Blue Collar Sexcapades

August's's Sex Secrets theme is very hard and very, very hot! This month we want all your blue collar sexcapades; the plumbers, the waitresses, the builders, the maids... whatever happened, however it happened we want to hear about it! Invited the milkman in for a little morning flesh romp? Tell us about it. Took the barmaid home for some boozy bedroom madness? Tell us about it. And don't ever forget friends, each month the best Sex Secret entry takes home the cash award!!! So get writing!!!

August 2014 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Aug 05, 2014
I was in the horse racing industry and kept a secret for many years of one of the best sexual encounters I ever had.
One Saturday we had horses racing at a meeting on the mid north coast and had owners driving up for the weekend to attend the race meting from Sydney.
The stable was successful on he day and one of the owner's who had come up for the weekend with his wife and daughter invited me out for dinner to celebrate and help cheer up there daughter who was going through a tuff time with her fiancé.
After a fine night dinning and having (quite) a few ales our owners daughter suggested to her parents that maybe a could escort her out for a night on the town.
We all shared a lift from the restaurant and as I stepped out of the car the last words I heard were
"... read more
"she grabbed my hand and said why don't we share a cab and head back to your place"
Posted: Aug 08, 2014
After finally finding enough money to pay a deposit on a rental, and moving away from my train wreck of a marriage I decided with my closest friend to throw a housewarming party. Quite a few friends were invited but it was a busy weekend in town and it turned out that only six male friends and my girlfriend and I would be there that night.

I spent the day stocking up on drinks and eats, and finally the night descended and my guests began to arrive. When everyone was there I put the snacks in the oven to warm and poured countless number of cowboy cocksuckers for my thirsty guests. After downing a few drinks each, the night began to get very jolly...So jolly that I managed to burn all the food, so we had to be content with alcohol.

We turned the music louder and started to dance.... read more
"It was driving me crazy with desire and my dress and underwear began to get very wet"
It was November last year and my man was getting air conditioning installed. The van pulled up and two young men got out. Peeking through the blinds, they looked sexy as. They soon got to work and it wasn't long before their shirts came off as it was sweltering hot in the roof. Several times I was sure they caught me perving. It made me horny so I grabbed my man and made a hasty retreat to the bedroom where we got hot and sweaty together clearly within earshot of the tradies. After they had finished installing the aircon they came into the room we were in. One stood leaning against the door and the other in the middle of the room. My man and I were looking at each other feeling the unspoken but obvious sexual tension in the room. I asked if... read more
"My clothes were quickly slipped from my body as my man flipped the bed out and got his camera."
I had just been building a retaining wall and was hot and sweaty and decided to have a shower when i got out I realised all my clean clothes were upstairs. I looked thru the washing hamper and found a red pair of my wifes panties and a satin robe i quickly put them on and started up stairs.
My wife arrived home at that exact minute with her new best friend. I stood there absolutley speechless.
My wife looked at her friend and asked her what she should do. Her friend gave a sexy smile walked over and dropped to her knees and took me in her mouth.................... the rest is history.
I now always shower downstairs especially if I know the two sexiest ladies in my life are about to to come home.... read more
"I looked through the washing hamper and found a red pair of my wifes panties and a satin robe "
I was staying with friends interstate and hubby got called away overnight on business. After dinner I was having a glass of wine when my friend's wife asked me if I wanted anything before she went to bed. Jokingly I replied "I'd like something AFTER you go to bed". A few minutes later she called out to me. I found her lying on her bed in red suspenders, black stockings and bra. As I walked over she swung around, unzipped me and took me in her mouth. What followed was the hottest night I can remember. Next day we vowed to keep it to ourselves and never do it again - maybe!... read more
"As I walked over she swung around, unzipped me and took me in her mouth"
Posted: Aug 01, 2014
It was a summer day and searing hot. Hubby rang home from work to tell me someone was coming to fix our water heater. Melbournians know that Melbourne water remains cold even in summer. Anyway, told him okay, I will wait for repairman.

Repairman, or rather repair chick came. As she was fixing water heater, sweat poured all over her T-shirt making her huge, nice breast visible. I am not bi but just watching her sweat started my juices flowing.

