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This month we want to hear about that passionate fling, the fleeting but smouldering spark, the time honoured... one night stand! That's right, we want to hear about the time you bagged the waitress backstage after that gig, or maybe tell us about the hot Canadian guy you shagged on that Contiki tour! What ever the scenario, if it happened and it's hot, we want to hear about it! As always, the sexiest stories will take home the cash award, so make it sizzle!

October 2013 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Oct 01, 2013
It all started on the way back from a day trip to Waitomo. I was the only passenger on the small bus, so the very hot driver (Sarah) permitted me to sit at the front of the bus as it was rather stupid to be sitting at the back without any other passengers in it. About half way back to Auckland we started for some strange reason talking about sex. The more we talked the dirtier the talk became as we ended up talking about positions and how she liked to receives cum from blokes she shags. When we got back into Auckland she noticed that I was rock hard and we decided to meet at my hotel after she dropped off the bus at the depot as she had a day off the next day. I met Sarah in the lobby and we went up to my room and... read more
"About half way back to Auckland we started for some strange reason talking about sex."
Overall Winner
Posted: Oct 03, 2013
I was sitting alone in a crowded bar in The Rocks in Sydney. Enjoying the Jazz.
It was my last day in town; heading back to Melbourne on Monday morning. Savouring my glass of shiraz
Hello! I looked up and there was a stunning girl in her early 30’s smiling at me. Can I join you. Hard to get a seat in here.
We chatted in the breaks, obviously a spark was there.

She was married and from Adelaide heading back home tomorrow as well. Where are you staying she asked. Just near here at the Hilton. Great harbour views.
Why don’t we get out of here and grab some wine and you can show me the view.
As we walked into the room. I had hardly placed the bottle on the table; before she pushed me back onto the bed.
Jumping on me, kissing me passionately and going for my cock. Through my trousers.. What... read more
"We got into some many positions; that I could have qualified for being an Olympic Gymnast."
Posted: Oct 03, 2013
Off to BALI for the 18th time... alone this time.....BUT before I leave I exchanged numbers with this fucking hot pharmacist with the idea of catching up for a drink... yeah right!!!
Laying on my hotel bed watching porn I just purchased off my Balinese friend... I decided to go grab my toys I brang from good old oz.. ok which one do I chose out of my dirty bag of toys... MMMM THE SOFT COCK... I rubbed the cold lube on my clit till it was warm and starting to throb for some action.. I slid the SOFT COCK in and out going deeper and deeper with every pelvic grind... Im multi orgasmic but fuck I was hot and cumming none stop with the dirty thoughts of being fucked by a man and woman.. She is so fucking wet.... I was insatiable and now wanted a real cock inside me..
THE... read more
"I rubbed the cold lube on my clit till it was warm"
Posted: Oct 15, 2013
I was about 18 when me and my mate took our guitars along to a chilled party at a mates house near the beach. The night started off pretty slowly, just people having drinks around the fire, relaxing on the lawn, the usual, but about half way through the night, two dancers turned up. They looked fucking amazing, and immediately, I set my hopes and dreams on Jenny.

Later on, people starting to get pretty drunk, we got the guitars out around the fire, and as tends to happen, people gravitated there. Jenny sat on my right, and started getting into the music, singing along and leaning on my should in the slower songs. Eventually we moved to a couch, and started chatting and slowly making out, before she leaned and whispered to me 'lets go to the car'.

I was straight on my feet and out the door, stopping only to... read more
"She started riding me like there was no tomorrow, our hands grasping at each other"
I always had this fantasy about my wife (a little Asian doll) doing it with other man. Over the years it has gotten stronger. It is this fantasy about other man wearing her out, and then enjoying her pussy after it is worn out.

Over the years, we had many encounters with man, couples, once even with 2 man. To stay with the theme, I want to share an encounter with a man she had met a few times - so not quite a one night stand. She only met him 4 or 5 times, and as we normally agreed, has safe sex with him.

However, this time I wanted her to take him bare, so that when she returned home from her encounter I could enjoy her pussy cum filled.

At the beginning of the evening, when she left, her little pussy looked quite unaroused. But that was about to... read more
"When she returned, it didn't take her long to go to the bedroom. "
Posted: Oct 27, 2013
We had met years earlier and had a 1 night stand, now I was looking at him from across a crowded room, I recognised him took me back all those years ago and I began to go back step by step in my mind, OMG it was such a hot encounter that it was chiselled on my brain forever!
We had met in a crowded bar and hit it off straight away. We had a few drinks and a few laughs and then we started talking about our fantasies and that's when he confided in me the one thing he would like to do to me and would I be interested in making this fantasy become a reality...we had such explosive chemistry and with a few drinks combined I felt very daring...I decided to bite the bullet and take the reins. We made arrangements to meet in a deserted park... read more
"I was already very wet and my breathing became faster and faster...."
Posted: Oct 28, 2013
It all started after I had finished a contiki tour half way through NZ in Wellington. We had finished dinner at well known Welly eating place and I was in the elevator alone with the blonde tour manager (Maggie) who really hot.
Since she had mentioned had a lay day in Welly before they moved on, I just blurted out would she like a fuck. All I got was silence and we to our rooms on the same floor. I was disappointed that I got no answer. 10 minutes later I hear a knock at the door, so I open the door slighty when I saw Maggie in a dressing gown. I let her in and without saying she closed the door and undid her dressing gown. The dressing gown fell to the floor and I was presented with a very hot naked body of the woman I asked. My cock... read more
"I then turned her onto her back and she obliged by spreading her legs wide open."
Posted: Oct 29, 2013
A few years ago I used to use ICQ a bit. I'd search for local people who were online and start chatting.

One night I was talking to this girl, as it got later and later, the conversation, as it does, turned to sex. She ended up telling me she never goes to the cinema on a first date; it makes her too horny.

No harm in asking... when are we going to the movies?
So we met the next morning, first session of the day. My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Hey, it was the first movie on.
She wore a buttoned up dress, which gave my hand perfect access to her pussy. We sat through the movie, my fingers buried deep in her, her hand in my pants, and I think the guy sitting behind us was watching the movie about as much as we were.

She was dripping wet, and... read more
"I did call her later, but her boyfriend answered the phone. Oops."

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