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This month we're all about same sex hook-ups, we want to hear about the hottest session you ever had with a person of the same sex. Maybe you were experimenting, maybe you were in love, maybe it was just the hottest damn shag you've ever had... whatever made it so lusty, we want to hear about it. The best entry will take home the cash award so make it hot, hot, hot!

August 2012 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Aug 01, 2012
One night i was laying in bed with my best friend lets call her 'Lisa'. Lisa says to me have you ever kissed a boy before? My response no, she said well me neither we should try it out and see what its like so we have practice. So i agree before you know it we were tongue deep into each others mouths getting so wet over it we both slid our fingers down to each others pussy's her pussy dripping as well as mine we tease each others clits for a little before she climbs on top of me thrusting her hips and clit all over mine sucking each others tits within minutes we are both cuming hard! she jumps off and starts to go down on me omg the feeling was sensational i flip her over and we get into the 69 position her pussy tastes amazing we... read more
"...we get into the 69 position her pussy tastes amazing we go at it for hours..."
Posted: Aug 03, 2012
I had often wondered what it would be like to have sex with another male. My wife is Bi and we have a good thing going. I was in the military and in the barracks one Friday night all the others had gone to the city for a night out or so I thought.
I had just finished talking to my wife and our friend on webcam and heard the showers running down the hall way so got up put a towel around me and went to take a look.
On entering the shower I saw Mack in the shower facing the wall, the water pouring over his face and down his body, with his eyes closed he was stroking his 8 inch cock to full erection and well I was already halfway there after my chat on webcam. I said "you better watch out it might be loaded " and... read more
"I said "you better watch out it might be loaded " and removed my towel"
Posted: Aug 06, 2012
It all started when we enjoyed a night out at Suncorp Stadium one Saturday night.
We enjoyed the atmosphere of the game and once over we ending up at QMasters Pool hall for a few games of the beloved game.
It was closing time and we decided to wander up past Suncorp Stadium to the Caxton Hotel for a night cap, but something attracted us to the garden bed, our desire to fuck in public.
T was becoming quite flirty and showing her desire to play up, with no inhibitions of who was around as she had this desire, and who was I to deny her this pleasure. She started to slowly kiss me and nibble my ear whilst rubbing my crotch, which was the button to initiate me to pull her top down slightly and expose her nipples for me to lick, bite and pinch, (all in view of the King) which... read more
"I played with her sexy pierced clit which enticed her to ride like there was no tomorrow"
Posted: Aug 08, 2012
my man and I have found our match we said to each other.He had a damn mighty fine cock not to mention it was 9inches plus in length and at least 3inches pussy was gonna be punished,I couldn't wait we got ready I made sure my pussy was pristine and smooth got our drinks ready and off we went. We sat and chatted for bout an hour then gave my sexy man the look of lust and hunger for cock that he knows very well we proceed to the guys room and I waist no time at making sure the boys were well looked after giving them the need and the urge to succumb to my web of ecstasy.And that's exactly what they did .After hours of luxuriant and mind blowing orgasmic fits they gave me,I felt it time to bring in my massage /lube but my guest... read more
"I couldn't wait, we got ready I made sure my pussy was pristine"
Posted: Aug 08, 2012
I had been talking to Roy & Suzy for some time online with a view to us three all playing together. One Saturday afternoon Roy and I were both online when he suggested he'd like to come over and meet me so that he could report back to the wife what I was like in the flesh. Little did I know at the time but in the flesh was to prove just that!
Roy turned up at my door about 30 minutes later and I invited him into the lounge. I grabbed us a couple of beers to calm the nerves (well mine anyway!). We made some small talk and then the subject turned to sex and about the things we could all do together. I was a little timid to start but he kept pushing me for further details. As I fumbled nervously with my replies he took the lead... read more
"I could feel him growing in my mouth which turned us on even more"
Posted: Aug 13, 2012
I went on Red hot pie to find another bi man. I swapped phone numbers with a guy not too far away. We met in the car park of the national park. I guess he was a little disappointed. We went for a coffee and then after a few awkward moments we went into forest tracks. We found a nice spot and took off our clothes. I was nervous but eager to give his penis a lick and suck. It seemed so natural.

It felt great to be naked and giving oral sex to a man. I bought condoms and lube and put a condom on his dick and guided it to my hole. He fucked me from behind and in front I was so turned on. it felt so hot. I was grunting and groaning.

I looked around and there was an Asian girl looking wide eyed at... read more
"there was an Asian girl looking wide eyed at us as we both climaxed"
Posted: Aug 17, 2012
Went out to a club and decided to go to a gay bar by myself because i wanted to drink and listen to music without being bothered by men, so i sat at the bar and ordered a drink. I turned a noticed this hot as girl, big chest, skinny as anything, light brown hair with blonde streaks and green eyes, standing next to this very short dykey looking girl and thought wow, how does a girl like that score a girl so hot. Any way, turned back to pick up my drink and when i turned back around the hot girl had moved behind me and i bumped her drink in her hand. Not all over her but on the floor. I was very apologetic and offered to buy her another. She answered 'no babe, it's fine' to that i said 'hey you have an irish accent am i... read more
"Back at hers she threw me on the bed and stripped off all my clothes"
Overall Winner
Posted: Aug 26, 2012
omg this was the most amazing night of my life......i had just broken up with my boyfriend and my best friend jane was coming around for a bit of a drinking session....things were going along as normal...we were sittin smoking, drinking and talking when their was a knock at the door...i was wondering who it was as i had no other friends planned to come over and when i got to the door it was steve, janes boyfriend...jane had a cheeky grin on her face...she seemed to know he was coming ...anyway so steve joined in with our drinking and not even sure how it started as by this stage i was pretty wasted but of course the talk turned to sex and the offer of a threesome came first i was a lil shocked but being with a girl had always been a huge fantasy if mine... read more
"we stayed in the shower for ages just touching and kissing each other all over..."
Posted: Aug 26, 2012
once we were squeeky clean we all headed into the lounge were we laid on a soft lambs wool blanket in front of the fire....jane layed down with her head in steves lap as i gingerly made my way down her body.....a womans body is so different to a mans...its so soft and curvy....i went down kissing and touching every inch of her ...omg it was heaven... jane started to play with steves cock....he was so hard watching us and i gotta admit i was dripping wet thinking about licking her pussy....i couldnt take it anymore and made my way further down were i parted her legs and dove right on in.....for someone who had never done this before i think i did an amazing job......i licked her hard and then soft.......omg and then harder again....she was moaning with pleasure with every touch.....i slipped two fingers deep inside her while... read more
"she was screaming my name over and over as she came...omg it was amazing"
Posted: Aug 31, 2012
We never hand a place to play. John was 6’2 fit, and muscular. I hadn’t seen his face yet, but a hell of a body. I came up with a brilliant plan, meet at a glory hole! I had never been outside dressed before, but what the hell. It’s just to the place to do it, right? So we made plans to meet at six.
So… so far everything went to plan, I packed a bag and with my clothes and makeup in it, A little black dress, some blue & black 6 inch stiletto pumps, OMG! such sexy heels btw, A long black wig. Oh and can’t forget my red and black silk and lace bra & panties with inserts. I caught a bus, found the place and started getting ready. I was just finishing my eyeliner when there came a knock “finish up we’re closing”!
Fuck. I hadn’t... read more
"Again and again he thrusted into me. I couldn’t help but push back."

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