Sexual Fantasies Come True

Has cupid's arrow ever struck between your partner and your best friend? Or maybe it was a family member or a work mate? We want to hear all the juicy details... and what you did about it!

February 2008 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Feb 24, 2008
It was one of those hot summer nights... my best friend (Tanya), my boyfriend (Andrew) and I were enjoying a few drinks in the pool. A week earlier I'd intercepted a raft of steamy text messages between the two, so I knew they were keen on each other. As dusk set in, I saw Tanya's hand reach out under the water and she very gently rubbed his cock. Andrew responded by snaking his hand slowly up her belly to cup her full breasts. Within seconds her top had been removed and he planted a soft kiss on her neck. Everytime one of them pushed the boundaries a bit further they would look over at me for my approval, which i willingly gave. I was getting so horny watching them play with each other from the edge of the pool that I started fingering myself. Tanya turned around so she... read more
Posted: Mar 09, 2008
one day---my girl was away --iwas sleeping in day time because i been finish my work as usual at 4 am---- and i hear the door nocking about 11:30 am and went to open the door and found girl asking about my girlfriend--at that time i was half nude and i told her my girl she is out not here now--but start looking at me and asking to come in!!
i wilcome by her in side the house then she asking me if i have matches i told her the heater in my room to turen her smoke on--she went to the room but she take time i went after her to look what happen-i found her she siting on my bed and start smiling and she told me come close --when i was very close to her , she starting playing with her busy and slowley she taking her clothes... read more

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