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It's all about getting on the job in the workplace this month. banged the boss in the boardroom, tell us about it. Mounted the marketing manager during a meeting, tell us about it. Whatever went down, if it was hot and happened at work, let us know. We've got an awesome cash award just waiting for the best entry so get a writing!

December 2012 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Dec 01, 2012
As usual, there was a considerable amount of alcohol involved to start with. Neither of us had given any indication we were hot for each other, initially. At the end of the night we were talking and then the flirting started, then putting my hand underneath his shirt and running my nails down his back. This led to a bit of hot dirty talk which led to passionate hot kissing. Rubbing his groin and a bit more dirty talk we were in a hotel elevator starting to explore early. In the room more hot kissing and slow undressing. Soon he had lifted me up and had my legs around his waist. I devoured him with my tounge, teeth & lips. Sucking and licking and biting. He went down on me for what felt like hours! It was a very naughty night! And it's not uncomfortable at work, just the opposite...Lingering... read more
"He went down on me for what felt like hours! It was a very naughty night! "
Posted: Dec 01, 2012
About 6 years ago I was working as an assistant manager at a retail store, my boss had just hired a new staff member. She was 18 cute and very talkative, she made the perfect sales person. For about a month we worked a lot together, I remember one day I was doing stock in the tiny storeroom we had she came in she wasn't rostered on and from what she was wearing pretty much told me that. She wore short cream shorts and the top of her red underwear was showing and had a white singlet top that really left nothing to the Imagination. The whole time I was distracted trying to focus was a chore. We talked after work ect and started talking more and more the flirting and sexual conversations escalated, then one day we had a staff meeting and after it finished I asked her if... read more
"I laid her on her back and eventually my hand went under her skirt and rubbed the outside of her...."
She was hot and she was single. a divorcee in her late 30's. I had heard the story going around work from the young work experience guy holidaying from the UK. that even though she was 15 years older she had invited him home for drinks.
Sitting him down in the lounge of her renovated Port Melbourne Cottage. she told him she needed to have a shower. so would he like to watch TV for a while.He heard the shower start, turning around looking across a small court yard he could see straight into the bathroom. She had dimmed the lights and seemed to be smiling to herself as she slowly and seductively undressed, wriggling to some back ground music he could not hear. Dropping her clothes one by one into a clothes basket; but always facing him, occasionally turning to accentuate her figure.
She entered the shower not closing the door.... read more
" She had dimmed the lights and seemed to be smiling to herself as she slowly and seductively undress"
Posted: Dec 02, 2012
Disappointingly my only workplace 'experience'
Sorry if its a little long winded, though I always get worked up when I think back to this day.

I was 26 and a team manager in a call centre during one of my previous jobs, which was good because most of the girls were around my age.
There was one new girl in the team before I took over (just call her Jen for this) and I would always catch her looking over. She didnt always try to hide it considering she had to look over the desk cubicles to even see me.
She was a brunette, around 5'10 in her heels, her breasts looked like a nice handful ( I'd assumed close to a D cup).
She always wore slightly revealing clothing, but nothing too much to get in to trouble at work.
Other managers had tried dating their staff, which would go pear shaped and wreck... read more
"I slowly reached down and ran my hand along her smooth skin."
Posted: Dec 02, 2012
Couple of minutes later I met her at the elevator and pushed the button to go up. She asked where we were going and I told her the 9th floor.
The company had 3 floors in the building, though they relocated the staff from the 9th floor between all the others.
We behaved in the lift. She was sort of biting her lip and I was wondering what thoughts were going through her head.
I was hoping there were no removalists or anyone up there on the way up.
We came out of the lift and I led her to one of the old manager's desks which faced the crown casino across the river.
By the time we stopped and I turned around, Jen was already centimetres from my face and we started kissing.
I wrapped my arms around her and held her close as our tongues were dancing in each others mouth. I couldnt believe... read more
"Part 2 - I pulled down her top and her breasts got my full attention."
Posted: Dec 02, 2012
She kept my hard cock in her mouth as she kept playing with herself. I wanted in on some of this too, so I got down, moved her hand and started rubbing her clit. She was already so close and didnt take long for her to cum straight after. I had to grab her before she fell backwards and we both started laughing.
We both sat there for a minute or so taking in what had just happened, before taking off to the bathroom and tidying ourselves.
We both went downstairs and back to our desks. We were only gone around 20 minutes, though felt like a couple of hours.
That was our only encounter. The next day she told me about her boyfriend & that she just found out she was pregnant.
I was looking for new work at the time & found another job about a month later.
After I left, Jen didnt... read more
"Part 3 - She kept my hard cock in her mouth as she kept playing with herself"
Posted: Dec 02, 2012
My then girl friend and I worked back at an engineering works that we worked at. She would come down to the shed when It was close to seven and get me and we would lock up. This day I was enjoying a few beers on a Friday when she came down shaking that arse of hers I noticed a couple of extra buttons undone on her top she came over to where I was and leaned back against a bench arching her back showing of her large d cup tits which looked good in the white silk top she had on I could easily make out her dark nipples under her lace bra. I said if she continued I would fuck her then and there in full view of the neighbours and onyone passing by. You wouldn't dare he said this as all a needed as encouragment and... read more
"she turned and took her top off real slow one button at a time."
Posted: Dec 03, 2012
I used to work in a large department store, which shall remain nameless. At one point, a new staff member joined, who was the image of sex. And she knew it. It only took about 10 minutes for every guy in the store to start thinking he might be able to be the one who got to have her. I was a night manager at the time, so was often responsible for locking up the store, and on a couple of she occasions, she started to get really flirty with me. We began to start sneaking into the darker corners of the stockroom/offices, and got into some heavy kissing and touching. Her lips were amazing, and the first time I touched her pussy, that was nearly enough. She was young, and tight, and so incredibly wet.

