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Its January friends, a new year is upon us and we want to hear about your first time having sex! That doesn't just mean your first lap around the coital track, it can be the first time you experienced any sexy act, be it a position, a three way, a location, a toy... anything at all. So get a writing, the hotter and more descriptive the better! And don't forget, if you're judged number one you'll be enjoying a lovely cash award!

January 2009 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Jan 03, 2009
Everything is always more exciting the first time, right? Especially when it's something as sexy as experimenting with your sexuality. I will always remember the first time I was with a girl. It has changed me forever; made me realise the beauty of what it is to be with another woman.

I was 16 and she was 15, and we had both been strictly straight up until that point. We had always considered ourselves to be ruled by cock. But then it was almost as if we discovered the beauty of ourselves; the beauty of another woman.

I remember the first time I touched her- really touched her. We were friends in school and one night a regular girls night turned into a steamy, passionate embrace. I bit my lip in anticipation and snuggled closer, taking in her perfume, and the smell of her hair.

I ran my fingers through... read more
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Posted: Jan 04, 2009
i was at a party at my sister's friends place, on the night of my birthday. I had flirted with bec before, and we had done a little kissing and feeling, but we could both tell tonight was going to be a special one.

we told my sister that bec would give me a ride home, and they didnt have to wait around, so they left and we were suddenly alone. I went and sat on the couch with bec and said 'no one here to hold us back this time!'. she didnt reply, just kissed me hard and took my hand, and led me to the bedroom.

All the way down the hallway we were getting closer and closer and by the time we got there my hands were exploring her all over. We both stopped kissing for a second and ripped our clothes off, and pressed our bodies... read more
Posted: Jan 04, 2009
My first wife introduced me to anal sex. Not receiving, just giving - she liked a little "up the bum" as she called it, and I, poor young fool that I was had knocked back previous requests to deliver this service....aye carumba! The thought of one old flame in particular still gives me cause to slap myself around the head, when I knocked back her request to "assfuck". What a dope...anyway, back to my first time delivering. We were both 25 and loved sex, after she had sucked my cock hard, I went down on her (I've always loved eating pussy), licking, sucking and flicking (as you do) with a finger here and there and she raised her legs so I could rim her ass. She did this to me regularly so I knew she liked it and was happy to oblige. She helped me by spreading her cheeks for... read more
Posted: Jan 05, 2009
yesturday was the best ever sex ive had laying there with him after a big nite of sex i was starting to full asleep as he still kept pumping me mmmmmm, that was hot, had a sleep, then woke up and had mad orgasm as he fingered me and put vibrating bullet on my pussy till i came mmmmmmm my legs were shaking and i squirtered all over his fingers the look in he's eyes as my muscles tighty contracted around hes fingers drove him insane, he then inserted he penis back in my pussy and i kept cuming and my legs kept shaking it was hot this went on all day.
We finally finished up by him suckn my huge nipples then i deepthroated him till he came. cant wait to do it all again.... read more
Posted: Jan 06, 2009
Got fucked by three different guys once when I went out. Came home and hubby cleaned me up without knowing that I was full of other men's cum.

First guy that fucked me had followed me into the girl/guys toile, fondled me, and fucked me in the toilet until he came. When I was leaving the club, this cute guys offered me a lift home with his friend. They both fucked me in the car and came inside me. In fact they both fucked me twice each. The first of these two guys who fucked me had licked my pussy before fucking me, not realising that I had just been fucked and was full of jizz.

Second guy who fucked me was the driver and he was soo horny that he came inside me in less than three minutes. The first guy was hard again and fucked me again, before... read more
Posted: Jan 07, 2009
I have a casual sex partner who cums to visit me from time to time. I get a call saying she's coming over with a friend so im like nooo "a third wheel". When they arrive i turn on the tv, hand her the remote and take my girl to my room where she begins to suck me sideways. Within minutes her friend walks in and without saying a word, starts licking my balls whilst im getting deepthroated.
I get thrown on the bed then one decides to ride me while the other decides to fuck my face.
I bend them two over then double doggy it while using my fingers to keep them screaming.
After making them sit ontop of eachother whilst i go down on them both, they started kissing and caressing eachothers tits.
I immediatly i got into that 3way kiss and whist humping my ass off we all erupted in... read more
Posted: Jan 08, 2009
where do i start new years eve went out to celebrate when i was at a club getting a drink when some fine as girl come over to me and started kisssing me i thort wicked not bad she was blonde bomsheell so i just fort yes ill see wht happeens next she told me her name and it was my gf back in skool 1 st shag she was hot so we ended u back on the dance floor in the club rubing her clit whilst she is grinding on my cock after 2 seconds she grabed my hand took me in to the disabled toilets had a short skirt on and bent over grabed the bar and got my cock and pulled it in her pussy at this point i was racing in her pussy she was screaming her hand was rubing my balls... read more
Posted: Jan 09, 2009
I had my first real orgasim at 35, it was a very late warm night, had this secret lustful crush on my neighbor for several years. On this particular night, i was extra horny and the vibrator was not doing it for me, well i ventured next door and knocked. He answered the door to veiw me in my next to nothing sleeping attire, smile slipping to his lips.
He invited me in for a cool drink. After an hour i was starting to warm up and slide towards him, he smiled at me with anticipation, i started to rub his leg smiling, I asked if he would like to make love, he abliged very quickly and said he has been dying to taste me and make love to me since i first moved in next door.I said i was sexually attracted to him too and was always watching him move... read more
Posted: Jan 10, 2009
I had recently ended a relationship. It had only lasted three months, but it had gotten into my head in a way that was making it hard to think clearly. I decided a holiday away was the answer and headed off for two weeks of sun and sand, hopefully the break would put me right.

