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March 2009 Submitted Sex Secrets

Overall Winner
Posted: Mar 04, 2009
I never saw his face. He walked thru the door as I could only just see thru the blindfold. But I didn't want to see his face - I wanted to keep it a mystery. Just his voice and the suspense was killing me. As I lay there with stockings, suspenders, bra and knickers I knew in a short time they would be on the floor.

I heard his footsteps getting closer to the bed, I was so wet with anticipation, just the thought of his touch sent shivers down my spine. He was at the right side of the bed now. I felt his knee leaning on the bed getting comfortable. The first kiss was so soft and tender on my lips, I tried to search out his mouth but was told - No, I was to receive pleasure first! He started... read more
Posted: Mar 10, 2009
You fuck me deeper and deeper...Filling and unfilling me. Hard, strong and unrelenting you fuck...beaded sweat drops hurrying away from your body, its saltiness jumping from yours to mine as above me you plunge. Seeking my inner depth, I languish and relish your width. Fuckingly you carry on...my nails digging into your slippery, shiny back...yours ass tightens as it squeezes and unsqueezes in my other hand. I push you further, begging you with my hips...your chest liquid on mine, hot and wet rubbing against my nipples with every pump...cum baby cum.
I can feel the tension starting in your legs...your ass...your spine. Your warm, horny, moaning breath against my ear...cum baby cum.
One last long thrust and I feel you, furiously, angrily your fluid bursts from within...escaping, erupting.
I feel every twitch, every spasm of your cock as your arch your back, spurting deeply inside me. Your face taut...twisted beautifully, and... read more
Posted: Mar 11, 2009
What to give a girl for birthday? My guy wasn't stumped for long. He teed up three of his very luscious friends to work the same shift and I went to visit him at work on the night shift to collect my present. I was a little shy at first, I'd never done anythng like this before, but he and his best friend warmed me up very quickly. His friend kissed my neck and caressed my breasts as my guy slowly peeled off my top and threw it aside. They both worked their hands over my arching form. I gasped as they tasted and explored me while they slipped my skirt and panties off. And what do you know, there I was standing there in nothing but high heels and four eager guys caressing and licking me.

We headed for the bed and they all gently ran their hands over sliding... read more
Posted: Mar 16, 2009
This story, as in all great sexcapades, starts with a text, has a blindfold in the middle and an orgasm at the end. The birthday surprise started a week before.

The first text was - 6 days 2 go 2 ur best brthday evr. Everyday had texts. Thinkng of you rthr than work - I can smell u - I want to lick u vry slowly - I am hard 4 u. All sent at different times of the day and night.

A letter arrived on Thurs - You will find enclosed $200 - go late night shopping and buy the sexiest underwear you can find. I want you to look at yourself in the mirror and think about what I will be looking at and where I want to touch you.

Today is the day - have your hair and makeup done by 5pm - be... read more
Posted: Mar 20, 2009
This was a few years ago but I was sent to Geraldton in WA to assist the locals in catching up on some outstanding work. One of the jobs I had to do was at a hotel and as I was there all day I indulged in a counter lunch and a few beers. The girl / woman that bought out my meal was very friendly and we indulged in a bit of the normal conversation that goes on in country hotels which I dismissed as typical country hospitality. I noticed that the hotel was set up for a live band so I decided to check it out during the weekend. I settled in for a few quiet drinks and listen to the live band. After awhile the woman who had served me my meal came up and we continue our conversation. We had a few drinks and she suggested... read more
Posted: Mar 20, 2009
I used to live in single mens quarters and as a result there were many comings and goings of girls. I used to take out a particular girl however it did not work out and we parted good friends. A few months late she started dating another guy from the same quarters. One night I heard them come home and adjourn to his room which was next to mine. Well the activities that started suggested they were in the process of getting it off. All of a sudden I heard her say, you drunken bum I am going. Next my door opened and in she came. I made out I was asleep but thru half closed eyes I saw her removed her clothes. Stark naked she came to my bed and pulled down the sheets, hopped in and began giving my cock a good work over. Well, after a good... read more
Posted: Mar 27, 2009
I was at Crystal Ts quite a few years ago and after watching the strippers, was having a few drinks with the managers of the club. The door opened and in walked five guys and when I saw the third one, I was in love.

He came over to speak with the managers who he knew and I was introduced to him. M'mm, he was so hot I was just dying to get him into my bed. When he was leaving, I put the hard word on him.

We went outside and I found out he was a cop. I've never sobered up as quickly in my life :)

To cut a long story short, he asked for my address and phone number and showed up at 3am.

I have never been married, but I had a husband for 23 years; he just wasn't mine!... read more

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