After a week or so of this going on, she texted me one night while... read more
"It was the most amazing feeling, and quickly we built up a pace"
Posted: Dec 03, 2012
It was a sale event one sunday morning Samantha commented to Kim about how tired she was and that she had the best time with a 45 yr old guy last night that was 18 years older than she was. The conversation quickly turned naughty, Kim whispered in my ear, "Do you want a younger woman". (I was 36, Kim was 22) I replied, yes. All i got was an extremely naughty look from her and from that i knew we were going to have a good day. There was a lot of of flirting and touching as we walked by one another. It got to 5pm and the boss had to leave unexpectedly, which left me to lock up. The rest of the staff left at 6. I got an sms that read " I have not gone home yet, I am waiting for you to finish. It... read more
"it wasnt long before we were in the shower."
Posted: Dec 03, 2012
I work in a building that has two small bio tech companies in it. One day I got wind that one the hot ladies was working on a saturday after I wished her (Tanya) a Happy Birthday. That night I devised a way that I could be at work for some reason. The following morning I rocked up to work knowing quite well that she would be there in either a mini skirt or tight jeans and a loose fitting shirt.

When Tanya saw my car she dropped in to say hello as soon as we saw each other we gave other a hug and then she felt my rock hard cock press up against her. Tanya then decided to kiss me. It felt so good kissing a woman I desired and always had a hard on every time I saw her. We instantly went to the ware house a... read more
"We eventually took what remaining clothes we had off "
Posted: Dec 03, 2012
As the manager of a large warehouse I always enjoyed telling the men what to do. Then we got a new dockman he enjoyed our comradery and more so he enjoyed perving on my large assets. He would stare at my breast telling me how wonderful I was sometimes cornering me and I would chastise him, after all he was married.

I was seperated and not yet dating, men were far from my thoughts . Then one afternoon we had a large shipment and we both had to stay back to process it. Although we were busy we kept chatting about sex and past encounters, that was pretty much the norm at work.

As I unloaded more boxes i brushed past him he turned we were face to face and he said that if he didn’t take this opportunity we would both regret it......he leant in and kissed me... read more
"he quickly pulled me up to him to kiss me again before lifting me onto the stock bench"
Posted: Dec 04, 2012
After work one night all the staff at the restaurant i was working with decided to hit the town. After a few hours of dancing, drinking and flirting, one of my staff members comes over to me,holding one of her friends hands and asks, "So do you have any drinks at your place?" Of course i did.

So we got to my house, and the girls spotted my pool, they immediately stripped off and jumped in. It was very hot a very warm night so i jumped in too. We started feeling each other up and it wasn't long before were doing some pretty wild stuff. The party then moved to my back veranda and we having a great time when my housemate came home. We quickly all ran inside and straight to my bedroom, leaving our clothes by the pool. We had sex... read more
"the girls spotted my pool, they immediately stripped off and jumped in"
Posted: Dec 04, 2012
When I first left school as per my parents direction I worked in a bank , anyway when I was 18 I was sent away to Forster as holiday relief for a branch there .
The first week was pretty uneventful found a gym trained after work went back to hotel dinner and bed although one evening I did get to meet tom Carroll at dinner late in the week I was invited to the managers place for dinner sat down had dinner with her and her husband after dinner he asked if I smoked at 18 what young Aussie guy doesn't anyway I ended up absolutely spastic couldn't drive
So I was put into the spare room , at some stage she came in to help me out of my clothes , before I knew what was going on she had my cock in her mouth , being stoned... read more
"she came in to help me out of my clothes"
Posted: Dec 05, 2012
the sexual tension and flirting was getting unbearable!! but the next shift we were working late and were closing up together again and this time the sexual interaction while we were open was so crazy and from a work ethic point of view wrong and we should have been fired! I remember when it was busy and both registers were going and we were running around getting stock and we would both end up out the back storeroom as soon as we were both out there we'd jump each other kissing it got so intense and lustful, each time we would get bolder and bolder.
i once went out there and i knew she was in there having her break so i had to be really quick because it was so busy and when i went in there there she was leaning against the wall with her leggings down to... read more
"she was leaning against the wall with her leggings down to her ankles"
Posted: Dec 11, 2012
I will try and keep this as short as I can but as you probably know there is many details I want to include. It all started one afternoon when I was working back late. Here I am just going about my work as normal when the manager of our office came in. I wasn't expecting anyone to be there that late so I had my legs up on the desk and because I was wearing a skirt most of my legs were showing. I quickly sat up properly when he came in. (I was secretly hoping he got a good look because I thought he was hot.) He asked me how was I going with the work and did I need any help. I told him I had everything covered work wise but might need some help with other things. Immediately he knew what I meant as we had... read more
"He slid his thick cock in side me and I couldn't help but moan to let him know how good it felt..."
Overall Winner
Posted: Dec 23, 2012
It was our Xmas party a few years back now and id always had my eye on the boss, he was single and a bit of a rogue with the ladies....he showed no interest in me as he was very particular that you should not mix business with pleasure!
The Xmas party was at a pub i had booked with nibbles and drinks and a DJ, the music was fabulous and the alcohol was flowing, the boss was watching what he was drinking. The night wore on and i had a few more wines than i had anticipated, the boss also let his hair down a little as more and more people left the party. I got him up for a dance and then it turned to a slowy song, we both danced very close i could feel the heat from his body on mine and became very turned on... read more
"It was our Xmas party a few years back now and id always had my eye on the boss..."

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