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This month we want to hear about your naughtiest sexcapades! The dirtiest, sexiest, kinkiest, most experimental shagging you've ever done! No holds barred, so long as the act included consenting, adult human beings, we wanna hear about it. Think toys, public locations, quickies, s+m, role play, fetishes... if you made you feel horny, we wanna hear about it! Don't forget, the hottest entries take home the cash award, so turn up the heat!

November 2013 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Nov 02, 2013
Like most girls I have had lots of good shags.
I guess the one I had yesterday is worth telling you about.
My body is still aching all over. I knew he was into kinky sex.
We had dirty sexy chats on line about it. But I had never really done it.
So I agreed to meet him and fuck him and do the kinky stuff.
The taxi came to my place and picked me up. I was wearing the stuff he had couriered over a hr. ago. Practically naked but covered by the gabardine coat he had sent. (I had a bag with a few clothes to wear home.)
I pushed the door open as instructed and walking done the unlit passageway of the Victorian terrace. Dropping the coat and my bag inside the door. Locking it behind me
I walked into a lounge lit by a dozen candles with classical music softly playing.
There he... read more
"My black leather crotch less panties felt funny and the chains draped between the nipple clamps"
Overall Winner
Posted: Nov 06, 2013
Laying in bed naked with a drink in one hand and my wifes wet pussy keeping the other hand occupied we wait for her friend to come out of the shower, as the door slides open it reveals a curvey brown haired beautiful woman standing there wrapped in a towel, smirking. as she steps forward i say "drop the towel let us see your body" she shakes her head but then drops the towel.
Her breast full with a piercing on one and body that is smooth. She jumps in between my wife and I grabbing my hardened penis stroking it softly. She turns to my wife and starts to kiss so soft and gently. I slide my hand down to feel her pussy moist waiting for me. i start to play with her piercing with my mouth as she runs her fingers through my hair. with her other hand she... read more
"I say "drop the towel let us see your body" she shakes her head but then drops the towel."
Posted: Nov 07, 2013
On the trains we used to have in Melbourne they had a seat right across the end of the carriage for 6 people and in front of that were as seat for 2 people and a seat for 3 people. There weren't many people in the train at night in those days.
I was catching the 11.15 train home at night after knocking off work.
I was sitting at one end of the carriage and at the other end there was a girl on the end seat, sitting behind the seat for 3 people and a bloke sitting on the seat for 2 people.
I was having a smoke and looking to wards the girl at the other end of the carriage, she had a light dress on.
Very soon after the train left Flinders street station the girl gave me a sort of backward nod of her head to beckoned me to go... read more
"I said to her "Where will we get off", she replied "I get off anywhere I want""
Posted: Nov 22, 2013
To set the story, I use to work in a bar in town, I've always had a good figure and to be honest I enjoyed the attention I got from guys when I was working. I've been in a very good relationship for years but I really did have a thing for my boss (Si) and there'd always been a lot of unspoken chemistry between us.

Anyway when my boyfriend (James) was offshore Si texted saying all these inappropriate things about my body and what he wanted to do to me, it was totally out of the blue. I told James when he got back and we got to talking about things and I said that I really wanted to have a threesome.

I started to text Si back. A few weeks later a bunch of us all ended up back at our place after a nigh out. I... read more
"As soon everyone else had left the party I said I was going to bed and asked if they’d join me?? "
Posted: Nov 24, 2013
This happened a few years back....home for christmas holidays.

Ended up at the old local pub where like most country kids who went away for work end up coming home for christmas. Meet an old school flame who I hadn't seen for a few years. She still was hot as ever and the min skirt just covered her tight hot ass. She must have noticed me checking her out.

Night wore on and she danced more and more seductively. I must have looked away when i turned back she was no where to be seen. Had given up all hope to catching a view of her again then...heard a soft whisper in my you like to watch?? Turned around and there she was....she grabbed me by the hand and led me out....saying ... have got something for you to home.

Well got home....told me to lay on the bed. so i... read more
"she came out of the bathroom naked and came sat on my chest..."
Posted: Nov 25, 2013
It all started when a supplier for our company sent a couple of reps from the US to show us some new products they had developed for us to sell.
Both were female and hot and caught me eye when the boss was giving them a tour of the business. I winked at them and both of them smiled at me. After the tour one of them (Sara) came to the warehouse and gave the address of the hotel they were staying at, plus a message saying that they wanted an Aussie cock inside of them. I rocked up at around 7:30pm and brought some booze to enjoy with them. After a half hour of drinking, I invited Sara and her colleague Kirsten to show me their wares. Their bodies were trim, taught and terrific and were so fuckable. I stripped off showing a hard on with pre cum on it.... read more
"I invited Sara and her colleague Kirsten to show me their wares"
Posted: Nov 27, 2013
It was about 11:30 pm and the hubby was in the shed having a cupl of cold ones, so I walk down the backyard to find him there with this man from Tarree. He was 35 fit and hot and without a blink of my eyes my hubby walked me straight to the table and pulled my pants down. With that Jay pulled this biggest and fastest dick I've ever seen, touched, sucked and bounced on in my whole life. Hubby gets me looked after with in saying that it was 1:30 am and I didn't see my hubby leave the room but I did see him out the window pulling his dick as I was getting smashed hard and deep by this man that had me screaming and squirting all over the table. Little did I know that hubby was tapping me with this stranger fucking me. Legs over... read more
"Legs over my head and asking for Jay to just smash me, let my hubby know just how big and good..."
Posted: Nov 30, 2013
You might've noticed that the subject line starts with coldest - that's because it was done outdoors during the middle of Winter. So here goes........

It was late one night after leaving the nightclub with some girlfriends. We were all pretty much drunk & giggly, still looking to pick up some hot guys for the night. Walking along to the taxi rank, I'd noticed this tall, good looking, cute guy walking with his friends behind us. He kept looking at me, so I'd stopped and said hi. As the conversation continued, the flirtations intensified. My friends got chatting away to his friends. I'd started feeling myself becoming wet down below with arousal as he was giving me that "I want you" look, so I'd turned to my friend and said quietly, "you guys go on without me. I'll call you tomorrow."

So I took this... read more
"It felt so big and hard that I just wanted it to take it then and there..."

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