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This month we're going old-school friends! Yes we're all about Romance in February... romance that got you laid! We want to hear about the success stories, the flowers, the chocolates but more importantly, the nookie you scored as a result! The hotter the better! And don't forget, the best entry each months scores a cash award!"

February 2009 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Feb 09, 2009
When my ex and I were on the verge of breaking up we lost all our inhabitions and decided we are going to indulge in a 3some. She was given the ok to scout for cock.

A few weeks after the intial conversation I had all but forgotten giving the ok to bring an extra dick home for some fun...

Until one night, I went to bed early for work, she'd gone out with mates. At about 4am I awoke, she was home.

As she slipped into bed I couldnt help but notice the sound of an extra pair of footsteps coming down the hallway.

As the lights flicked on and my eyes adjusted to the light I was met with the confronting image of my girl sucking a mysterious new friends dick at the side of the bed.

Needless to say after some 5 hours of playtime...We both agreed giving the go ahead to... read more
Posted: Feb 11, 2009
This is a position that my boss taught me yes he is i guy and it was a bit imbarassing when he grab me in the position like i was a girl and pretended to fuck me. anyway back to the position you grab the girl buy the legs and place her shines under ur arm and use her legs as leavers this let u carry all he waight with ease and puts u in the right spot to go a fast or as slow as she wants it also let u penertrate as deep as if her legs wer behind her head this is how i first made my girlfrend squrt the only problem is i have to make her squrt al the time now but i geuss thing could be worse least she dont tell me she is sore now just to... read more
Posted: Feb 11, 2009
We met in high school and as it goes we both got involved with other people and moved on with our lives but there was always that spark that never fades. I ran into him at a bar one night and thats where things got heated I saw him walk into the room He looked so sexy i squirmed. It seems like a lifetime ago I felt nervous but excited all at the same time and had to pass him as I walked towards the bar and i smiled.As I sipped my drink the image of his strong body pressed against me warmed my cheeks .I walked to the ladies and i knew he was watching I entered the room and looked up to see him behind me his eyes sparkling with mischief. I leant into him his scent filled my nose and I sighed knowing that it had... read more
Posted: Feb 15, 2009
I headed back to my old hometown for a visit with the olds. And of course I run into the guy i'd had the hots for as a senior but we had been "just friends". So of course i'm happy to see him looking as buff as ever only now he had the look of a man. so boy was I eager to renew the aquaintence. It turns out that he was now engaged to a lovely woman with the best set of huge breasts. So while we were hanging out together I happened to let it slip that I'm bi-sexual and before I know it the talk has turned sexy. one thing leads to another and we all end up in thier bedroom for a hot and sexy threesome. Not only do I get to suck and fuck the cock I had... read more
Posted: Feb 15, 2009
She was one of those girls that had a good body and she knew it. I used to watch her plying net ball in that skimpy dress that was way to short. I knew I did not stand a chance with her, she was one of the in crowd and I wasn't. met her again in Bangkok some 15 yrs later we met up and went to dinner. there was something in the way she looked at me. So being slightly full of dutch courage I asked her. What so amusing. she then grabbed my foot took of my shoe and gently placed it againist her soaked g string. and she whispered that she had been keen on me back then also needless to say I din't wait for dessert I picked up my shoe paid the bill and went to get a taxi back to my hotel. She wasn't... read more
Posted: Feb 19, 2009
After reading the stories that are already posted I think it's safe to say that my story is a little bit different in that it doesn't relate to meeting up with old school friends years later.

At school I had an average size group of friends which included quite a number of boys. Most of us were single at the time and at that age where sex is a predominate thought in your mind. Having not had much sexual experience at that time of our lives we all decided that we would experiment with one another. I had a threesome with two of the guys but what I'm most thankful for is the opportunity of learing the art of giving a great headjob. At that time in my life watching porn was like a school lesson. One of the boys and I would position ourselves infront of the television in... read more
Posted: Feb 24, 2009
My teenage sweetheart and I made arrangements to catch up for a bonking session. We were at a motel.To my surprise he brought a friend along. While one was eating my pussy, the other had his cock in my mouth. They filled my ass and pussy at the same time and it felt so fucking good. They both then had turns at fucking my pussy. I was so full of cum. They went home and I stayed at the motel. I called a male friend of mine who was bisexual and he came to the motel, he was so horny and loved the taste of cum he late all that cum out of my pussy and then sucked it all, then proceeded to fuck all my holes... read more
Overall Winner
Posted: Feb 27, 2009
It was a day like any other. I'd had a hard day at work and was sexually frustrated because of being to busy go to out and pick up.
I was standing on the train home, which was over packed as usual, with nothing to hold onto so when the train jerked i stumbled and fell against someone.
I turned to say sorry and found myself looking up into the eyes of a guy i though i woud never see again.
My old primary school sweetheart, we had been so close when we were young but when i moved country we lost touch.
We spent the train ride home catching up unable to believe that we still recognised each other. As we got into the station we laughed at how young we were and how much had changed since. The major difference obviously being how we had grown into our bodies and matured.
We got... read more

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