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This month, we want y'all to unburden yourselves, tell us about that sexy secret, the time you slept with your secretary, or the time you boned your sisters bestie, or maybe you did something naughty with your neighbour's wife! So long as it's legal, and of course, very sexy, we want to hear about it. As always, the best entry takes home the cash award, so make it sizzle!

May 2015 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: May 02, 2015
Mr sometimes arranges for RHP couples to "bump into me" at a bar without me knowing. Well he doesn't know that I know. After some flirting Mr asks if they want to come over for a drink. Hehehe.... read more
"Mr sometimes arranges for RHP couples to "bump into me" at a bar "
Posted: May 06, 2015
I am 31, in couple for 5 years with my girlfriend, but I've always been attracted by men. Not a irresistible attraction but it was there.
I moved in Australia 1 month ago and started looking for something on RHP (women, TS...) and I found this guy. Asian, good looking, he offered a "naughty massage" without penetration. I couldn't resist to look his profile and I send him a message saying that I was interested. He answered me quickly that he was also interested. We agreed to meet the next week.
OMG, I did it, I would have sex with a man.... So excited and somewhere afraid also.
I came to his place, he started to strip me slowly, rubbing my hard cock under my clothes. We went to his room, strip ourselves and start playing with baby oil.... lots of baby oil...
Our bodies were slippery, he masturbate me while I tried... read more
"We went to his room, strip ourselves and start playing with baby oil."
Posted: May 06, 2015
It's not particularly scandalous, and it's not particularly original, but years ago, when working as a legal secretary, I had an affair with one of the solicitors there. I was 24, he was 38. He was not a classically handsome man, but he was very tall and had the 'X-factor'. He was kind of mousy looking in a way, but had that certain something. Well, to me, anyway. We had a sizzling fling for a few months. I did regret it because I ended up hurt. A few years after, when I'd left the firm, we were chatting and I told him I had wanted to fuck him from the beginning when I started working with him. He said he felt the same way, even though he knew it was 'wrong'. It was just a crazy chemistry thing we had going.... read more
"We had a sizzling fling for a few months."
Posted: May 08, 2015
My husband and I work out together at the local gym most days after work. Its not a big gym so often you would see the same people each time and say hi as you go about your routine. There was a mother and son that would work out together, we'd see them each time we were there. I always admired their commitment and thought it was cute that they had such a good relationship.

One night I was out with my husband at a local bar when he decided to call it a night shortly before midnight. I decided to stay for a few more drinks with a friends. As I was getting ready to leave the guy from the gym that worked out with his mum was walking towards the door. I said hello and we walked together to the cab line that seemed to stretch forever. After... read more
"Before I knew it I was naked and he was inside me"
Overall Winner
Posted: May 11, 2015
So my boyfriend and I have had a few threesomes and done some swinging but a rule of ours was that we always play together.
One day when I was at work, I walked into the office and my boss was just doing his pants up because he was getting changed. I was really surprised as he left the door open like he wanted me to catch him. But then he turned away like he didn't want me to see. So I thought I would sus out the situation and I said "oops, lucky I didn't walk in 30 seconds earlier"
He laughed a bit and said "I wouldn't have minded" so I said "next time let me know when your getting changed so I don't miss it again" and he said "you only have to ask if you wanna see" I took that as an invitation and said he... read more
"It was so big and not even fully hard."
Posted: May 12, 2015
Working for a small firm that distributes has its expenses and freight is our companies biggest expense. I always had a good business relationship with our freight company and deals were normally easy to do and their rep Jill was easy to work with. But this time it was different as my company was looking to slash this cost and it was hard to with a stubborn freight company. After a two days of negotiations we were at a standstill and I had to have this done by monday. So I decided on friday to change the mood by going out to lunch with Jill and not talking about work. After lunch we went back to the office to do a deal but we couldn't agree on anything by 5pm. As I was leaving Jill rubbed up against me causing my cock to harden. She saw this and was... read more
"Jill then went to the table we were working at and lifted up her skirt "
My sister works at a hospital and at times I would go visit her at work. Sometimes I would volunteer there. One day there was this handsome footy player who was admitted to my sisters ward. I asked if I can help out in admitting this guy. Because I was the only male there, they allowed me to help him get dressed in the hospital gown. He had a leg injury so he need help. I took his shirt off and I told him he had a hot body. He smiled and said thanks. I told him Im going to need to take his pants off and he just smiled. I was kinda nervous and I couldn't get his zipper opened. Eventually, I got his pants off and I can see his massive bulge through his undies. I just wanted to touch it and suck. But i tried... read more
"I was also massaging sensitive parts of his body"
The following day I did exactly what he wanted me to do, I wore a g-string and a nice lingerie. When I came to his room he was really excited. He grabbed my hand and out it down his cock. He said he was ready for some action, so was I. I took him to the bathroom and have him sitting down the chair again. I took of my clothes and I was wearing g string. He smiled and told me I looked beautiful. He told me to take my ponytail off and have my hair down. He said I look like aa girl and that he was going to fuck me. He grabbed me closer to him and he started to kiss me. I could not believe this handsome rugby player who is manly is kissing me. His hand went down between my ass and he fingered me. He... read more
"I could never forget how this rugby player made love to me"

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