Sex at a wedding or Sex on your honeymoon

Michael Jackson is rumoured to be marrying his children’s nanny soon. Tell us about your sexual experiences either at a wedding or on the honeymoon.

October 2006 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Oct 31, 2006
My boss and I had been fucking each other for about 2 years when we were invited to a work colleague wedding...

Man he looked so hot that night, I went into the bathroom and removed my panties and walked up to him at the bar and slide my wet panties into his pocket. Needless to say about half hour later he was fucking my brains out on the verandah, I went out for a smoke and he followed, I lifted my skirt and slide onto him, we even managed to go doggy out there, the sheer thrill made me come and come all over him, and to finish it off I sucked his messy cock clean for him (thank god for big verandah’s).....
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Posted: Nov 06, 2006
Hi I’m a wedding photographer from Sydney and was doing a very class up market wedding at a posh hotel, when a girl I had been seeing casually texted to ask if I was in town. I told her to meet me at the hotel.

When she came up she was in a hot cocktail dress and I immediately got horny, so i got her a glass of champagne and told her to wait till after the bridal waltz.

When the happy couple finished their dance I went to bathrooms and my gorgeous companion followed. She was so horny watching me with my big lens, so she was wet when I started to finger her in the cubicle.

This made me ultra hard and it wasn’t long before I slid her dress up and her panties down and she found my hard dick sliding inside her.

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Posted: Nov 13, 2006
My wife was a bridesmaid at a friends wedding. Sitting at the bridal table right next to her was the bride’s sister. I spent a lot of time looking at my wife, so the bridesmaid must have thought I was making eyes at her.

The wedding wound up and we trundle off to the local pub to keep the party going. So we’re dancing along, when my wife wanders off to speak to some people she knew - in another part of the pub.

The bridesmaid makes her move and starts to get me into some dirty dancing. Closer and closer she gets as she grinds on my leg and breathes heavy on my neck. Feeling obliged not to go any further I extricate myself from her grasp and head to the loo.

Finishing off, I open the cubicle door there she is. She pushes me back in as she sticks her probing... read more

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