no good then" and he replied "Its hard to be up to no good by myself." So I undone two buttons on my top to see where it would lead. I always thought he was... read more
"We changed positions - me on top, doggy, even standing up and him holding me up."
I have on more than one occasion had conversations with people who recognised me from a previous open relationship and had fond memories of the playtimes spent all those years ago. But most recently I reconnected with a regular playmate that still had all our old pictures and pictures which turn out to be better than those in my past life box of a gang bang I once had 13 years ago. Was an absolute spin to reconnect with someone I had such a blast with so many times and whose stories I have shared many times not only with my partner but with others. I guess it is true people fundamentally do not really change.......... read more
"I reconnected with a regular playmate that still had all our old pictures"

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