Eventually fixed water heater and asked if she could shower as it was really hot. I said okay and I don't know why but I joked if I could join her. She winked at me and said come on babe. We barely had the water running and we were all over each other. I was so turned on with her sweating body... read more
"The feeling was so intense, Being taken from behind and licking a pussy at the same time."
I was in Hong Kong on business and I was booked into a 5 star hotel. After checking in, a young receptionist took me up to my suite. She was English, about 25, a real stunner and all class. She told me she had come to Hong Kong with her husband, but he could not keep his hands off the Asian girls, so they had parted. She said she worked long hours and then had to go home to a grotty little one room apartment. She had often wished she could spend just one night in a luxurious hotel room like mine, order room service and enjoy the spa bath. I asked her what time she finished work and she said midnight. I invited her to come to my room and I would buy her supper and champagne. She just smiled and left and I just hoped I hadn't... read more
"She loved that and asked if I would fuck her up the arse. I had never done that before"
My Favorite Sex Story:
Well it started off when i first hit 18, my Girlfriend of 7 months just broke my heart and thought it was appropriate to come to my 18'th. So as any man would i over reacted and instead of being myself was just trying to be with any other girl just to make her jealous and by god i did, i remember talking to 2 friends of my best mates and they must of known what i had in mind being its my 18'th. we got talking and me and the 2 girls got to my room and made out for a while, then half way through all the cloths coming off, my x walked in then ran off. i whipd my pants back on and ran after her. i caught upto her car and stopped her and we talked for awhile which turned into us making... read more
"i walkd into my room seeing the 2 girls i was with then seeing my dad pop out from under the rugs"
Posted: Aug 01, 2014
I was working driving a truck for a small company and they had the company chrissy party at the owners home. There was about 30 people at the party and even some of the older women that worked in the office brought their daughters. I was only in my early 20's and I ended up in the spa with one of the secretary's daughters who was 18 at the time. Not wanting to drink drive alot of us slept their and well we had a lot of fun that night. ... read more
"I ended up in the spa with one of the secretary's daughters who was 18 at the time"
Following a large storm, a large eucalypt tree out the front of my house was not looking so good, so I called an arborist that had done work for me before. She arrived only 15minutes of calling. I saw her car pull up so I went out to meet her, she was wearing a yellow tank top that showed off her very toned stomach, a small stud in belly button shone in the sunlight, blue shorts that flowed down to her long bronze legs. I greet with a kiss on her cheek. She was amazing, she had a wonderful personality, her large brown eyes, a smile that would make any guy melt, but what topped it all off was her amazing body.
After some small talk about the trees, she gave me the bad news that there days were numbered she was more disappointed…I looked her up and down again,... read more
"My tongue befriended her clit and she started to climax, I pulled away. She sighed and asked.."
I am a mature woman and I like to think I take care of myself. Reactions I get from male friends and people in the street says I am doing alright.

Anyway I was walking past a Fire Station and stopped to talk to a fireman. He invited me inside to have a look around and for a coffee and with no hesitation I accepted.

I enjoyed looking at the fire fighters gear and as he showed me the fire engine he was helping me step up inside the drivers cabin when I felt his hands around my waist and then slip down to gently touch between my legs. I realised what he was doing but dismissed it seeing just how far he was going to take this.
As he helped me down his hands were around my waist and up around my brests. Again he was obviously feeling for himself.

He invited me... read more
"He guided my head towards his stiff hard cock and i accepted it into my mouth....."
I really love my job as a bar person in an international hotel chain. Bar work suits me, I am a 34 DD so the starched white blouses still show my nipples (if they are aroused). Anytime we have to wear the promotional shirts the smallest one goes to me. We always sell lots of whatever I'm advertising.

Anyway, one night a awesome looking business man walked into my bar. He was Josh Holloway meets Patrick Dempsey. The suit was tailored made, to be expected, but the way it moved with him as he strode to the bar seemed to hypnotized me. His voice, deep, smooth, full, startled me for a split second, “single malt please, Laphroig if you have it” he ordered. Quickly my mind got back in job mode. “We have a ten year old sir” I replied. “Perfect,... read more
"This time as I poured his hand, like a warm velet glove went up between my legs"
Overall Winner
Posted: Aug 01, 2014
I was at my sisters place when the builder came to finish some work he had been doing for her, she was called away and asked me to make sure he has everthing he needs, with that came a gorgous smile on his face and my responce was sure thing sis.
She had only been gone 5min and he pushed passed me, rubbing up agaist me, I am a women who loves nice ass in jeans and a gorgous smile and I melt, well I'm sure he saw me melt and in one single movement grabed me and started passionatly kissing and caressing my breast, I was soooooo wet i couldn't help myself, I lead him to the bedroom I use when I stay, we fell onto the bed and continued on our merry way, it was so wild I couldn't beleive my luck, all of a sudden we heard my... read more
"She had only been gone 5 minutes and he pushed passed me, rubbing up agaist me....."
As usual, I stayed over at Maggies place ... and we shared the big bed I stayed.

