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This month we want to hear about your exotic sexcapades, your horny adventures in far flung places. Perhaps it was the time you nailed that Jamaican bar girl on the beach, or how about the night that Viking god pounded you in a Swedish disco. If it's international and it's sexy, get writing. As always, the best tales will be awarded with cash money awards... oh yeah!

November 2012 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Nov 02, 2012
It all started on tour to egypt in 2001 6 weeks after 9/11. After our group had left the hotel we went to the Egyptian Museum. Half way through time there I started to talking to the only american member of our group (Dorothy). We got on really well straight away. Towards the end of the day we boarded our Nile river cruise boat. That night Dorothy and I were inseperable. We sat back on the deck and starting pashing and decided that we needing to be together all the time, so I informed my roomie that I was moving in with Dorothy. So I settled my side of the room tab and moved my luggage. That was sensational as Dorothy took my virginity. Firstly she gave me a mind blowing head job, teasing me knowing I was about to cum.
Then she lied on her back spreading her legs... read more
"We sat back on the deck and starting pashing"
Posted: Nov 02, 2012
We were just new to swinging and thought we would try our luck at a swingers club. We were hoping to find a guy to join us as we wanted to experience that before playing with a couple. We got to the club and had a look around to see if there were any guys that caught our attention. We weren't having much luck until I saw a guy playing in a room with his girl. From what I could see his cock looked unreal. I wanted it in and around my mouth. We went into the room and sat down about 10 metres away. I started sucking my mans cock while he was playing with my tits. I turned my ass towards the other guy and gave him a look at my pussy from behind as if to say "come and get this." I could see him looking at... read more
"I couldn't believe how thick he was, it was better than I thought."
Detroit to New Orleans....1986! Memphis will always be my secret.

Sitting in my seat... I silently watched him walk up the steps. Shoulder and pecs under a low key T-shirt, stretching and straining, just the way a girl likes as he organised his bags. He has my attention.
Reaching for the overhead compartment .....lean, contours and a butt I want to grab. I sneak a preview of that line on the lower tummy yet above the belt, where a mans muscle is defined by his hips. Delicious. I wonder what lies below.
I look to his profile, very neat.. full soft lips.. a perfect nose and shining curls of hair and dark skin.
He turns, and sees me... young, backpacking and alone. My travel buddy is in the seat behind me...she is lost in a book.
He sits in the seat on the opposite isle....he is very hot and I immediately have thoughts... read more
"The musky, male scent is intoxicating as urgent tongues probe each other and we grind."
Posted: Nov 25, 2012
Last year my wife and i took a cruise through europe and ended up in Mykynos for the day at a hot little bar by the beach.Mykynos is a hot place and i could feel the sexual tension in the air. I and noticed a lot of young guys in the place but thought nothing of it.After a few drinks i told my wife that i was going to the toilet. When i came back my wife was gone. I just assumed she went to the toilet but after a bout ten minutes i started to get worriedand began lokking for her. i could see her in the bar so i went outside and looked right around the building, when i saw her behind the bins giving two guys the horniest blowjobs I have ever seen. both guys had there cocks in front of her as she sucked... read more
"I never told her what I saw and she has never told me her secret."

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