Ever copulated beneath the Christmas tree? Ever unwrapped the missus? Perhaps you've emptied your fellas big sack Christmas morning? What ever the scenario, we want to hear about all your real life Xmas shag sessions! What better way to celebrate the festive season than with a fat cash award from RedHotPie??? So get writing now, the hotter the better!

December 2009 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Dec 01, 2009
My family always used to swing down to Tallangatta for the hols, as we rolled up to our usual spot in 99' I was feelin a bit over it to be honest. There were always a few families that joined us and as we all got together for dinner that first night I spied The Andrews clan who hadn't joined us for a good six or seven years. The last I remembered of them was theri annoying kid Meagan who would shadow me, I wanted to kill her, but when her dad got posted to Brisbane we didnt see them again; until now. I was sitting around the fire when she walked in and joined the circle. She was tall and slender, a brunette with the most beautiful face and skin that seem shimmer as the fire light fell upon it.

Meagan Andrews had been all of eleven or... read more
"When she looked up at me with those big eyes I just about blew her head off..."
Posted: Dec 16, 2009
Well when I was 23, I was on my way to visit some relatives overseas
for Xmas, it was The night before xmas eve and it was going to be a
long flight to my destination. When I boarded the plane I found myself
seated right at the back next to the window, no one else was sitting
next to me until a lady came and sat next to me. We got talking and
she said she had 2 of her children on the plane seated up the front.
Anyway we took off and it wasn't, long till she got up and walked to
the front to check on her kids. A short time later I saw this quite
attractive girl walking down the isle, she was looked about 22 quite
tall long dark hair some nice firm breasts pushin out her tight little
shirt and these amazing legs with... read more
"I could feel my head hitting against the back of her mouth and she sucked it with such force "
Posted: Dec 16, 2009
And as soon as we got
in there we both madly undressed each other, i pressed her against the
wall and started to suck on her tits then proceed to work my way down
to her thighs where I lick and softly kissed the insides of her legs,
she spread her legs appart and pushed my head into her hot little
pussy, I sucked her clit and she imediatly began to shake I kissed her
soft lips and then stuck my tongue inside her very wet pussy and
proceeded to tongue fuck her until she was moaning and cumming all
over my face, she actually tasted quite nice. I then stuck 2 fingers
into her and started to rub her g spot and she started to shake all
over and she must have cum several times until her legs gave way and
she sat on the seat... She was in... read more
"so I picked her up and bent her over to take her from behind. Her ass looked so good "

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