Holiday Hook-ups

The vacation season is upon us so we want to open this month's Sex Secrets to all the sexy adventures you've had on vacation. If you got lucky on a beach in Barbados, we want to know all about it. Maybe you nailed the kiosk attendant at the Warrnambool Caravan Park; if so, get writing! As always, the month's best entry will take home the cash award, so good luck!

December 2010 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Dec 01, 2010
I was in Wellington NZ when i organised to catch up with my ex (Z) for dinner and drinks. After eating a cuban restuarant we decide to go to a karaoke bar in the centre of town. While at the bar we started getting drunk and doing some so called singing. We decided to finish a little early as we were completely smashed as we parted i kissed and hugged Z. Z noticed i had a raging hard on, so Z whispered to me "would you like to relive the good old days", instantly i said "yes" and we went back to her place.
As soon as we got there Z and I stripped each others top off and started to pash on her bed. My hard on was so intense i pulled Z's pants off and then i took off mine. Z's legs automatically opened for me.... read more
"I pumped and pumped her until i fired my hot cum inside of her..."
Posted: Dec 28, 2010
The girls and I from school decided against going to the gold coast to celebrate the end of the HSC instead we went to a quiet resort down the coast of NSW it was a fun girls only trip, as I went to a private girls school. The resort had a bar and the hottest bar tenders there was two X and Y (cause I didnt actually get their names) i flirted with X for a while, he made us all fancy cocktails the girls and I all went back to our room but i left X a note on a coaster saying to meet me at the beach at 11pm cause thats when the cocktail bar closed he knew what I wanted I got there at 11 not telling any of my friends where I was off too, X was there and he brought Y with him he asked... read more
"they would swap blowing their loads in my mouth, they played with my wet throbbing pussy til i came all over"

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