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Who needs summer to get in the wet 'n' wild spirit?!? This month we want to hear about all those sexy, soaking scenarios that had you dripping with lust. Any shagging action that happened in or around water is what we're chasing, the beach follies, the shower sessions, the oiled up kink sex, it's all fair play in September's Sex Secrets competition! As always the best stories will take out the cash awards so get your fingers on the job and send us your sexiest wet 'n' wild stories!

September 2009 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Sep 01, 2009
My partner and I decided to stay in a hotel room one night, just for a bit of fun.

I finished work a little earlier than her, and headed up to the room to freshen up before she got there. I stripped down and turned the shower on, getting the water nice and hot before I stepped in. Leaning forward, I closed my eyes and felt the water hit the top of my neck, cascading down my back.

Then I felt a set of hands reach around my waist and grab my abs. I opened my eyes and whipped around, to be greeted by her smirk and a glint in her eyes. "Tut Tut" she says coyly, "You left the shower door open and now I'm all wet!"

She steps in, fully clothed still, the water streaming onto her white blouse, making it see-through and showing off her already hard nipples. I lean... read more
"I don't have to be told that twice, I move in and in one long, deep thrust I impale her..."
Posted: Sep 02, 2009
My younger lover introduced me to many new & exciting things, what I experienced was new to me however I have developed a real love for this wet adventure.

We had played with soft bondage, soft, silk ties around my ankles & wrists, tied gentle enough for me to escape if I wanted to. I loved the luxury to lie back, spread-eagled for my lover to bury himself deep in me, to treat me to his delicate & attentive touch.

I thought we were going to play "soft" bondage again. I was happy to lie face up whilst being tied, however I noticed the ties were tighter this time. I looked at my lover with a query on my face, "I'm just ramping it up for a change babe" he said. Not sure what he meant I smiled trusting he knew best.

He then brought into the room a black bag,... read more
"It was at that point he kissed me deeply, making me groan & writhe with pleasure!"
Overall Winner
Posted: Sep 03, 2009
Sex in the water is not only fun but clean!

I look back and remember this time fondly:

I was living in Maroochydore, up on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, staying at a backpackers hostel with my sister as we'd been travelling a fair bit around Queensland. One night after partying at a nightclub, we'd arrived back around 3 in the morning. I went to go to bed but couldn't sleep so went outside for some fresh air. One of the other regular guys staying there was outside having a cigarette. He was quite good looking and had a great body, so I went and sat next to him as he was alone. Not long after chatting, he suggested a walk along the beach and possibly a swim as it was a hot night. So we headed across the road to the beach. After a few minutes of walking & talking, we... read more
"I grabbed his cock and started rubbing it. "mmm" I murmured in his ear. "you feel so good." "
Posted: Sep 07, 2009
We backed toward my desk. She unbuttoned my shirt and I stuck one hand up underneath her dress, stroking the folds of her pussy gently. Alora rarely wore panties and today was no exception. She was incredibly wet. I felt her spread her legs so I obligingly inserted two fingers into her dripping sex, making her moan with pleasure and melt against my bare chest as I pumped her slowly. My fingers searched deep inside her. I curved them hard against her pussy walls and she gasped as I hit her g-spot. Soon she was grinding herself against my fingers and working her way to a giant orgasm. I kept fingering her, harder and harder, eventually putting three fingers inside her pussy and ramming her g-spot in just the way I knew she liked it, pumping her hand until she clenched against me and bit back a scream of sexual... read more
"I reached under the desk and grabbed her head, pushing my cock deeper into her throat as she sucked hungrily...."
Posted: Sep 08, 2009
I walked into my local pub one night and by chance,a woman that had recently left the workplace was celebrating her birthday,doing the gentlemanly thing I bought her a few birthday drinks and a while later she had her arms around me giving me a pretty big hint.

