The Older Lover...

This month we're celebrating the experience of the older lover! If you've been bedded by a silver-fox or a cougar, tell us all about it; did their skill and passion come to the fore? Were you out of your league? Did they teach you some sexy new skills? Remember, the best award takes home the cash so don;t leave anything out!

March 2016 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Mar 02, 2016
Iv been sleeping with a man who's 25yrs older then me. Was only innocent talking at first. Then I started sending nude pictures to him. He was my ex boyfriend mentor and former boss. We had always shared a connection. One night I turned up and we had dinner. After dinner he went for a shower and I stripped off and laid naked on his bed. He came out of the shower and got hard straight away. He grabbed me by my legs and dragged me down the bed and slammed his cock right inside. The sex is amazing and i leave with my legs shaking. I let him do whatever he wants to. Its our secret. Not a soul knows until now.... read more
"I let him do whatever he wants to. Its our secret. "
Overall Winner
Posted: Mar 03, 2016
This happened a long time ago, but it is something that makes me smile. I was at Uni doing teaching rounds at an inner suburban school, which meant a long train trip every day. It was just me and another student teacher who I hardly knew. When it came time to choose which teacher we would be stuck with I did not hesitate when I saw the amazingly hot woman in front of me. She was blonde with lovely long legs and you could tell underneath that jacket and tight denim jeans she had an amazing body. I almost spat out the words "I'll go in Donna's class" before they even asked. I spent 3 weeks in that class eyeing off her great ass when she'd bend over, accidentally brushing against her soft tits and flirting with her. She was at least 15 years older than me, but she was... read more
"When I was ready she climbed on top and rode me hard and fast for what seemed ages"
Posted: Mar 15, 2016
11pm and my phone gets a message saying I want to fuck you now. I dont bother putting clothes on and hop in the car with only a bra and gstring on. I hide my car and creep inside. Hes sitting in the lounge with the blinds wide open. Its dime light from the moon but its enough to see his hard cock. Without any words I kneel down and put my mouth on his hot throbbing dick. He starts moaning as I push it deeper down my throat. His moans make me go crazy and im soaking wet from just listening to him. He grabs me by my hair and makes me take all of him. As hes fucking my mouth he tells me im his dirty slut. Nasty whore. I love it. He pushes me back and tells me to go near the window. I stand with my... read more
"Im his little secret slut and i love it."
Before I met mrs right, I was a plaything for a couple that I met from an add on gumtree, "couple in need of bi man for all inclusive fun".

Our first date is my second most memorable. I walked to the hotel room door, mr silver fox opened the door, he stands at about six foot four and quite broad, a mass of curly hair and round glasses wearing nothing more than a white towel, he was fitter than most and I was pleasantly surprised when he smiled a warm and inviting smile and put me at ease.

"Hi, you must be E, come in" and I did, the room smelled of perfume, the red haired cougar was sitting in a chair wearing a very hugging grey dress, she was very beautiful, freckles, and long curly messy hair like a druid. she smiled at me and then at Mr S.F.

"I... read more
"although I do not have reservations about play, the sheer size of Mr SF made me nervous."

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