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This month it's all about shaggin' on the sly! We want to hear about all the quiet little sex sessions you've had. Maybe you snuck in and banged Claire Rogers while her parents watch telly in the next rooms, or maybe you snuck off to the copy room with Mark from accounting and had a secret lunchtime hook-up. Whatever your sneaky shag story is, we want to hear about it, and remember, the best entry will take home a cash award!

Good Luck.

January 2013 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Jan 02, 2013
It all started when I was with one of my co-workers during our lunch time company walks. Helle was mid forties and a really hot MILF.
During our walk Helle and I had got separated from the rest of the group and about half way through when Helle started talking about her husband preferring women with no underwear on while wearing a mini skirt. I listened while Helle talked about it, when she told me she wasn't wearing any underwear while wearing her exercise gear on. Instanlty I was hard the thought of her with no underwear on turned me on. When we got back we went into our workplace walk-in fridge to cool off. Helle saw that I was hard and asked me if I would like a feel of her breasts. Helle's nipples were hard and erect and as soon as I was feeling her breast Helle... read more
"she told me she wasn't wearing any underwear"
Posted: Jan 02, 2013
i brought a swingers mag at the sex shop a few weeks back, and as i was reading it i saw an ad on the gold coast for a male in surfers, own appartment, saying cum over for a quickie..i never had really considered mm sex, but was soo horny one morning i rang the number, jacob answered, i told him i was horny as fuck, and wanted to come over b4 work..i was bloody nervous as i knocked, and when he opened the door i was shaking. we went straight into his room, i sucked him off for a bit, and he handed me a condom. i wasnt sure who it was for, so i put it on his cock. he rimmed me for a while, and i was wanking and getting real hard. he had a couple of attempts at getting it in but when it did it... read more
"i was bloody nervous as i knocked, and when he opened the door i was shaking"
Overall Winner
Posted: Jan 03, 2013
This happened a little while back when my girlfriend (who is a hot MILF) and i went into a night club.
There was lots of patrons and we found ourselves sitting on a couch in a back corner and watching all the sexy woman walking past. My girl kissed me and whispered that she was horny and she started to rub my cock through my pants. I was a little embarrassed, but she then said she had no nickers on and wanted me inside her now.
She then proceded to sit on my lap undid my pants and pulled my cock out which was now hard and just impaled herself on me.
It was so amazing to feel how wet she was and then she slowly started to move her pussy and god that was hot.
A few people noticed that we seemed pretty close and looked flustered and she just kept going and... read more
"she then said she had no nickers on and wanted me inside her now."
Posted: Jan 04, 2013
I’d been horny all day from his msgs & the pics & videos we were sending back & forth & was regretting the family party I had to go to that night with my husb&. I couldn’t even leave the party early to meet him, as it was a big 60th do & over a hundred people had been invited. Worse thing was, he was finally free that night because his wife was going to be out. He wanted me to sneak away from the party & meet him somewhere but I didn’t want to risk it, even though it made my clit ache at the thought. But the ‘what-if’ opportunities of that evening meant I left off my panties.

By 11pm, most of the guests were quite drunk including my husb&. I felt over-sensitized… my tits felt heavy & aroused & my pussy... cum dripped down my thighs... read more
"He roughly pulled down the low neck of my black dress"
Posted: Jan 07, 2013
Recently returning from Byron to GC with young lady FWB. She had removed her bikini and was covered in just a sheer coverall lying back on the seat having a snooze. Looking across at her sexy naked butt and seeing her nipples peeking through the thin fabric got me really turned on. Being adventurous and loving outdoor sex, I pulled into a rest stop right on the side of the highway - clearly visible to all the traffic going past - and started to feel her skin. Thinking maybe I could slip my finger into her always wet pussy, I worked quickly to the moist lips.
Her pussy was wet and as my finger slipped inside she opened her eyes, reached out and pulled me down for one of those lip mashing super aroused kisses. She wriggled around to give me better access and my fingers were busy on her... read more
"clearly visible to all the traffic going past - and started to feel her skin."
Posted: Jan 10, 2013
Now this is going back a good decade but I remember it like t was just yesterday. My then girlfriend wanted a movie night, so we went and picked the movies we wanted to watch and grabbed some snacks and drinks and settled in the lounge on her comfy couch. The parents were awake for the first movie and once it finished they decided to call it a night and went to sleep. So the 2 of us watched another movie and we were laying on the couch...her back against my chest with a blanket over us as I was cuddling her. Well that movie finished too... and sure enough if you have your girlfriend in that position for that long well your fingers will go wandering and you'll start nibbling on her ear and back of her neck and ofcourse both of you will end up being... read more
""Just lay back and enjoy it" I remember her saying as I was in heaven"
Posted: Jan 12, 2013
I went out for a night on the town with a male friend of mine who I had been wanting to mmm with for so long. Wanting to make a night out of it we decided to catch a train from one side of the city to the other. While on the packed train sitting next to each other he decided to unbutton my shirt more so the top of my pink and black lacy bra showed (caught the attention of a few guys). He then put his hand on my lap and slyly slid it down rubbing my thigh until he got to between my legs. He started to rub just lightly with his pinky finger across my jean covered pussy. We ended up in front of a car park with a row of bushes along the footpath. We quickly sat behind the bushes and he kissed me deeply,... read more
"He quickly pulled me against him and yanked my jeans and panties down"
Her parents were not that fond of me.
Don't know why; maybe they had head of my rep with the ladies.
and were not impressed, that i had failed to show up on a couple of dates. But then i was young and the world was my oyster.They went away for the long Australia Day weekend to Sydney. I dream't up a romantic getaway to make up for my failings. We would drive up to Lakes Entrance and shag each other stupid in a tent.Wow the thought of doing this on the sly from her strict German Church going parents was a real turn on.The trip went ok The S Series Valiant could easily eat up the miles; able to top a hundred miles an hour, if it was pushed ( few highway cops). The tent went up ok. In those days no blow up mattresses. So fighting the mossies, we soon... read more
"we soon were at it hammer and tongs"
Posted: Jan 28, 2013
I was dating this guy, we’ll say Peter is his name for now, for about three and a half years, and got to know his family rather well… Well when Id met his sister in law to be,I grew extremely wet for her,she looked quite hot in her very tight jeans that showed every curve nicely,for awhile I peeved on her at a distance and tried very hard to not let anyone notice me doing so, it was extremely hard because every time I saw her I grew ever so wet,and moisture would start to bead down my thighs, my boyfriend thought i was always growing wet etc for him, anyways as time went on, I got to know this sister in law,we’ll call her Sky for now, and she soon started to pop over and catch up over a drink or two with me,you know just us girls,when one... read more
"I’d soon have her undressed and went to town on her"

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