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March 2019 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Mar 01, 2019
Whilst I don't identify as bi sexual, my best sex experience was a twisty one. This goes back couple of years. I met a couple on one of the parties I attended. We clicked quite quickly and were playing together in no time. We found we were quite compatible as conversations and communication while playing was easy and fluid. Did the normal things like me going down on her while she was giving her friend a sensual blow job, spit roasting and the normal threesomes stuff.

One thing led to the other, and we ended up in a position where I was fucking her doggy style and she was in a 69 with her friend. He kind of indicated he wanted to play with my balls. I was a bit wary because I am straight. But given the position I was in, I didn't say no. It soon led to... read more
"'Whilst I don't identify as bi sexual, my best sex experience was a twisty one...'"
Posted: Mar 02, 2019
Sara was amazing. When i first dated her we flirted and tease each to no end by txt, video chat or any which we could.

I was working fifo at the time, which meant disposable income. The first we shared each other was an amazing room at the Treasury Casino. We fumbled and toyed with each other for a ages that night. Sara had never been with another man beside her ex husband i think i was something fresh something taboo. As a fifo you spend a lot of time wishing and hoping for thing out of the norm. Tonight my first night back i had thought about, mulled over and gone over every possible scenario, how wrong i was.

We meet at the casino and shared a chat, a drink and a nervous conversation or two before checking out the room. We showered and played as people do. After... read more
"'I was determined to give her what she so desperately sought...'"
Well a few years ago I had the opportunity to fuck someone who I had Wanted to for ages. I received a phone call from let's say that her name is Georgia ( not her real name ) telling me that she has to talk to me. She had a problem which she needed help with. Georgia was worried about getting hurt and I laughed and jokingly said that I wouldn't hurt her but she would definitely enjoy it. I told my girlfriend that I had to go out from a whole not telling her where I was going to. I took off towards Georgia's. On arrival I found the front door unlocked and agar. I knocked and called out hello. No answer so I cautiously entered. I had only taken a few steps whenever I heard Georgia say 'don't come any closer until you lose the jeans and the... read more
"'seconds later she was on her knees in front of me...'"
Posted: Mar 03, 2019
My wife at the time and I had an old school friend of mine over for dinner one night. A drink and a smoke were had by all and then she turns and asks me if we could ask him something? I knew full well what she meant as I had dirty talked a fantasy involving said friend during sex a few times - but I couldn't quite believe she had the guts to do it. Well she bloody well asked and it just happened: first a cuddle whilst she watched me, then I thought fuck it and unzipped for her to suck me. Suddenly she had a cock in each hand and was greedily gobbling away. I was happy. Soon we took turns railing her from each end with ovligatory high fives. Good times. After a goodly fucking she let me finger her arse a while until she was... read more
"'Suddenly she had a cock in each hand and was greedily gobbling away...'"
Posted: Mar 04, 2019
It was an evening when my wife and I were partying, it was my wifes workmates birthday. There were lots of people there in a cosy lodge which had a main dance floor area, then little snug areas where people could venture off to have a quiet chat or something more intimate. My wife would often flirt, especially after a few drinks. As the night wore on we were both mingling, but it caught my eye that a young guy, many years my wifes junior was paying particular attention to her. They were flirting heavily with each other and as I turned away,( I was about 20 meters away), he moved towards her and gave her a short kiss on the lips. As the night wore on it happened again several more times and it was causing my member to get aroused and buldge in my pants. About 10 minutes... read more
"walked her through to the same snug area she had been in and gave her such a big workout"
Overall Winner
Posted: Mar 04, 2019
To understand us better? if you've read our profile, you will understand how we tick!!

Now to our story ??

Lazy weekend, we both were in need of a sexual smorgasbord!! We both mannaged to keep our distance from each other the night before as we had already planned what we were going to do that next morning?

Having had a shower hubby led me into our play room. Having nothing on than a cheeky dress & no nickers i laid on the massage table. I was fully bound, wrists, ankles, knees. Helpless i was blindfolded & ball gagged. I then felt something wet, a small butt plug fill my bum. His plan was to leave me like this as i had to wait for my punishment. He closed the door, house locked & alarm set he then went for a short walk down along the... read more
"'All forms of erotic thoughts were running through my head...'"
Posted: Mar 05, 2019
Im 20ys joking with a hot 45 yr in the pool.

how she said she had her clit pierced among the sexual innuendos been thrown about. I called her on it and she wasnt bluffing, grabbing my hand she pushed it down her bikini bottoms and pressed it hard against her dressed clit. There was a piercing. Her tits pushed right against me as where stuck together in the ring. I get brave and go for the kiss which she returns still holding my hand firm. With my other hand i grab her arse tight pulling her closer. As i begin to kiss her neck and nibble her ear lobes. She releasesa my hand grabbing my rock hard dick. She just pulls it out and wraps her legs around me, taking my full dick in one. She was so tight it was unreal.even in water she rode me lile id never... read more
"'I called her on it and she wasn't bluffing...'"

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