I'd go to the bathroom, while she changed, and got into bed ... She would lean over, kiss me on the cheek, and say "Nite Karl" ... "Nite Maggie" I'd reply ... and sleep.

I came back down the dark hallway from the bathroom this particular night, and there was this breathtaking sight. Maggie was just removing her bra, and these huge, beautiful breasts like watermelons were there in full view. She went on to undo her suspender belt, take off her stockings, and then her panties ... wow ... my heart was racing as I saw her naked.

Her pussy had this lovely thick black hair ... her waist was narrow, and she began to powder herself ... then she was in bed.

I climbed in, "night Karl"... read more
"She moved me down to her breasts, where I sucked them, then on down to her pussy, where I"
Posted: Aug 01, 2014
In-Laws came to stay, all went out to a show, except my partner's aunt, and me.

It was a hot night, Aunty Margaret said "I'm going for a quick swim", "Me too" I said, so into the pool we went.

She did look good in her bikini, and moved so gracefully, I started to get hard. I quickly put these thoughts from my mind.

Next thing, I saw her floundering. I reached out to her, and swam back to the side of the pool. She was a bit puffed, and with the softnesss of her flesh, I began to get hard again.

As she came to the edge, her legs somehow went either side of my hips, and she settled lower, I couldnt move my hard cock away before she felt it between her legs.

She looked at me, I said to her, "Its O K ... we will move up the shallow... read more
"I could feel her cumming as she gasped, holding me tight.. I could feel my own intense throbbing"
Well the night started with our friends wedding. By 2am the reception was winding down and me being a non drinker got nominated to drop some friends of on the way home.When we arrived at their house the mrs discovered there below ground pool.It was bloody cold this night but she was well toped with burbon by this time and so decided to strip and go for a dip. After 10 minutes i managed to get her out of the pool and into the car for the jurney home, but she had another plan and that was to go to our spot behind the water storage plant that supplies our city. So there we are at 2.30am in the morning going for it on the car bonnet. What happen next is even to me hard to believe,the bloody cops turned up. Now when my wife is drunk she says whats... read more
"Well within 2 minutes my wife was getting done by 2 cops right there in the open, i couldnt believe"
Josh and I had been friends for a while. The day we met, he kept trying to kiss me and grab my ass. The usual perverted stuff that continued with me thinking he was ‘joking’ because I was too self conscious to notice otherwise.

When we started talking about sex, it was because there had been a sex scene in the movie we’d been watching. It appeared totally innocent.

“Have you ever had an orgasm?” he asked.

I giggled. “Of course. Why would you ask that?”

“Well, I just’re a virgin...”

“Well, you don’t need another person to have an orgasm. I thought you knew that.”

“I do,” he replied. “I just wasn’t sure. Does anything weird happen when you cum?”

“What do you mean?” I was confused. Was he asking if I squirt or something?

“My girlfriend said she goes blind sometimes after an orgasm when I’ve been going down on her. Has that ever happened... read more
"He licked my tongue lightly when I pushed it to our lips, and I groaned, my whole body spasming"
Posted: Aug 14, 2014
It was only a matter of weeks ago when I had a fantastic experience with a courier driver. Liz and I had been flirting with each other for about a year when I suggested we should have some hot sex. Liz was in her mid forties a BBW and working for a small national medical courier company. Over the last year she was confiding in me that she wasn't getting it from her husband. Every time Liz made a delivery I got a hard on which she could through my jeans. Liz always gave a smile and a wink as she knew I wanted her. When I asked Liz she said yes immediately and kissed me on lips. When she kissed me I wanted to fuck her on the spot in the back of her van. Liz calmed me down and proposed we get a room at cheap hotel. Liz... read more
"Liz calmed me down and proposed we get a room at cheap hotel"
Posted: Aug 22, 2014
I worked for a guy who's business wasn't doing so well and after I accepted the job I knew it wasn't going to last but he was paying me a lot to try and fix his shop. Normally I wouldn't have taken the gig but he was good with the gab and I said yes. it was only about 4 staff for the store, him his wife and one of his daughters. Now I was only going to stay for a month but after seeing his daughter I reconsidered. she was 18 gorgeous and had the most amazing smile. She used to come help out maybe once or twice a week for a few hours, just to help her parents. We used to flirt a lot and she was very shy or so I thought. She came in after uni and she was in gym clothes, she went into the... read more
"I went straight up to her and kissed her with my hands all over her body."

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