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This month it's all about high end automobile erotica, whether it was a Mustang, Ferrari or Aston Martin, if a hot set of wheels led to you getting your leg over then we want to hear about it. If a swarthy Italian lured you onto his Stallion with his Testarosa, let us know; if you nailed a sexy redhead in her sexy gull-wing Merc, let us know. The hottest tales will win the awesome cash award so get writing.

October 2012 Submitted Sex Secrets

Overall Winner
Posted: Oct 04, 2012
Back in 1976 at the age of 19 the only car I could afford on my bank officers wage was an old brown Morris Mini-Minor but to me this machine was my escape and a way to go places.
It was the age of the Drive In Theatre and the one at Tooronga in Glen Iris was the historic place for my girl friend and I on the same weekend I got my Mini.
That Saturday night it looked like rain but I was determined to go to the Drive In to see the new film Rocky.
Just after we got choc tops, coke and popcorn the rain came down my girl friend was disappointed and suggested we go home. I said it would pass and see what happens, the rain kept up and the snacks all gone there was no need to use the wipers as that didn’t keep the window clear... read more
"God knows how we did it in the back of a Mini, but soon we were both 69 and sucking and liking......"
Posted: Oct 07, 2012
A mate and I were our for a quite Thursday night cruise with a good mate.we were driving along the main road to the local beach where every one work park and mingle when the most sexy young mid 20's woman drove past doing well over the speed limit. We caught up to the minx to inform her if the speed camera ahead. We stop at the car park and started chatting to a few mates when I spotted her walking to wards us. We got talking and asked if we could go for a drive to get a drink we never made it to that drink before she had her hand on my shaft we pulled over in a bush car park by the beach where we had the hottest sex every thing you could think of on the back seat of the car. When every i was down... read more
"We got talking and asked if we could go for a drive to get a drink we never made it to that drink"
Posted: Oct 11, 2012
I was with my ex girlfriend one night, walking her home from a party we'd just been too. As we were walking, we came across a Mercedes Benz Sl65 AMG, which is rare in Australia. She asked what would happen if she lay on the bonnet, and i said nothing, so she did. as she was leaning over, i looked at her arse, hardly covered by the mini skirt she was wearing. she turned her head and noticed me looking, so she lifted her skirt up some more. That was too much for me. I told her to spread her legs, so, while sitting on the bonnet of a $560,000 Mercedes, she spread them, extremely wide, and took off her panties. she moved forward a bit and i couldnt take it anymore, so i shoved my tongue deep into her tight pussy. At first she let out a small yelp,... read more
"At first she let out a small yelp, and then was yelling, "more, more!""
Posted: Oct 13, 2012
My vw beetle has never been big on space, so the night I met Jake I decided that it would just have to be big enough (like I was hoping he would be!).
As the saying goes, the night started like any other......a few girlfriends and I out for a night on the town. I'd come straight from work and wasn't feeling my normal "life of the party" because I knew it was a long way back to get the car the next morning if I had more than a few drinks and couldn't drive.
So there we are, on the dance floor, shaking our groove thangs, when I notice a commotion on the side of the dance floor. Then my jaw almost dropped right to the dance floor! OMG this guy was g o r g e o u s! I mean, who... read more
"Hands, lips, teeth, tongues, elbows, knees and moans of delight were everywhere"
Posted: Oct 16, 2012
It was a night out with the girls out in the night life and attempting to flirt with a table of international guys from the sounds of their heavy accents and two of them were speaking another language. The girls could see my attention was absolutely diverted and encouraged me to venture over and see what I could see. I did venture over introducing myself and my girls and suddenly one table became two and there was an instant connection with myself and the Russian Stallion whom was speaking to me in broken English when suddenly he leaned into me and our lips connected in a long and passionate kiss.
I was shocked and I withdrew momentarily before being led by my hand away from the two tables to a darkened corner of the club. There we sat further and his hands started to move over my body and before long... read more
"before long he had his hands in places that felt incredible."
Posted: Oct 31, 2012
Back when i was at school,my neighbours bedroom was adjacent to mine,during the hot summer nights she would leave her curtains & window open,she loved putting on a show for me,,full on masturbating,,till she came,,i could see the wetness running down her legs,,she was 17,,me 15,,& yes i did reply with her a show of myself wanking off till i creamed all over bedroom window,letting the cum run down the window,,first few times we nearly got caught as her mother entered the room,it seemed more sexciting,& then when she would get home from school her school uniform was so short,i could always see what colour panties she had on,maybe thats why i am a SEX MANIAC.... read more
"she loved putting on a show for me"

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