We grabbed a taxi back to my place and after having a ciggie and admiring my courtyard she claimed she wanted to have a shower as it was a hot muggy night but needed to use the toilet first.She stepped out of the toilet completely starkers and I almost melted at the sight of her body,being a small maori woman she had the most gorgeous brown bum I have ever seen.

I quickly stripped off and joined her in the shower,complete with the soft glow of a red powerpoint light to highlight the mood,I gently rubbed shower gel over her whole body from behind... read more
"She stepped out of the toilet completely starkers and I almost melted at the sight of her body......"
My partner and I work away a lot but recently when we had some down time at home we had you over to play with... I enjoyed having you to tease, having you lick, suck and probe me with your tongue while my tied up partner watched, I made you do this while semi-restrained and whipped you until you made me cummm so hard I almost drowned you in my juices.... I then restrained you even more while you watched me pleasure my partners cock, watching him writhe with pleasure and want....All the time you could see into the depths of my soaking wet pussy... My arse puckered up in greeting... wanting penetration so badly.... I then ordered you to please my partner while i penetrated you with many interesting items... until you were so close to cumming you were screaming with want...But you were not allowed to cum just... read more
"You both then licked me clean and felt me cum again and again while your tongue's played all over my body..."
Posted: Sep 11, 2009
this was going back a few years now, but every time I look back and remember it makes me smile. One hot December afternoon I decided to go cool off with my guy, who I'd only just started seeing. We hadn't gone all the way yet, but had just fondled and teased one another. We went in for a swim to cool off, splashed around a bit, kissed and played with each other a little in the water, but because there were so many people there that day, we couldn't do what we really wanted to do that day, and that was to have our first fuck in the water. So, I took him by the hand and slowly led him out of the water, saying to him, "come with me." I led him up into the sand dunes, behind some native vegetation. We stopped,... read more
"Then his hand reaches down and pulls my bikini aside and inserts his finger into my pussy..."
Posted: Sep 14, 2009
was out swimming at the beach with my man and had been there a few hours doing a bit of groping and kissing thinking we were in a secluded spot when the urge overcame us.We made our way onto the sand at the waters edge where he removed my bikini and started to eat me out right there on the sand.the tide was coming in and lapping at my ass while he licked and sucked my clit and i got wetter and wetter from the water and my juices. as he was rolling my clit around in his mouth he was fingering me right on my G-spot making me squirt all over his face just as an old fella walks past and said 'Wow! what a show.'
as he walked away we continued and then we fucked on the sand and then made our way into the water and... read more
"We made our way onto the sand at the waters edge where he removed my bikini and started to eat me out right there on the sand"
Posted: Sep 17, 2009
My partner and I were having a naughty weekend together at a nice resort. The place had the most gorgeous pool....it was a hot and balmy evening and after a couple of drinks and flirting at the bar we decided that it would be fun to go for a swim.. when we got to the pool we were pleased to see that there was noone else in the pool we had it all to ourselves, there was lots of bushes around and it was quite private so we decided to strip naked and get wet.. what started as a refreshing dip soon turned into something far far more erotic...

I was swimming around enjoying the feeling of the water on my naked body feeling naughty and excited, my partner swam up behind me his hands caressing my erect nipples his lips kissing and teasing my neck, I felt his... read more
"I begged him to enter me from behind, grinding my arse back onto him, he entered me....."
Posted: Sep 22, 2009
We sneak in sometime around midnight. The water is delicious and refreshing. My body temperature is finally cooling down after our sex earlier, but not for long, as I pull you into my arms and we slide underwater. As we surface our mouths meet, and as I've told you many times, Damn you can kiss! I become aware of my cock starting to rise, pressing against your stomach. Hushed voices and soft moans are the only sounds, adding to the night noises of waiters going about their business. After a long session of kissing and touching I get out of the pool without a word. The need for you is so strong, and need to return quickly. If not, I just might have to take things into my own hands! Moments later I return with a cold bottle of bubbles and two glasses. I take a seat on a towel... read more
"With your legs over my shoulders and my head between your legs, you cum with such a force...."

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