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April 2007 Submitted Sex Secrets

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Posted: Apr 02, 2007
I met this really cute guy. I had just moved from interstate and was lonely. And must have seemed vulnerable. My car had broken down and he was a tow truck driver. He asked me out and I asked him if he was married or in a relationship. He had no ring on his finger and told me no. so I agreed to go out with him.

He was a reasonable lover but was forever late meeting me for dates. He never gave me his home number and never had any money. It should have sounded alarm bells. If they rang I never heard them. It never dawned on me that something was up. I had just split from a previous long-term relationship so was a bit messed in my head at the time.

I saw him for a few months off and on but my patience was wearing thin... read more
Posted: Apr 03, 2007
Well when I was doing the job of all jobs, selling cleaning systems door to door, I was in a nicer part of town doing the door to door thing.

I had just this morning had a fight with my girl because I was told she was fucking her boss to get that job she always wanted.

I was just about to call it a day when I decided to do one more street and boy was I glad I did.

I walked up to the door past a new ford GT in the drive and a very nicely maintained home, I rang the door bell, now let me tell you by now I have seen just about every thing known to man when it comes to people answering the door, wet, dry cloths on cloths off, just been fucked and just about to be fucked and the list goes on.

But... read more

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