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September 2013 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Sep 01, 2013
I was quite amazed a few years back. When a FWB lady friend who enjoyed sucking and swallowing and being fucked by me; said I want that big cock up my arse.
I want you to break me in. I want you to be the first.
You know what to expect; I said. I have talked you through it so many times.
Yes she said Pain and Pleasure; that’s what I want. I want to have the use of my three pleasure holes to please my husband back in Perth.
He’s no longer into me, after 20 years, this might be the key to saving my marriage.
I chuckled, now I am a marriage guidance counsellor.
At the time we were lying on the bed after enjoying an afternoon’s delight in a friend’s city apartment.
Ok let’s do it now I said. But I have just drained you she said.
You know I can cum more than once.... read more
"She clutched the pillow; letting out little whimpers."
Posted: Sep 09, 2013
At a party I met a girl. We ended up making out, fondling each other and she had a cracking set of tits. Anyway we ended up around the corner of the house, I was sat on a limestone wall and she was on her knees sucking my cock. I am only 6/7 inches, I was hard, drunk and horny. So was she! So when a guy from the party wondered past the corner of the house and saw us I waved him down and with the mix of alcohol and both of us being horny it took nothing to convince her to let him join. He dropped his pants in front of her, dropping a thick piece of meat out of his underwear. She put it in her mouth and sucked, as she sucked it got a little bigger and a little bigger, by the time it was hard... read more
"My favourite experience, and only threesome. A memorable night."
Overall Winner
Posted: Sep 10, 2013
Me and my man decided to have a night on the drink at the casino. When we were playing the pokies my man went to get us drinks and I continued to play the machine. As I was sitting on my own another guy came and sat at the machine opposite me, he caught my eye when he sat down.. he was hot! I just kept playing and every now and then I would re adjust my tits so he could see them a little more. I had a short skirt on so opening my legs a little bit pretty much showed him everything. I could tell he was interested as he kept smirking when I did something. My man was on his way back over and I gave him the look as to say don't come back and looked over to the hot guy. He got the hint straight... read more
"We both got in the shower and my man watched from the door"
Posted: Sep 20, 2013
It all started when my boyfriend had a hernia and was in hospital , he told me we wont be able to have sex for quite a while , I was like you kidding how long he said he wasn't sure so I kissed him good night and went to the lift in the hospital to go catch a taxi home .
While in the lift there was a tall good looking guy there he didn't look too happy I made small talk with him looking into his deep dark brown eyes made me wet and thinking how long till I could have sex with my boyfriend next , I have to snap out of this I thought , as we got out the front of the hospital we said good bye to each other and I just had to wait for a taxi , I... read more
"I moved my hands down to his crotch and to my surprise he was hard"

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