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To kick the new year off, we're turning the clock back and going retro, baby! We want to hear about your earliest sexcapades! That special shaggin' memory from back in the day. Was it back in the noughties? The nineties? The eighties? Tell us when it went down and what made it sizzle! As always, the hottest tales take the cash, so leave nothing out.

January 2018 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Jan 02, 2018
The thought of being caught masturbating is the nightmare of any young teenage guy. A risk that is taken frequently albeit with precautions such as a running shower, racing to be the first home from school to the empty house, then trying to find a place inside where you can either get a visual of anyone returning home or at least having your hearing on hyper alert thus having time to stuff away your raging hard-on before anyone finds you...

Well the first time I was caught wasn't at home and it sure was an interesting experience.

Away for a holiday with a mate and his family staying at a caravan park on a lake. Sharing a tent with my mate I hadn't had the opportunity for a few days to partake in my usual stress relief method and my often hardening cock pushing against my shorts continued to remind me I... read more
"Getting close my body stiffened as my hand slid quickly over my shaft with my other hand squeezing m"
Posted: Jan 08, 2018
Back in 2004 not long after my girlfriend and I had started living together, I'd had a really long and draining day at work. The first thing I wanted to do when I got home was have a shower. A few minutes in my girlfriend decided to join me. After a lot of kissing she asked me to wash her tits. After getting them nice and soapy she turned around and got me to do her back. While I was doing this she kept rubbing her ass against my hard cock. I couldn't stop thinking about her big soapy tits so I reached around and started rubbing them again. She put her hands on mine and made me squeeze her tits hard. She then reached back and helped guide my cock into her ass. It felt incredible. As I fucked her ass I moved one hand down to her pussy... read more
"I couldn't stop thinking about her big soapy tits"

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