Well for the best part of the two weeks it rained and I was room-bound, with dvd’s the only solution. This wasn’t really what I had hoped for, but any holiday is better than no holiday at all so I made the most of it.

Luckily with only a couple of days left the rain cleared. The golden sunlight broke through the curtains and had me wide awake even though it was just past 6am. Liking the change of fortune I walked across the road to the beach. It was when I was near the... read more
Posted: Jan 10, 2009
About ten years ago, I had a lover who had erectile problems, as he was a lot older than me. I was having some spontaneous experiences of Tantric sex, and on this particular occasion, after helping him orgasm, I got him to put his soft Lingam on my Yoni, while I held him tight on top of me, all chakras connected up to the heart.
I ‘grew’ a large energy lingam from my solar plexus about 12 cm in diameter, and 20 cm long, and moved him as if I were moving in and out of his solar plexus. Oh WOW, I had NEVER felt such exhilaration, and complete whole body pleasure, the equivalent of ten orgasms together!!! When I reached such a height, I got him to start... read more
Posted: Jan 14, 2009
it was about 2 years ago, and i was at a club i had been going to since i could remember, it was an underground RNB club, real oldskool beats and the DJ that night was playing ALL the right songs at just the right times...he was making me wet just by playing tracks...i have to admit, i was alot more than curious. I started dancing infront of his booth, letting him know it was for him...and towards the end of yet another great track i took in a shot of tequilla and placed it in between my breasts, held the lemon in my mouth, and sprinkled salt at the base of my neck..he knew exactly what he had to do, it happened so fast, he was like a wild animal, he kissed me so deeply that i felt myself tingle, i wedged myself in between his chair and the... read more
Posted: Jan 18, 2009
Summertime Ido some hay harvesting. Recently I was harvesting fora woman just atthe edge ofa nearby township. She is a pretty blond lady, originally from Denmark, with two little girls.
We were picking up the hay. The two girls watched but soon tired ofthat and returned tothe house. It was very hot, and lifting bales is always hard. Ladies usually find lifting the bales ofhay onto the trailer is too difficult but she was doing just fine. I said "you are obviously very fit". She said "I try to be" smiling seductively. We took the last hay and stacked itin the hot corrugated iron shed. By the time we finished wewere sweating profusely and I again complemented her saying "You look radiant with sweat pouring down from good honest work". She simply said "thanks" and started to turn away but then instead... read more
Posted: Jan 21, 2009
The evening was perfect as we got out of the car, with just a slight chill in the air making my nipples hard...or maybe it was the could see them clearly thru the thin material of the top that I wore without the need of a bra. As we walked toward the house together, I could see hubby admiring my breasts bouncing gently.

We had met the guy who answered the door, here, once before when the 3 of us had chatted over a few drinks...that night had ended quietly with us both sharing our 1st kiss out in the quiet night air as hubby & I were leaving. A small moan had slipped from me while my body arched towards his as our lips explored slowly.

Now we kissed in greeting, sampling our memories, for a moment...before we sat down with drinks, to relax, together on the lounge...until we moved... read more
Posted: Jan 24, 2009
My First: for your amusement

Not a particularly sexy story but some may find it amusing and thats fun too.

A young sailor i was. Never had that gift that the ladies like and so found myself still a

virgin at 18 and posted to HMAS Harman in Canberra. Now I don't know what Canberra is

like now but it didn't seem to me then like a place where i was going to find what i was

seeking. By my 18th year to have a woman had gone way beyond a desire, it had become

a need. So i looked up the local brothel in the newspaper, tucked a few dollars into my

pocket hoping to christ it was enough and trotted off to finally, fully enjoy the female form

for myself... get laid.

I still remember the feeling as i lifted my knuckles to knock at the door. The Madam... read more

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