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November 2019 Submitted Sex Secrets

Overall Winner
Posted: Nov 03, 2019
We had barely dipped our toes into the swinging lifestyle when we came upon a couple quite younger than ourselves. We actually met on RHP coincidentally. What started as a few messages to & fro, turned to swapping pics & eventually we arranged an evening of camming. Having little experience, our new friends led the way. Our 1st cam session consisted of mostly small talk with a little sexual innuendo thrown in here and there. As we were chatting hubby decided to reveal his wife's tits by lifting up her shirt. Although surprised she offered no resistance and sat there with her small but perfect breasts exposed. We followed suit and both wives now have their breasts exposed. Both wives then insisted the hubbies get their junk out. I slowly revealed my stiffening cock. It was a relief to see my new friend was also sporting a more than slightly... read more
"I move the camera so our friends can see how wet she is. "
Posted: Nov 06, 2019
So it started one night where Mr was searching through some single females on RHP when he came across one that seemed to tick a few boxes based on her profile, so he asked Mrs what she thought and then sent her a message after gaining her approval. Now it has been a fantasy of ours since before joining RHP to have a FFM threesome but have had very little luck with finding someone who wants to chat or wants to chat for longer than a few hours, let along trying to find someone who wants to meet, but that's irrelevant, I'm not here to complain!

So we got a response back very quickly and she wanted to keep chatting, but wanted to move the chat to Kik, so we obliged and as soon as moved it over, she sent us a face pic of herself, and boy she was... read more
"We kept sending each other pictures, each one getting a little more naughty"
Posted: Nov 24, 2019
My psychology professor was in his 40's it was only two weeks in and I was fantasying about him.... I was working hard to try and produce work to please him and anytime he praised me or touched my arm I would have shivers down my spine... His touches started to become more frequent and his hand would linger on my knee and I realised that this would make me open my legs a little as I willed him to place his hands further up my leg.... but he maintained his professional approach that just make me crave him more.

Half way thru the semester my hubby started to notice the change in me. I was abrupt with him and distracted, he started to query where I was going and what I was doing. I knew I had to change or my family would be lost.... I went to my... read more
"I was moaning and panting and his rhythm increased till he was pounding hard and shaking the desk..."

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