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We're all about national pride this month at RedHotPie! It's time to sit down for your country and recount the hottest shag sessions you've experienced that were particularly Aussie! Maybe you did it on the rock, maybe an Australia Day party got you laid, really, so long as you’ve had sex IN Australia, technically, you're eligible to enter! So get writing and remember, the best entries will win the cash award.

October 2009 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Oct 15, 2009
I think there is nothing more Aussie than sex on the beach.

One hot summers night I met a hottie in a club and after a couple of hours of dancing and drinking together she suggested we go to the beach for a skinny dip. Now not being someone who needs to be asked twice I quickly bundled her into my car and we were off. She new what she wanted and it wasn't long before she had her hand down my jeans to feel up my manhood and make sure everything was in working order. As soon as we got to the beach she was out of the car and running over the sand tearing her clothes off before plunging naked into the water. I followed as fast as I could and soon we were both naked in the ocean and she imediately again reached for my rock hard rod.... read more
"she suggested we go to the beach for a skinny dip"
Posted: Oct 26, 2009
Me and two mates had decided we hadn't seen enough of Australia so we decided we'd do a road trip to Ayers Rock, that's pretty bloody Australian. Took us a few days at a nice leisurely pace from melbourne where I was living. We decided to do the rock then stay on for a few days, sink some piss and just wind down a bit.

The joint was packed with tourists including two young birds from Ireland. We got on like a house on fire, one of them was a tight brunette and the other was this redhead with the biggest tits you've ever seen! I was gagging to nail the redhead and for two days we flirted and pissed around but she wouldn't let me touch her! By the final night my balls were ready to drop off. We had a few at the bar and snuck a block... read more
"We made out for a while and then she grabbed my hand and pushed it down her pants, she was as wet as the rock was dry!"
Posted: Oct 29, 2009
Australia Day rooting rates pretty highly for me coz my firs time was Australia day 92! I was at my cousins place having a family bbq and all his mates were eye fucking me and my older sister. Its was a day of fisrts coz it was the first time my parents let me drink booze around them, not that I was tanked, but I was definately getting flirty. My cousins best friend Paul was about 20 and built like a roman god. We spent most of the afternoon talking and I could tell he want to fuck me but I was enjoying teasing him, wasnt a lot more we could do infornt of that many people.

I excused myself and wandered inside. I went up stares to my cousins bedroom and waited at the window until Icaught Paul's eye, I flashed him my tits and beckoned for him to... read more
" I flashed him my tits and beckoned for him to come join me."

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