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August 2006 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Aug 15, 2006
I was visiting my family in Perth one year and my sister had brought over a friend, Scarlett a girl from work for dinner. Well what can I say, she was stunning and after giving each other the eye over the dinner table I started to tickle her under the table with my feet. After an amazing dinner and some great conversation I asked her to help me clear the table and organise some dessert. She followed me giggling into the kitchen and i asked her if she would escort me around while I was back in Perth.

The next day she arrived nice and early in the morning and we walked to a local gourmet deli to buy some yummy things for a picnic I had suggested. We grabbed some goodies, including a bottle of wine and walked arm in arm to the swan river foreshore. It was a... read more
"I dropped to my knees and pushed my face into her mound and licked her from back to front...."
Posted: Aug 15, 2006
My partner had moved to the country. I thought I would never see him again but he rang and asked me to drive up and spend a weekend in a motel with him. It was wonderful, we made love and I lost count of the times I came. He had to leave the motel before I did, but as he was leaving he asked me to ring him when I got to Sale. I didn’t know what to expect but did as he had asked me. Little did I know it would be only the beginning of the most exciting time of my life. I pulled into MacDonald’s and assumed he would meet me. When I called him he gave me directions to a farmhouse. I could clearly see the house from the highway and turned onto the dirt road then into the driveway.

That... read more
"for over 3 years and he still surprises me making love having lunch whilst parked in a car at footy grounds or other public p"
Posted: Aug 17, 2006
I met a travelling salesman/rep and he said "Bring a blanket, I’ll bring the insect repellant!" We met and we drove off in his 4x into the bush, lay the blanket down, stripped and lathered on the insect repellant and we had a picnic of an erotic kind, no food involved, only body ....... !!!... read more
"we drove off in his 4x into the bush, lay the blanket down,and we had a picnic of an erotic kind...."
Posted: Aug 20, 2006
i was at this night club and i started dirty dancing with this hot guy he sat down on a seat and whispered in my ear "lets do it here" so he got out his cock and made it hard while i stood in front making sure the security didn’t see then i sat on his lap and he worked it good i just pretended to do a lap dance so it looked like i was dancing then after about 20 mins he cumed on my skirt lol it was so hot!! i recommend it to everyone 2 do it in a night club its magic!!!!... read more
"i just pretended to do a lap dance so it looked like i was dancing then after about 20 mins he cumed on my skirt..."
Posted: Aug 22, 2006
The mid-summer dinner had been perfect - the electricity between us was working a treat - so an after dinner stroll by the moonlit river bank was mutually agreed to be just the thing. The romantic setting lent itself to recharging the electricity between us to a point where and by unspoken mutual consent we began feverishly undressing each other. As clothing went flying in all directions and hands began finding sought after targets, our moment of anticipated sexual fulfillment was suddenly interrupted by an equal frenzy. That being a swarm of ferocious mosquitoes; whose attack on our undefended nude bodies - utterly negated our anticipated moment of sexual fulfillment. The only saving grace lending some compensation to the whole situation was - later - when, via mutual application with copious amounts of calamine lotion to each other the night became a pink powdery moment - the vision of which... read more
"to a point where and by unspoken mutual consent we began feverishly undressing each other....."
Finally met a cpl on the w/end,There we were all naked with each others partner kissing and touching.Now remembering Rose is straight,When the other female camer over and started touching Rose,i felt a shiver run down her back,as i was fingering Rose up the ass,at the same time.Rose led her to the bed where they lay on top of each other touching and kissing,us guys were left stranded,not that we minded.The girls went on for hours kissing fingering and sucking each other while us guys just watched.They did everything from a 69 to stand up position,where they finally made each other blow.Us guys now knew this was the time for us to get into the action.I grabbed Rose and did her doggy style,while the other princess held her in her arms,while Rose sucked on her nipples ,as this stage Rose wanted more ,so i pussed my finger deep up her... read more
"e both pounded away at the same time watching these two lovely sweet innocent girls loving each other...."

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