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This month it's all about shaggin' on the sly! We want to hear about all the quiet, sneaky little sex sessions you've had. Maybe it was that painfully silent romp while someone slept in the same room, or perhaps you snuck off to the copy room and had a secret lunchtime hook-up with a co-worker. Whatever your sneaky shag story is, we want to hear about it, and remember, the best entry will take home a cash award!

August 2018 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Aug 01, 2018
It all started when I was with one of my co-workers during our lunch time company walks. Helle was mid forties and a really hot MILF.

During our walk Helle and I had got separated from the rest of the group and about half way through when Helle started talking about her husband preferring women with no underwear on while wearing a mini skirt. I listened while Helle talked about it, when she told me she wasn't wearing any underwear while wearing her exercise gear on. Instanlty I was hard the thought of her with no underwear on turned me on. When we got back we went into our workplace walk-in cold room to cool off. Helle saw that I was hard and asked me if I would like a feel of her breasts. Helle's nipples were hard and erect and as soon as I was feeling her breast Helle... read more
"'She told me she wasn't wearing any underwear...'"
Posted: Aug 01, 2018
When I was 16 years my mate had this great party for Birthday, At the end of the night I was sleeping in some ones bed, and at about 4am I felt a hand on my cock. it was my mates mum she was very horney, we fucked till the sun came up. ( I fell asleep in his mums bed )... read more
"'At about 4am I felt a hand on my cock...'"
Posted: Aug 01, 2018
waiting for that message from Officer Hottie to say 'im on duty and in the area' always has me on wet and excited like nothing else. The first time was such a rush, 8am message to meet at this particular underground shopping center carpark. I reversed my car up and waited ever so patiently for him to arrive. we had chatted for awhile online so there was an instant spark the moment he turned up, I already had no panties on so he put his hand up my dress to feel i was already soaking wet from the anticipation. He pushed me into the back of my car and devoured my pussy like no one had ever before. it was a quick but intense meet as he was on duty and in a hurry so i totally didnt mind! we said our goodbyes and I went upstairs shopping and dreaming... read more
"'I was already soaking wet from the anticipation...'"
Overall Winner
Posted: Aug 01, 2018
We recently went away with our sports team to compete and shared a dorm with 40 others. All were bunk beds. M had the top and F had the bottom. One night we went to bed early and both up on top bunk. Lights still on and people awake winding down for the night. I backed my wet pussy onto my mans nice rock hard cock knowing he couldn’t resist and also knowing he would be worried about getting caught. We shagged very slowly and sensually trying not to rock the bunk. As it was getting harder to keep that slow rhythm and not bonk each other’s brains out, I slid down under the blanket side on and sucked my juices off. I continued giving him head and was giggling to myself as people walked past as M tried to contain himself. I got a few taps on the head... read more
"'knowing he couldn’t resist and also knowing he would be worried about getting caught...'"
Posted: Aug 01, 2018
Afew years back I got invited around to one of my work mates places,

for a bbq and swim. The weather was scorching so I headed over. I knew

She had invited Afew of her other friends. Hubby was out of town so I was

Expecting her to be a little wild.

I got to her place and headed for the sidegate. She was laying by the pool

With 4 other lady’s having a glass of wine. Her son and his mates were over

Muck around in the pool.

Being the oldest guy there I was cooking the bbq. Kate yelled out to her son

To o grab the meat for me. He got out of the pool and started walking over to

Us. I couldn’t help but notice the huge bulge in his swimmers. They could hardly

Contain it. Kate introduced us and with that he went and got... read more
"'I couldn’t help but notice the huge bulge in his swimmers...'"
Posted: Aug 02, 2018
My best mate and our girlfriends had all gone to Brisbane for a summer festival.

Us all being 18 and excited with little cash booked a family room with an amazing view over the CBD.

We had an awesome time at the festival and all come back drunk and 'high' on life ofcourse.

Once we though they had fallen asleep my girlfriend nuzzled her perfect tight ass up to me , which of course I was rock hard.

She whispered in my ear " stick your fingers in my mouth when you feel my about to cum" .

It was so hard not to treat her like I normally do with out friends lying 4ft away but we made the most of it.

Luckily she was on the pill as I drained my balls deep inside her tight little 18yo snatch when she bit down hard on my fingers .

The next day talking to my mate... read more
"'My girlfriend nuzzled her perfect tight ass up to me'"
Posted: Aug 02, 2018
When i was 19 I was with my girlfriend on the couch watching some action movies. As the usual late teen phase, things got heated and we started making out, eventually leading to sex. We were under the blankets and I was slowly fucking her from the side making sure that her mum doesnt hear us.

Suddenly, her mum walked through the kitchen to the living room and proceeded to sit down. At that time, my cock was still in her and I could feel her juices slowly dripping down onto my thighs. Instead of pulling out, we proceeded to keep fucking whilst her mum sad 2 meters away from us. I eventually finished my load whilst talking to the mother and that was one of the most eventful evenings of my life.... read more
"'Suddenly, her mum walked through the kitchen to the living room...'"
Posted: Aug 02, 2018
I used to work at a Videogame store. I was the assistant manager and we hired a girl, young, cute and a bit nerdy. We got along really well, like too well. It started off with a kiss after a work meeting, to flirting the whole shift, rubbing myself discretely against her ass. She would "accidentally" rub her hand against my crotch knowing I was hard. We were touching each other and talking dirty the whole time.

I remember I had to do her first monthly review and she passed with flying colours as she had my cock in her mouth after we closed.

I always rostered her on with me. One day I told her to go on her break in the tiny storeroom we had and get herself wet for me. I would be serving customers and whenever I had to go out the back she would get on... read more
"'Whenever I had to go out the back she would get on her knees...'"
Posted: Aug 06, 2018
There a modern art museum on the harbour in Sydney. My ex and I went down to have a look at a pop art exhibition and have lunch by the water as it was a beautiful day.

As we are looking around there is an installation in the form of a maze. My ex and I decide to enter, but what they don't tell you is that the maze is in complete darkness, you can't see the hands in front of you face. Well we are in so we keep going. Now the only way I can figure out how to navigate is the put my hands out in front of me and walk forward slowly with my ex following behind me. We can hear other people in there and the voices seem to be getting closer until we run into a group of people. I know for sure a couple... read more
"'I hear what I could swear is the sound of sucking...'"
Posted: Aug 21, 2018
So this one is more about what my girlfriend got up to on the sly.

It was her housemates birthday so the two girls threw a party.

As the night dragged on we all left the house in search of more drink and a bit of a dance out in town. One of the guys took a shine to my girlfriend buying her drinks, giveing her a dance. I didn’t mind, she was naturally flirty and she was having fun. Plus the sight was always a turn on for me. Especially when I saw him reach his hands around her chest and try to lift up her skirt.

The night went on and I was ready to get her home and undressed. She however offered the guy a place to stay as he lived a bit of a distance. When asked why she invited him over she just smiled and... read more
""I kissed her in the cab and turned her head to him offering her to him""

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