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August 2015 Submitted Sex Secrets

Overall Winner
Posted: Aug 04, 2015
When i was in high school every time me and my mates when to the mall we all used to drool over the stunning blonde milf that worked there. All us boys used to talk about what we would do with her if we ever got the chance... even thou no one had a chance. A few years back i was at my 10 year high school reunion when i noticed this hot blonde enter the room with my mate and his wife...couldn't believe my eyes. Throughout the night we made eye contact a few times before i had enough dutch courage to approach her to start a conversation. It turned out to be a good idea as she was sick of all the guys there and their feeble attempts to pick her up and since i didnt think i stood a chance i was just talking casual. After an... read more
"Couldn't believe the experience... we had a 3 week affair"
Posted: Aug 04, 2015
Where I work there are 4 companies that share facilties and there are some really hot women that work for the other 3 and for the 6 months we had been at this facilty I was wanting to fuck quite a few of them. One day I ran into one (Margarita) on 4 different occasions and joked about with her. The 5th time changed our working relationship for good. That time was in the lift (We would usually run into each other on the stairs or as we opedned doors). As soon as Margarita saw me she stood next to me and kissed me firmly on the lips. My body squirmed in reaction to being kissed by a greek goddess. She cupped my balls through my jeans and was impressed at the hardness she felt. She whispered in my ear "I want you to fuck me" I gave a... read more
"In a few minutes I was sitting on the bench pants around my ankles having Margarita deep throat me."
Posted: Aug 04, 2015
Was having a bad day as my x(only by a few months) who could not forget my birthday as he had it tattooed on his left arm as he said that was the closet to his heart missed my birthday and I was feeling lonely and miserable had met a man on line and he offered to pay a midnight call and give a cuddle for the night but as he started to cuddle me his hands started to roam and one thing lead to another and have now been together ever since despite a few minor hiccups he is happy and this is evident in his slight weight gain as he just adores my home cooking.... read more
"as he started to cuddle me his hands started to roam and one thing lead to another"
Posted: Aug 04, 2015
It was 2004 and I was living on the Gold Coast. One night I decided to stay at a local venue for a bit of pub crawling with some horny backpackers. I’ve always loved backpackers., especially those from the Nordic parts of the world.That night was one of those magical evenings where everything went right for me. I was early 30's, looking good & feeling confident. I was surrounded by a bevy of beautiful women from all corners of the world. American, British, Canadian, Japanese. I was immersed in my perfect world. Who shall I talk to first?As I stood on my balcony over looking the pool a fit, tanned, hot Canadian girl called out to me: "Hey can you take some pictures of me & my friends? " Over I went, camera in hand and a drink in the other. It was time to turn on the charm. I... read more
"Whether it was the drinks she had or the fact my charm had won her over we kissed for the first time"
Posted: Aug 10, 2015
Well i have to confess had an argument an ex then i thought why get angry or upset. So out of the blue i fucked this hottie and let him give it to me as he wanted. Now we are going on a date. What a night. Dont get sad get even and fuck hot.... read more
"out of the blue i fucked this hottie and let him give it to me as he wanted."
Posted: Aug 16, 2015
The secret to this one is the never ending pleasure. The bouncer that everyone perves at i finally had the nerve to introduce myself. His also on this site so hell read this i hope. What he found out and realized about me is that i wasnt stuck up at all and i wasnt one of the easy tarts around lol. And his not stuck up or a cocky one like i thought. Never judge a book by its cover.

Kissing was amazing how ive missed that passion the touching flirting attention compliments and i spoiled him right back.
Orgasm i wont be forgetting anytime soon. Will remain friends and yes gorgeous happy to do it again when we both can.
You can respectful and still sexy as hell. Mmmm thankyou.... read more
"Kissing was amazing how ive missed that passion"
Posted: Aug 16, 2015
Not really a secret but we have wanted to catch up with this woman for months. Finally our fantasy came true so that my wife had her first experience with another female. Hot to watch and it blew me away literally in minutes. She was a hard one to convience but felt safe with us and i hope we can all stay friends and sexual encounters more a regular thing.
Those 2 woman together made me blow before i could even get inside..
Thanks n you have no idea how amazing it was and you are. . Rhp this was our first time on this site we are staying!!!!... read more
"Those 2 woman together made me blow before i could even get inside."
Posted: Aug 27, 2015
After chatting and exchanging messages on RHP, I had to meet him. Our first meet (in a public place) went extraordinary well. One, we didnt get caught..Well....Im pretty sure that one older guy that kinda hung round knew exactly what was going on, but I dont think hes gunna tell anybody... And 2. I felt a lot more comfortable and less nervous then I had expected. Had to meet him again!! The second time we met was amazing! He sent me a copy of the vid he took of us, it gets watched REGULARLY! I can hear his voice and he's talking dirty.

But the third meet OMFG!!!
Early morning by the water.
Best part of 3hrs!! Hes a machine!!!
A machine with a spanner set ;)..The feeling of the cold hard steel entering me, the contrast of a hot wet pussy and cold hard steel made... read more
"As he was toying me with my favourite toy"
Posted: Aug 28, 2015
It all started when a few of us were moving our company on warm Saturday in March. By the time we had finished we were all sweaty and looking to go home. As I was about to leave my manager Anna (Whose nipples were quite visable through her top) asked if I would like to cool off in her indoor pool as she lived nearby. I said yes as I had wondered what she looked like in a swimsuit ever since I started and I had been there 8 years. Anna had a wonderful body and I had always desired her despite that she had been married and was now a divorced. As I arrived at her place I could hear her run to the door to greet me. Anna greeted me at the door with a towel wrapped around her and she welcomed me to her home. Just... read more
"she tapped me on the shoulder and let the towel dropped to the floor"

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